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Dog bites man

Tri-Cities Police Waste No Time Finding Stolen Doughnut Truck

6 comments to Dog bites man

  • Dale Amon

    Hmmm. Homer smiles?

  • veryretired

    Well, at least they have their priorities in order.

  • heli

    Deleted. COMPLETELY off-topic!

  • Jelly

    Wow, this is creepy, my hometown keeps showing up in the news, at least this time it’s not an islamic psycho…

  • Mike James

    Mmmmmmm….Jelly doughnuts…..

  • Richard Thomas

    Ah, the old “tri-cities”. American provincialism at its best. Having heard the term several times in several different parts of the country, I actually tried to find out where it was and found out that many places in the US have their own “tri-cities” area and it has little more meaning than “downtown” as a place description. Yet people keep using it in a national (or international) context.