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“We need Crossrail to keep London’s Economy ticking over so that we can continue to pay for the Scottish to live the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.”

– Ken Livingstone (via Guido Fawkes)

10 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Crossrail is appropriately named, Mention of it seems to arouse emotions from irritation to bling, screaming fury.

  • J

    I’ve no idea what software samizdata users, but I’ll volunteer to ammend it so that identical consecutive postings are removed. I’ve done it several times myself.

    I’ve long since lost track of what crossrail is, why we need it, and what harmless things are being bulldozed out of the way to make room for it. Nice to see someone telling our Masters in the North where to get off, though.

  • We use Moveable Type. I assume the multiple comment thing is caused by server lag but for some reason it has never happened to me.

  • Brian


    When thieves fall out, honest men rejoice.

  • Crossrail should have been done decades ago and could easily have been had it not been for the vast sums pumped north. What seems crazy is the time it takes to build. Technically it should only take the time needed for one section of track and one station (build all sections together). If you take years, the capital spent on the first sections are idle due to a lack of complete service. Get it over with!

    I hear now (from the Economist) that some Statists are trying to force our efficient ports to go north to relieve unemployment.


  • Julian Taylor

    Had that comment come from anyone else I might well have agreed. Coming from a Islamofascist-loving scumbag like Ken Livingstone I feel that the Scots would be well advised to seek out the maximum redress they can against this despicable lowlife individual – preferably in 9mm format (always assuming that they can shoot better than your average British cop seems capable of).

  • ResidentAlien

    Independence for England!

  • Harry Powell

    Ken must be refering to the 260,000 Scots who live in London and the SE, how nice of him to think of them above his other constituents.

  • Nick M


    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one morally conflicted by the truly odd feeling of agreeing with Ken Livingstone.