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Comments overheard

An intriguing remark overheard, with no supporting context, at tonight’s bash at Samizdata HQ:

“I was an immigrant chambermaid in Hotel Babylon”

That sounds fascinating!

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  • Things that make you go “hmmm”

  • veryretired

    Comedian Lewis Black does a bit about walking through a restaurant and just hearing the sentence, “If it weren’t for my horse, I never would have finished that year of college.”

    During inexplicable situations, my wife and I will sometimes look at each other and one will say, “If it weren’t for my horse…” I don’t know why we think this is funny, and I refuse to try to find out. It just is.

  • Johnny Surabaya

    Whilst I hate to dispel the magic of a mysterious phrase, perhaps the speaker was referring to her (I assume) role in the BBC TV programme Hotel Babylon, episode 5 of which involves “…the immigrant labour that really makes the place work.” I didn’t watch the series (I don’t own a TV) and can’t say whether this is a reasonable interpretation.

    I have no idea about the horse.

  • I was there when the line was uttered. And yes, she was referring to the drama. Well done.

  • I read this while sitting, feet up, looking out across Babson Harbor and fondly remembering my time in Arkham, in the shadow of that fine, Ivy League Style university, Miskatonic. Many are the times when, while riding the train from Boston to Cape Ann, I thought of simply getting off at Arkham and letting nature take its course with me, but, grey flannel suit or not, I did not yield to the temptation.

    How very odd indeed.

  • RAB

    Everyman seems to be having an H. P Lovecraft moment.
    The best I can do, that I have not used before like, is one I heard in a shop in the Meadows, Nottingham, circa 1972 , presumably between husband and wife.
    Well your going to have to take it back!
    I cant it’s to big!
    Well throw it in the canal then!
    I told you woman!! it’s to big!
    The handles would stick out.
    Sydney you know your are going to get four years this time…
    I collected my change and left never quite knowing…

  • Re: the horse

    Maybe the student lived off campus and had a broken down car.

    Or maybe there was a breakup with the SO.


  • RAB

    Na! It’s obvious!
    The on the nose bet at long odds, he placed, on “My” horse
    paid for his years tuition.