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Yesterday, the skies over London were often dark and threatening torrential downpour. These were particularly ominous as I and fellow Samizdatistas Antoine Clarke, Perry, and Adriana had received our innoculations and taken our passports to suburbia for a barbecue at the home of our friend Scott Norvell, European bureau chief of Fox News.


You know you are at a higher class of barbecue when the host leads guests in chugging fine wine instead of beer.

Greg Gutfeld gets shot

Recently acquired Samizdata party fixture (and Huffington Post blogger) Greg Gutfeld is laughing now, but has no idea that an assassin lurks.


Sadly for we overextended Samizdata party throwers, Scott’s cooking sets a new, much more elevated standard for barbecue fare.


Adriana collects evidence to support Perry’s future ‘not guilty by reason of insanity’ pleas.

It was a splendid evening with delicious food, lots of laughs, and the usual plans for world domination. (Don’t worry – you are in safe hands!) More photos at Flickr.

9 comments to VRWC BBQ

  • Jeez, what’s with the beard, Perry? You playing the part of Robin Cook in a biopic or something?

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Perry’s going for that Ernest Hemingway look!

    I will have to fire up the barbecue during the week, if the weather stays like this.

  • RAB

    That looks suspiciously like sausage and mash to me.
    How do you BBQ mash chaps?

  • Nick M

    On the beard front… Well you looked better without it Perry.

    The commentariat want an editor, they don’t want an ayatollah.

    I’ve been thinking of this since a post a couple of weeks back showing a hirsute Perry in an England top.

    Now, obviously, it is entirely within Perry’s rights to grow whatever facial furniture he wants. But why?

    Nick (who shaved this morning).

  • RAB

    Alfred love, I think you’ve come through the wrong door.
    The Loo is on the second landing…

  • Sigivald

    As Lord Julius said, “Insanity is a great defense, but you have to lay the groundwork early.”

  • RAB, that’s rice. If your mash comes out that grainy, I suggest you switch from the instant flakes…!

  • An English barbeque? Fun!

    Where’s the steak&kidney pie?

  • RAB

    Dont talk to me about instant flakes!
    I used to live on Cadburys Smash, something piquant from the Bird’s Eye range … like Roast beef in succulant gravy. For a change perhaps the Burgers with added onion 89% (something) and to accompany that something from from their delightful frozen vegetable range. Usually peas, when I went to University in the early 70’s. And I was a gourmet!
    I’m afraid the problem still pertains, but has switched staple, so to speak, How do you BBQ Rice!!?
    Looks damn tasty though!!
    Oh, and in case anyone thinks I have gone completely bonkers this time, with my post before this.
    I swear to God that there was a post by a bloke called Alfred, that was so incongruous to this thread, that I posted what I did. Then I come back and it’s dissapeared!
    Then I find the same post UNDER ANOTHER name on another thread.
    Could the Management help or should my wife call the white coats now? Bugger!! she’s already dialing……