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Darrell Hair versus the Pakistanis

I am listening to the test match cricket commentary, and I can tell you that cricket is about to become extremely big news, of the front page variety.

England are playing Pakistan, at the Oval cricket ground in London. England are two up, but Pakistan are looking favourites to win the final game, despite a good England batting fight back.

Or, they were. Because now something far more serious has happened. A while before the tea interval, Pakistan were punished by the umpires, for ball tampering. (Ball tampering in this case means deliberately and excessively scuffing up one side of the ball, to make it swing more.) The umpires changed the allegedly tampered ball, allowing the England batsmen out on the pitch to choose the replacement ball, and England were awarded five penalty runs. The Pakistanis were found guilty of cheating, in other words. There appears to be no evidence one way or the other to back up or disprove this judgement. (Where are those cameramen when you want them? They were all over it when Cook was given not out when he looked to have hit it, earlier in the day.) The Pakistanis carried on with the game at that point, but now the Pakistan side are refusing to take the field after tea.

“Under law 21,” one of the commentators is saying, “if a side refuses to come out, the umpires shall award the match to the other side.” This has never happened before in international cricket.

The umpire at the centre of this row is Darrell Hair, and he has a history of battles with Pakistan. This incident is bound to feature in comments about the wider significance of such rows, in the context of the whole Muslims versus the Rest, the West, thing, whatever you call it. (The unpleasantness that happened during the last game, when England bowler Sajid Mahmood was accused by Pakistani spectators of “treachery” is also going to get another big airing. How different it all was at Lords.) However, umpire Darrell Hair has a history not so much of being “anti-Pakistani” but of being “anti-Asian”. (He once, for instance, no-balled Muttiah Muralitharan for throwing.)

I was hoping that by the time I had finished writing this, the players would be back on the pitch, but the situation is unchanged, in other words it is getting worse by the minute.

Hang on. The commentators are talking about “thumbs up signals”. “It looks as if play is about to begin.” “Some sort of deal has been brokered.” “The covers are coming off, so there is now going to be play.” Yes, by the sound of things, a burst of furiously rushed diplomacy has bodged together an agreement to proceed with the game, and to sort out this mess as a separate thing. What’s the betting that the phrase “independent inquiry” has been used? Not that that would be a bad idea. Get on with the game – which could prove to be another very good one, by the way – and try to sort out this mess latter.

The commentators are also complaining about the “lack of communication” between the people running the game and the spectators at the ground, and with the commentators. “Not at any stage have the people sitting here been given any explanation of what is going on.” “What’s going on now?”

Bloody hell, Pakistan are walking off again. The umpires are not coming out. Maybe the umpires are incensed that their judgment has been overruled. Yes, Darrell Hair is, to be exact. “Darrell Hair is refusing to stand.” See what I mean about history.

“What is going on down there? Really, it’s very poor indeed. This really has been a debacle this afternoon.”

If it weren’t for the Muslims versus the Rest vibe, this would now be really rather funny. As it is, it could become as big as Bodyline or something.

Commentator Christopher Martin-Jenkins is now saying that the Pakistanis have behaved incorrectly. There would, he says, have been a big investigation of this incident, and the correct time for the Pakistanis to put their case and communicate their extreme displeasure would have been then. They should not have, in effect, gone on strike.

The situation now is that Pakistan are willing to play, but the umpires (and umpire Doctrove is apparently standing side by side with Hair), in accordance with law 21, see above, have declared the match over. Their attitude is that a temporary refusal to play was enough to end the game. Pakistan are now protesting that they are now ready to play. Too late, say the umpires.

Commentator Boycott says that Hair is a “bull in a china shop”. Right in terms of the letter of the law, but all over the place on the spirit.

The light is rather bad, and there will, presumably, be no further play today.

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64 comments to Darrell Hair versus the Pakistanis

  • This reminds me of the farce of the 2005 US Grand Prix at Indianapolis.

    When large numbers of people have paid large sums of money to watch a sporting event, there’s absolutely no excuse for this kind of childish behaviour from any party involved, be it players, umpires or adminstrators. In the end the big loser is the sport itself. You cannot just throw a tantrum and take your ball and go home when thousands of people have paid to watch you.

  • Kevin B

    Watching this develop over the afternoon on Sky Sports News, my first thought was “bloody Darryl Hair again”. I hate refs and umpires who want to be the star of the show. Then I saw Ramiz complaining about Hair’s ‘history’ with Pakistan and how they object to him and how he should change his approach and be more ‘sensitive’ to them and my sympathies swung immediately behind good old Darryl and the laws of the game.

    After all, the umpires are the sole arbiters of the law and they’ve said that by not coming out after tea the Pakistanis have forfieted the match.

    While I type this, the meeting is still going on, (I bekieve Kofi is on the plane right now), but if Hair and Doctrove stick to their guns on the ball tampering issue, then the test is over.

  • In some of the US sporting leagues a team can make an appeal to video tape or other technology that is used to record a match, to challenge a referees call.

    Does such a rule exist for Cricket?

    Even so, I suspect it would not do much for something like ball tampering.

    I believe that teams can also reject a referee, if done so in advace, though that I am not sure of.

    I do not follow sports that involve balls. Well, not other than womens beach vollley ball that is.

  • Damien

    Hair is the biggest cheat in Cricket today. He thinks the game, the honor of the players, honor of countries, the spectators are all secondary to him. ICC should decide now whether hair is important to them or billions of cricket loving public and the crickters are important. Until this is done all spectators should avoid going to matches officiated by this idiot. Dear friends in Pakistan, all Sri Lankan cricket lovers are with you, I am sure indians also will feel the same. Inzy I have added you to my list of cricket heros. Damien – Sri Lanka

  • Hair was absolutely right to not go back out after the forfeit had been ruled. There is no provision in the laws of the game to reverse such a ruling.

    The problem is that he accused the Pakistanis of ball tampering without any solid evidence except a 55-over old ball. If it was any other side they would probably have not given a shit so much, but because of Pakistan’s history with ball tampering it is a very, very big deal.

    I think Hair will hang for this.

  • andymo

    Darrel Hair is one of the worst umpire’s ever. South Africa vowed never to allow him to umpire one of our games after he purposely gave a not out on the 1st ball of the world cup (SA vs Aus) – when the ball deviated off the bat by about a metre. However the ICC forced him back upon us.

  • andymo

    @ tomWright – no video evidence of ball tampering could be found. But the ruling will not be reversed.

  • John R

    To accuse Hair of being “anti-Asian” because he has twice stood firm when Asian teams have cheated is very unfair, Brian. He stands for the laws of the game of cricket. If Sri Lanka see fit to employ a bowler who chucks (viz. Muralitharan), then Sri Lanka deserves the vilification, not the umpire who points this cheating out. Similarly, he AND his co-umpire obviously feel that Pakistan is cheating. What should they do? Say “there, there, musn’t hurt their poor feelings”? Don’t be silly. A Pakistan player appears to have cheated (not the team, but an individual). He is the one who deserves abuse, not Hare.

    Hare is not anti-Asian, he is pro-cricket.

  • Robert

    Oops, fatwa coming:
    “And let not the unbelievers accuse the faithful of cheating but smite them above the neck so they die”
    Failing that, adopt standard muslim tactic of seething and whining until you get your own way.

  • The worm has turned

    Oops, fatwa coming:
    “And let not the unbelievers accuse the faithful of cheating but smite them above the neck so they die”
    Failing that, adopt standard muslim tactic of seething and whining until you get your own way.

    Posted by Robert at August 21, 2006 12:30 PM

    Robert….u infidel…im gonna put a fatwa on u nd ure whole family. Nd im gonna rape ure whore of a mum, nd blow up ure wife and kids….but 2bh, u prob sooo ugly, u aint even married.

    P.s 2 all others, muralis action is not chuckin, de pakistanis were going 2 win, so y cheat….u can bet now, nooo evidence will b found on ball tampering.
    Inzi is a legend, one of the greatest gentlemen of the cricketing world ever.
    Hair, is a donkey and need 2b shot.

    Posted by [removed] at August 21, 2006 04:11 PM

    Perhaps Robert should have amended seething and whining to read threatening murder.

    Should the moderators of Samizdata not be reporting the offender to the authorities?

  • The threatening comments by the person claiming to be [identity stolen so name removed] have been removed. The IP is BlueYonder and there is/was indeed someone of that name at Imperial College (a medicine undergraduate) as per the e-mail address. The given e-mail address is not currently valid however.

    Addendum: it appears that a despicable act of identity theft was involved with the threatening remarks that were left and so in order to protect the innocent party, I have removed all references to the stolen identity in question

  • The worm has turned

    The threatening comments by the person claiming to be [identity stolen so name removed] have been removed. The IP is BlueYonder and there is/was indeed someone of that name at [removed] as per the e-mail address. The given e-mail address is not currently valid however.

    Posted by Samizdata Admin at August 21, 2006 04:49 PM

    Thank you for your actions and reply. Would you object if I were to contact Imperial College to report this student? As an IC graduate I would hope that my alma mater would take a suitably dim view of such behaviour.

  • Karl Rove

    What a bore. Sports journalists always seem bored, so a good story has to be flogged to death.

    & in the immortal words of Herr Boris Becker

    Hey, nobody died out dair.


  • I think daryl hair is the culprit for making eng. pak final test a bloody ending. english comentators said he (daryl) is the strong caracter,- its not mean he can make the way of cricket in his own way. if icc not taking any action against him , but world cricket lovers always calling him a villain of cricket.

  • Allan

    The evidence against Hair seems to be that he no-balled Murali for chucking (he does) and that the Pakistan team weren’t really refusing to play (how would he, or anyone else know?). They had two opportunities to take the field, and didn’t. Hair and Doctrove were completely right, Pakistan, completely wrong.

  • Sigivald

    I’d hope that Imperial College would take a dim view of those incredibly poor language skills, personally.

    Idiots on the Internet wishing people dead, and horrible things done to their families is one thing, but that butchery of the English language, well, that’s beyond the pale.

    (I kid, but only partially. Dumbass’s threats are almost certainly complete crap-talk, given that Dumbass has no possible way, even if he wasn’t a cowardly little snipe who talks talk he can’t walk, of finding out who Robert actually is or where to find his family.

    Contrariwise, his trampling on English is Real in the way that his threats are merely laughably.)

  • i think darrel hair is the root of this tregic event. hair’s attitude was not at all professional: He didn’t let Inzamam see the ball which was changed. How unfair is that, the captain of the bowling side is not shown the ball which was being changed, neither were their any discussions with the captain, nor were there any sort of evidence which could prove the ball was tempered.

    You can’t simply take decisions like that mr. hair, please don’t act like a stubborn freak and respect everyone (i’m sorry i have to teach you that now when u r above 50. you dhud have learned that prom your parents when u were a kid).

  • raja

    Hair is racist sun of a bitch

  • y.sajawal

    was it doctrove rather than hair who forfeited the fourth test match?
    when pakistan failed to come out at the seconed chance, the umpires were seen to take the bailes of doc put his bailes in his pocket as to suggest end of play; hair after taking the bailes of let them drop to the ground to suggest to me that play will resume?

  • Umair

    Well what ever happens, ICC has some personal relationship with Hair…
    In short Hair needs to be kicked-off from cricket umpiring.
    Umpiring does not suites him, “hairy boy! You can be good chef in any hotel of Australia.”

  • Dan

    Although I’m an Aussie I have to admit that I’m disgusted with the behaviour of Darrell Hair, not only because of the ball-tampering decision, but because of his umpiring in general. There’s no doubt that his worst decisions have been made against teams from the sub-continent. The people who claim the no-balling of Murili was justified, tend to overlook the fact that Brett Lee’s action is also very questionable. As far as ball tampering goes, umpires conveniently overlooked the ball tampering by the English bowlers when they bamboozled the Aussies with their reverse swing during the last Ashes series. It’s well known that English bowlers chew mint lollies and use this in their saliva to alter the make-up of the ball. I’ve had a gut-full of Hair’s hypocrisy and arrogance and I think it’s time for him to go.

  • Robert

    Thank you all for the comments over the little toss weasel who wants to rape my mum etc.
    This is of course the level of dialogue I expect from a muslim coward (the level of spelling too) and I presume its posting from IC is a result of its being a floor sweeper there.
    Should it wish to talk this over directly, I am very easy to find; I’m the big hairy biker with the beard standing on your windpipe.
    PS: My Mum would spit you out in a cloud of bubbles on the worst day she ever had.

    Dan: Our bowlers only use the mint lollies to make the ball swing right, to swing left you have to use a pork pie. Oops, ginen away a state secret 🙂

  • Robert

    Hey, just thought…..
    I’ve got my own Fatwa!
    Emperor Misha will be sooooooooooo jealous. 🙂

  • The worm has turned

    Hey, just thought…..
    I’ve got my own Fatwa!
    Emperor Misha will be sooooooooooo jealous. 🙂

    Posted by Robert at August 22, 2006 12:42 PM

    Sorry to rain on your parade. From what I recall, for a fatwa to be valid it has to be issued by a Muslim Imam, Ayatollah or whatever. Threats by your average Muslim medical student don’t count.

    However, the thought of a hairy, bearded biker swinging a drivechain leaping over the Police escort to exact vengeance on said medical student carrying a “Death to whoever upsets a Muslim” plackard while abusing our hospitality does have a certain visceral appeal.

  • Ripper

    Murali has been cleared by icc and this racist umpire still thinks he’s chucking. Cricket is bigger than one umpire who thinks he owns the game… who knows..the bloke might write another book… “decision maker2” or something 🙂
    I hope icc will have a fair inquiry and kick this SOB out for good… South africa has requested icc not to have him for their matches, sri lanka has done the same and ICC have accepted these ligitimate requests…
    if hair is correct in his judgements all the other umpires in the world have to be wrong in accepting bowlers like murali 🙂
    what a joke 🙂 The narrow minded aussies can have their 30seconds of fame and another autobiography from a loser they embrace as a hero 🙂
    ignorance is bliss

  • Sam

    Darrell Hair is a hill billy. Should have stopped him umpiring international cricket a long time ago.

    ICC should look in to a better selection process when selecting umpires who’s ‘decision is final’.

  • Abe

    Surely you guys can have an intelligent conversation without reverting to racist anti-muslim comments? Perhaps not.

  • Racist anti-muslim comments? Attacking someone because of their ethnicity (i.e. being Pakistani) is racist but being ‘anti-muslim’ cannot be racist because ‘Muslim’ is not a race or ethnicity, it is a religion. That said, neither is an appropriate reason for umpiring decisions, if that was the case (and I have no view of the truth or otherwise of that).

  • ali asad

    Well,it all seems like a big tragedy falling on the gentlemanly game outta nowhere.Pakistan team should have taken to field for if old dude darrell was wrong in making false accusations of ball-tempering how did pakistan team did right by just not taking to field and forfeiting.Of course two wrongs dont make a right.
    At least the sense would have prevailed at one end.You can prove Darrel wrong ,but you can never change the rules of a game.

  • Robert

    The worm has turned ,

    What! The Fatwa is gone! The Jews have stolen it!

  • Ted Schuerzinger

    Abe wrote:

    Surely you guys can have an intelligent conversation without reverting to racist anti-muslim comments? Perhaps not.

    Frankly, I see more comments here making the logical fallacy that because a white umpire made a decision that went against a team from the subcontinent, it must automatically be as a result of said umpire’s racism.

    You’ll note that the threats of violence did not come from the white posters.

  • Robert

    well if pakistan has complain with Hair then why ICC appoint him every time upon them to displeasure the game, Hair is getting on nose … it is too much

  • Hamish

    Well to be honest I cannot believe Darryl Hair – when did he see this tampering incident – I mean the ball is going to swing anyway after 50 60 overs – OK Inzi and the Team should have gone back out and left the protest for the management but I have to say Pakistan were going to win (it was only a matter of time) and they were heavily handicapped by allowing K Pietersen to choose the ball – the ball was a terrible one even Danish couldnt spin it so I do see the treatment of Pakistan as an Injustice. Darryl Hair was arrogant and stubborn and does not deserve to be a test umpire – this has happened too much now – I suggest the ICC look at the Panel and not allow him to ruin a game again. I want to know how the ball came to be tampered as Darryl Hair looked at it when Cook was dismissed and gave it back to the Paki’s – I think the cricketing world should boycott Darryl Hair or pur pressure on ICC

  • steve

    Well no hope from ICC to take thing seriously. Hairy boy will be there I think. why?… Because ICC don’t have guts to remove him.
    Have nice day pakis, Inzy is going to be baned and the oneday series is in doubt (no onedayers).

  • tabish Hashmi

    listen up guys ! Pakistan was in the strongest of positions !, so the common sense says they wud not cheat ! and since there was no proof hw in the world can darrel hair give the penalty runs he shuld have called ip inzi and asked him that i guess sumthing is wrong with the ball so just be a lil careful with it ! but that SOB gave the penalty runs sayin Pakistani’s are cheats and as far as murali is concerned ive seen a program on ESPn where they made murali wear certain protection over his arm which prevents the arm to bend even then he bowled with same turn and variety !
    and everybody is forgetting oen point that in the previous test mATCH darrel and billy gave 5 decisions against Pakistan ! ,i donot fully support INZI for this childish protest but i certainly hate darrel for being an evil to the holy game of cricket as it is in this part of the world

  • zeshan

    Lets just wait for the result from the ball “screening”, any discussion about who is right or wrong is quite pointless until that time.

    And just maybe it is about time they start playing football (soccer) in Pakistan and leave the icc with its smuck attitude…

    Umpires…they are just human, bound to make mistakes, and so will captains show poor judgment, but then that happens..

    Just can’t see a Umpire saying he was wrong.


  • Darrel hair

    Here you go. Darrel Hair, the controversial racist, has done it again. A wonderful game of cricket spoiled again by Darrel Hair’s incompetence and police-man-like-attitude. I don’t think there has ever been such a worst umpire in the history of cricket. I salute ICC for having him for so long despite all the controversies. I am sure we all remember what he did to Muralitharan and Shoaib Akhtar and most recently Danish Kineria. There is a long list. And just a few weeks ago in headingly test he set a new standard of incompetence which I am sure will be very hard to break. How many poor decisions in that match, you tell me.

    I am a football fan and I always thought football referees make so many mistakes but this, I have never seen anything like that. PCB should have asked ICC not to appoint Mr. Hair in any match involving Pakistan. Sri Lanka has successfully done it so why can’t why?

    I am really really hoping he is kicked in his big butt this time. He has been boiling my blood for sometime now. I think Inzi and company should never have come out once they had taken a just stand. Darrel Hair should either prove what he said or he should be shown a Red Card and banned for life.

  • Usama

    Hair has made wrong decisions against Pakistan throughout this series. Its only because of him that Pakistan lost the Lead’s test. Now he has done the ultimate, awarding the test match to England for just the two minutes protest by Pakistan. Even if he is so strict in the matter of cricket rules i wonder why he always turns a blind eye towards the numerous cricket violations done by English and Austrailian teams. In my opinion he is a totaly biased umpire who should kicked out from cricket

  • Umpire

    I am umpiring in Brighouse on Saturday. If I am unhappy with the condition of the ball should I refer to the 26 TV cameras around the field before I make a decision to change the ball or should I appoint a specialist sports solicitor – just in case?

  • Anti Umpire

    Dear Umpire,
    an umpire is a judge,a person who is “Suppose” to be un-biased. If you are unhappy with the condition of the ball then consulting the fielding captain wont kill your ego. Also without a solid proof of ball tempering,if you give 5 runs to the batting team ,just because you “think” that the ball has been temperred is a big slap on your unbiased umpiring face.
    maybe for australians and british the self respect is nothing,but we asians live and die on self -respect.
    Reply to me if you have any answer.

  • Umpire

    Yes – you are absolutely right – the 5 run penalty is a problem and only inflames a replacement of a ball into an accusation of cheating rather than “Sorry skipper but the ball is damaged and I am going to replace it”.

    Now, umpires have to interprete and apply the laws of cricket, as thet are, we don’t write them.

    Here is the problem. You are umpiring a league match in Bradford, as I do regularly.

    Question: “Just a minute Captain, has one of your team interfered with the condition of this ball?”

    Answer – “Not to my knowledge”, or more likely, “How the hell do I know!”

    Now what?

    Put yourself in the position of an umpire – any umpire – and now tell me what you would do.

    I don’t have to tell you what we MUST do because we have no choice in the matter, and remember we have no access to replays, slow motion, still photographs – and the laws are written for all levels of cricket.

  • Anti Umpire

    Answer to all your questions.

    Umpire is suppose to be “un biased”,he is a judge, a “supposedly honest” person that can solve the appeals and do judgement. He is NOT a “mini hitler” who has been awarded a license to kill under the black coat.
    You are an umpire, You DONOT know what is a passion of a game. I am a sportman and I know what it takes to win a game. Its not a matter of pride to make a side lose and suffer because of your “un intentional bias”.
    Umpire doesnot have slow replays etc ,but atleast they have common sense (which I guess is not very common ).
    now as per your request,let me put myself in an umpire shoes and see the situtaion that you came up with.
    I would act sensibly and would give the benefit of the doubt,rather than act like a racist basterd.

  • Tariq

    Whatever happened is in the past now. The ICC should now do whatever it takes with dignity and diplomacy to keep the ODIs on track. There will be time enough for a full and impartial inquiry later against all the parties. Meanwhile, if Hair insists on being pig-headed, he should be let out to pasture in Australia, or England or wherever it is that pigs are fed the best.

  • Umpire

    I hope that I do possess some understanding of what it is like to be a sportsman as I have played professional sport, coach and umpire professional cricket at the moment, and have earned my living in professional sport for the last 40 years.

    Now, is what you are suggesting workable? If you, as an objective and impartial umpire, recognise that a ball has sustained, let’s say “excessive damage”, it is simply not practical to carry on when the captain probably does not know what has happened either.

    What you are suggesting is that if a player is not caught red-handed, and it is very unlikely that he will be, then the umpire has to just carry on and ignore the problem, giving the benefit of the doubt to the player who has tampered with the ball, and the rest of his team, to the detriment of the batting side. In effect you can only deal with ball tampering by punishing a player for getting caught!

    Surely the best way is to recognise that there has been a problem, deal with it within the laws of the game and move on.

    Whether the laws are correctly structured and worded properly is another argument, I have already agreed that the 5 run penalty for this offence is not working well, and the additional local test match rule giving the batsman the choice of balls is also a bad idea, but umpires have to apply the laws as they are. We are regularly monitored and assessed and if we don’t perform, then we are simply told that our services are no longer required.

    Try again to tell me what you would actually do under the circumstances. Here you are – you are umpiring a match, Pakistan vs England. Pakistan is batting and you are holding a ball which you can see has sustained damage consistent with ball tampering. The captain of England tells you that he knows nothing about it.

    Now, use that common sense of yours – what would you do?

  • Anti Umpire

    First of all .
    All that happened because of the racist anti asian nature of Darrel . His long nose already tells everybody that he is a liar just like Pinochio.
    yes,5 runs penalty and the choice to choose the ball is the main reason of all that boil and the Long nose Pinochio should be punished for his biased racism.

    Coming to the situtaion,I honstly will change the ball WITH the consultaion of the fielding “English ” captain.
    I will NOT show my racism by giving 5 runs for marely something I didnot know and WILLNOT let the “Pakistani” batsman choose the ball. No matter how much hatred I have for Englishmen,if I am an Umpire I have to be un-biased in ALL the games.
    Lastly,in my suggestions,all umpires should be replaced with a computer,so that we all can have a FAIR game and no other racist basterd can spoil the game.

  • Umpire

    Anti Umpire

    You see, you can do it if you try. I admire you for having a shot at what you would do. You would consult with the fielding captain and change the ball.

    That’s fine as far as it goes but unfortunatley you now need to answer this question – the Law states that after the ball has been changed you must award 5 penalty points to the batting side, which is where I suspect we both agree just aggravates the situation on the field. Would you do this?

    By the way, you may not know that as far as allowing the batsmen to choose the ball was concerned, this was a local test match rule agreed by both sides before the start of the series and outside the usual Laws of the game. Another mistake in my view.

    Now that we are getting somewhere with a rational and dare I say interesting discussion about what actually happened, let’s consider the possibility that once Darrell Hair had decided that the ball was not right, he had no choice other than to award the 5 points and allow the batsmen to choose the ball.

    My view is that this incident has been blown up out of all proportion because of these recent Law and rule changes which were not thought through.

    Good talking to you – come back.

  • Anti Umpire

    I agree.
    But my thinking is that Umpires SHOULD be replaced my machines (computers).
    And by the way ,did you see the lier ‘s next move. The greedy chicken wants 500,000 $ to quit ICC. What a lame loser. I feel sorry for such character. he is a slap on all australians.

  • aquaris

    the Guy ( that Hair thing ) has asked for $500,000 ….

    and he will step down….


    So No question of the news being Not authentic…

  • Umpire

    Anti Umpire

    Never say never, but I suspect that it will be a long time before we are replaced by machines.

    I feel sorry for Darrell Hair as well, especially as I believe that the first charge of ball tampering will rely very heavily on his opinion and judgement as an umpire when under pressure.

    His letters and e/mails to the ICC will make it very difficult for him to argue his corner from a position of strength and, of course, he has also undermined his colleague with whom he was umpiring, and who must have agreed with the decision. Not a good sign.

  • Anti Umpire

    I wish it happens soon for the best of the game.
    I have nuthing against you. You seem to be an honest person,but a machine judgement is always better than human.

  • Umpire

    Thanks anti, it has been good talking to you.

    Not a happy time for cricket this week but let’s look forward to the 20/20 and the one dayers. I suspect that we have our work cut out to beat Pakistan but I am sure that all of the games will be hard fought.

    The players of both sides seem to get on well with each other – long may that continue because cricket is a great opportunity to make life long friends and I have been blessed in this regard.

    I have just received an invitation from Cricket Sri Lanka to umpire in Sri Lanka during the english winter and I am really looking forward to it.

    Stay fit!

  • Anti Umpire

    Thanks Umpire,
    It was nice talkin to you.
    Beleive me ,our team is going to rock this time and I can bet on it.
    Anti Umpire

  • Sara

    the Guy ( that Hair thing ) has asked for $500,000 ….

    and he will step down….

    hair thing LMAO!

    i hate that fatass!

    He wasnt confident abt wot he did so thats why running away, but not without ‘ME MONEY!’

  • David

    Ted Schuerzinger wrote :

    You’ll note that the threats of violence did not come from the white posters

    To make this differentiation on the basis of race is, by definition, racist. The threats of violence made by the poster in question are offensive, cowardly and unacceptable. However, they were made by an individual, and the individual should be condemned, not his religion and race (which, actually we are unaware of). To say the “white posters” are in the right, and the “non-white” and “muslim” ones are not is to generalise in a racist and sectarian manner.

    Also, please note that although Robert’s comments were replied to by a completely idtiotic, offensive coward does not by comparison make them acceptable. Robert’s reference to “muslim cowards”, “fatwas” and “standard muslim tactics of seething and whining”; merely because the team caught up in this dispute is from a muslim country is inherently prejudiced and offensive. This is a dispute between an umpire and a cricket team, not “muslim asians” and “white westerners”. Robert’s dragging in of bigoted anti-muslim comments is itself inherently offensive and inflammatory.



  • Hi guys, I find this blog interesting, I have come across this site :

    A Site Dedicated to injustices done by Darrel Hair

    Quite revealing information gathered their from neutral sources.

  • Darrell Hair is a culprit and should be sacked, he has been hostile towards asian teams specifically against Pakistan and Srilanka.

    Read my post
    Darrell Hair : culprit caught again

    Now he demands half a million to quit, what a shameful attitude he has.

  • Anti Umpire

    Good news guys,
    The long nose liers Hair has been stopped from Umpiring in the county. I am so happy.

  • peace to all cricket lovers!
    what a dramatic decision was made by darrel hair ! no matter what he did , but Pakistan defeated England in the second 1 day while the first was drawn with a hold of Pakistan over it.Now lets see what ICC does with such incidents against cricket ( respected n sobre game in the world ). No doubt Hair is the man who has racist DNA in his body…….!

    Be happy Cricket is still alive and continue…..!!!

  • m here again…!
    did u see Pakistan defeated England again in 3rd ODI.But again there is a news for cricket lovers that Melcum Speed warned Pakistan for more comments on the Oval’s incident.what does that mean??? its like u killing n asking the killed one not to cry …. what a justice …! well cricket is great n humble always …. it doesnt see any individual work but its still beautiful of its heart touching boundries of sixes n fours n some times uprooting the stumps…..more likely when ur favourite team is WINNER….!

  • Anti Umpire

    “The truth is that after the ball was changed, Inzamam and other players were not aware that they had been penalised five runs on ball tampering charges.

    “When Inzamam returned midway through the session to the dressing room, he learnt about it and then became furious on hearing comments from some of the commentators about how his team was allegedly cheating,” the cricketer said on condition of anonymity.

    It was when the team returned to the dressing room for tea that they were all told about what had actually transpired on the field and that they were being charged with tampering with the ball.

    “Inzamam was very angry and asked each and every player if they had done something with the ball which had led to this situation. When everyone swore nothing had taken place, he told the players a stand must be taken for the sake of the team’s and country’s prestige,” the member said.

    “The problem was that when the ball was being changed, neither umpire communicated to Inzamam that they were penalising five runs for ball tampering. This was something Inzamam only learnt after returning to the dressing room and watching the commentators,” he stated.

    The team member said every player had supported Inzamam’s contention and it was a team decision to refrain from going out on the field until the umpires explained why they had made allegations of ball tampering.

    What further worsened the situation was Hair’s rude behavior when all the drama about going onto the field was taking place. That was the final straw, he added.

    He said the Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Shaharyar Khan came to the dressing room and tried to pacify the players, saying that he would take up the issue with the ICC, but he could not calm them down.

    “When Inzamam explained to him the seriousness of the allegations against his players, who he said had done nothing, Shaharyar understood the situation,” he said.

    The team member said Pakistan had agreed to resume play after a while, but Hair was in a hurry to finish off the match and this was later conveyed to the match referee.

  • Anti Umpire

    Congratulations All,
    Hair is out of cricket. I am so happy.

  • Tim

    It is so pathetic to bring this back to racism on any level.

    Hair is not racist. Anyone who makes the argument about race is hiding irrational and just hiding behind an losable argument.

    Surely these people are the true racists, they are the only bigots that looked at this situation and saw a white umpire and a muslim asian team. Normal people saw the game of cricket being brought into disrepute by harsh implementation of the rules and a pathetic move from the PCB to protest during the match.

    Fair enough to get rid of hair if he causes these problems i feel, but lets get to the point. PCB have a terrible attitude, and ever since the laws of cricket were changed to allow a sri lankan throwing, racism has been used as a fuel for all political pushes from the sub continent to do with cricket.

    Shame on you Sri Lanka and PCB. Shame on you ICC. Hair, just go away.

    Pathetic reflection on the game in Paki and Sri Lanka. Built on deceit, lies, cheating, throwing and whinging. Now when they get caught for it…. its just racist.

  • corpusninja

    Tim, let me break this down for your puny brain.

    “It is so pathetic to bring this back to racism on any level. Hair is not racist. Anyone who makes the argument about race is hiding irrational and just hiding behind an losable argument.”
    Hair’s history with Pakistan and Sri Lanka make racism a particularly relevant issue wouldn’t you say? How is it irrational to condemn a racist (which I’ll admit is near impossible to prove – motive always is). I believe you are hiding behind ‘an losable argument’ (might wanna check your grammar there) in hastily declaring that race is not an issue here.

    “Surely these people are the true racists, they are the only bigots that looked at this situation and saw a white umpire and a muslim asian team. Normal people saw the game of cricket being brought into disrepute by harsh implementation of the rules and a pathetic move from the PCB to protest during the match.”
    *Sigh* Yes, of course, the Pak team is racist for wanting correct decisions when they are playing! Heaven forbid a despicable umpire be challenged on his latest attention seeking debacle.

    “Fair enough to get rid of hair if he causes these problems i feel, but lets get to the point. PCB have a terrible attitude, and ever since the laws of cricket were changed to allow a sri lankan throwing, racism has been used as a fuel for all political pushes from the sub continent to do with cricket.”
    Oh dear, you’ve really dug a hole here haven’t you? If you’re referring to the change of law to 15 degrees flexion for all bowlers, this is because this is the minimum flexion observable by the human eye (i.e. the umpire’s eye). Second, you blindly accuse a sri lankan of throwing (Murali I presume). Clearly you didn’t hear the report for the Australian (impartial nay?) biotechnical institute saying his arm cannot be fully straightened unless you break it. They did this not once, but twice. Finally, exactly which political pressures are you referring to here? Dalmiya was chairman of the ICC council. Why would the Asian bloc need to resort to claims of racism to get anything done? Their power is not based on such depravity. They have cash, and last time I checked, the ICC fully supports the notion of international cricket being big business – it shamelessly pursues fundraising tournaments such as the ICC Champions Trophy at the expense of players’ long term fitness.

    “Shame on you Sri Lanka and PCB. Shame on you ICC. Hair, just go away.”
    I agree with the last two sentencec here. Sri lanka have nothing to do with this issue, and in any case haven’t done anything wrong. The PCB has in its own words ‘been vindicated’ by the ICC’s decision to clear Inzamam of ball tampering.

    “Pathetic reflection on the game in Paki and Sri Lanka. Built on deceit, lies, cheating, throwing and whinging. Now when they get caught for it…. its just racist.”
    Your post reeks of bias. It disgusts me that you can’t look at this objectively. Perhaps put yourself in the shoes of players who have just set up a Test Match and are denied victory on the 4th day. Maybe then you’ll realise that this is an example of one man standing in the way of the game with no proof, just a relentlessly haughty attitude.

  • Greeting. The toughest thing about success is that you’ve got to keep on being a success. Talent is only a starting point in this business. You’ve got to keep on working that talent. Someday I’ll reach for it and it won’t be there.
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    THX :-), Simone.