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A horrendous murder primes the rumour mill

My home town of Perth recently bore witness to perhaps the most shocking crime in recent memory around these parts – earlier this week, an eight year old girl was raped and murdered, her body dumped in the disabled toilet of a popular Perth shopping centre just minutes after she was separated from her parents. Now a strange twist has created even more public interest in the case. The individual apprehended and charged with the offence, twenty one year old Dante Arthurs, is rumoured to be one of the two boys who killed James Bulger back in 1993.

There are a number of coincidences that have given rise to the aforementioned rumour. Perth’s local rag, The West Australian, notes that

a Sue and Ron Arthurs lived in Surrey, south of London and left to return to Australia in 2002. Around the same time, the Bulger killers were believed to be entering a secret relocation program

More chillingly, The West – in its typical muckraking fashion – actually made the link between Dante Arthurs and the Bulger case last year. It put the question regarding Dante’s identity to the family then; long before he committed the offence he is currently being held for. It is quite remarkable that Dante, quizzed about his identity vis-Á -vis the Bulger case, would later go on to commit such a similar crime.

When the rumour surfaced, the Western Australian police force and justice system immediately rushed to scotch it. British authorities declared it untrue; the Bulger killers were not relocated to Australia. The Arthurs family vehemently denied that Dante Arthurs is an assumed identity, masking one of the Bulger killers. They produced a birth notice, published in The West Australian in 1984, declaring Dante’s birth. This would appear to conclusively bury the rumour, however some have pondered whether the birth notice simply illustrates the depth of Dante’s cover. Personally, I suspect it is more than likely that Dante is not a re-identified John Venables or Robert Thompson, and the startling coincidences linking the two cases are no more than startling coincidences. However, it must be noted that all the parties who have denied the rumour also have a strong interest in ensuring the confidentiality of such an arrangement, if it indeed exists. If child-killers like Venables or Thompson were released, given new identities and shipped off to foreign lands – only to re-offend there in similar circumstances – the political consequences would be enormous. It would at least spell the end of such expedient methods of dealing with society’s most notorious (but presumably rehabilitated) malefactors; a scenario authorities in Britain and Australia would rather not suffer. If Arthurs is one of the Bulger killers, I have no doubt that authorities would sooner lie about it if they think such evasiveness could head off the ensuing major international scandal that would inevitably follow the breaking of such news.

Unfortunately for any government agency attempting a cover-up, if the rumours are correct about Dante Arthurs, I think it likely that the truth will be explosively revealed here and in Britain sooner rather than later. There is so much public interest in the Dante Arthurs case that every angle of this tragic affair will be exhaustively probed by investigative journalists. No doubt they are at it now – wading through birth and death records, electoral rolls and the like, hunting for inconsistencies – whilst hounding their snouts within the public service for information. A devastating public service leak is a strong possibility; if there is anything to leak, that is. I still maintain that all the journalistic investigations will probably come to naught, as Dante Arthurs is most likely not Jon Venables nor Robert Thompson. However, I may be wrong and we could be seeing the early stages of a scandal that will shake the justice systems of Great Britain and Australia to their foundations.

158 comments to A horrendous murder primes the rumour mill

  • JT

    Britain sending its convicts to Australia? Surely not.

  • guy herbert

    The thing has all the hallmarks of a conspiracy theory, disproof would only strengthen popular belief.

  • Probably correct, Guy. The one factor that made me prick my ears up was that this guy Dante had been fingered some time ago by the local media as potentially one of the Bulger murderers. It beggars belief that he would later go on to commit such a similar crime to the pair.

  • ziz

    “It beggars belief that he would later go on to commit such a similar crime to the pair.”

    The first murder is the hardest one to commit… after that it gets easier.

  • I’m not saying it’s impossible that they are one and the same, but there was a very similar rumour that a man convicted of attempted murder in Ireland was one of the Bulger killers only a short while ago.


    I think this possibility answers our desires in some fashion.

  • kipper

    my uncle tony met jim morrison in a kebab shop near lake windermere.

    the thing is


    (hang everyone. just to be safe.)

  • guy herbert

    It beggars belief that he would later go on to commit such a similar crime to the pair.

    I can’t see one point of similarity, other than that the victim died.

  • Keith

    unlikely, but possible.

    After all, a number of IRA killers found sanctuary in Australia during the Hawke/Keating government eras.

  • guy herbert

    Of course, if Australia has no native muderers it would just have to be a foreigner, and one of the few that the local press had heard of. I suspect that may be part of the psychology at play.

    In this case there’s a lively conspiracist belief that it was all faked by the Poms involved and the victim is actually alive.

    There are similar tendencies all over to scapegoat foreigners for bad things. I note how not deporting a number of foreign prisoners was a far greater scandal in Britain than the massive ongoing recidivism of violent British offenders released early automatically.

  • veryretired

    Murderers like this are motivated by an overpowering impulse, not some carefully thought out plan which weighs the pros and cons of the act. This is a psycopath or sociopath, not some thoughtful person.

    Fingerprints or DNA can resolve the identity issue very quickly and without much reasonable doubt. That’s not to say that some conspiracy buffs won’t continue regardless of any facts, but identifying people these days is pretty much a done deal.

    If he is the same guy, charge the people who hid him and let him run free to kill again as accessories to murder. It would be an interesting legal precedent, and give righteous pause to many who constantly work to free dangerous criminals.

  • Nick Timms

    As Guy Herbert points out there are very few similarities between the Bulger murder and this case.

    Thompson and Venables were young teenagers who lured a three year old boy away and savagely beat him to death.

    This poor little girl was the subject of a sexual attack and murder.

    Where is the similarity?

  • Can anyone say “Willie Horton”???

  • Nick M

    When, before this crime, the rumou got about that this lad was either Thompson or Venables what evidence did they have? Was there evidence/convictions etc for violence towards young children.?

    I;m both fascinated and appalled by this. I’d ask and say more but, time for bed…

  • Caz

    Have to agree, identity can be established with remarkable ease and speed these days, irrefutably so. If there had been any hot trail to follow, journalists would have found it when they first started fishing about last year (how hard is it to find school records, school photo’s from year books, addresses of where the family lived – from historic electoral rolls, and so on; these things are mostly on public records, you don’t even need to be skilled or especially curious).

    What’s curious is that people seem to almost WANT to believe the improbable connection to the crime in Britain. Very odd, as it would give no comfort to anyone, least of all the family who now lives with this most appalling of crimes. I don’t understand what psychological or emotional salve people obtain from trying to making this connection.

  • guy herbert


    people seem to almost WANT to believe the improbable connection to the crime in Britain. Very odd, as it would give no comfort to anyone…

    On the contrary, it gives comfort to people to give the events meaning and distance as caused by (1) official conspiracy and (2) nasty foreigners. That implies that order is normality. The more plausible probability that the perpetrator could be someone familiar, expressing common urges that socialisation almost always suppresses – that he’s just an ordinary local – is much more disturbing.

    I refer you to Chris Morris’s Brass Eye: Paedogeddon:

    DJ ‘DR’ FOX [reads from autocue over large prop crustacean]: “Genetically, paedophiles have more genes in common with crabs than they do with you and me. Now that is scientific fact. There’s no real evidence for it, but it is scientific fact.”

  • Caz

    Guy – yes, I understand your points, but it’s such a long bow to draw (that is, the “public” is clutching a bit) and the comfort factor, must, surely be tenuous, at best.

    After all, pretty much all of the most heinous crimes ever committed were carried out by that “quiet friendly guy who lived next door; he was always so nice, but he kept to himself “. It’s almost never the “other”, never the boogie man.

  • John R

    I’m surprised, James, that you give any credence to any report from the “West Australian”. You know the contempt in which the “West” newspaper is held in WA and that its journalists are as far from real news gatherers as it is possible to get. The Arthurs-Venables-Thompson link is spurious at best and the West appears to recognise this (or at least appeared to in today’s edition). It is typical muckraking by a disreputable rag which enjoys a monopoly position in Perth and WA (there being no other West Australian newspaper), taking advantage of a tragic and cruel event for its own purposes.

  • Paul

    Don’t give any credence to the rumour. The Australian press has a terrible, terrible record with this sort of thing.

    Don’t forget the Lindy Chamberlain case where the country was whipped up in a media-stoked frenzy to villify and convict that woman.

    More recenlty, the Australian media has tried to whip up another frenzy in relation to the Peter Falconio case blaming his girlfriend for his murder. (I mean stands to reason, doesn’t it, she’s a Pom afterall).

    Don’t believe this Venables Thomson rumour, unless there is proper evidence for it, from a proper source.

  • CardinalXimenes

    I find Snopes to be a very useful resource for identifying urban legendry, and this was redolent of it. For a good round-up of the reasons that this rumor is entirely false, check http://www.snopes.com/politics/crime/bulger.asp

  • Mark

    Dante Arthurs is in no way connected with the Bulger case and this has been confirmed by many parties. The West Australian investigated the rumour that was allegedly started in 2003/04, because Arthurs was allegedly charged with an assault of another young girl in a park near his home. The case was allegedly dismissed/dropped because of the aggressive nature of the Police interviewing which the DPP believed would make their video interview inadmissable. I am sure media outlets will start reporting the real facts in the next few days.

  • I have considered your reply and here are some more points…

    The person concerned has a birth notice from Perth as printed in the West
    Australian newspaper. If as you say it is not “one of the boys” then why has
    no one heard of Dante Arthurs. No one has come forward to say no it could
    not be, I grew up with Dante Arthurs and went to school with him. where are
    the school photos with his classmates, where are the friends relatives
    denyng it is him. Why has no one heard of Dante Arthurs until 2001/2002. His
    mother has a birth notice from a newspaper, where are the doctors mentioned
    in it, what date was it printed in the paper, it is easy to get archived
    papers and prove his existence, his mother has baby photos ” WOW “, what
    happened to the ten years or so in between.

    The similarities are that there could not possibly be two people capable of
    this crime and of the same age, the girl was sexually assaulted as you say,
    the boy was not however the crime was related as a sexual assault as he was
    molested. Dante calculated the crime and even purchased a belt minutes prior
    from a store in the shop, the girl had broken legs and arms, need I go on.

    Dante had booked tickets to England to depart today 30/6/06, he may have
    planned to return to UK and carry out a similar crime over there. The date
    is very close to the date both boys were released hence thus would be around
    the anniversary of the release. This may have been an underlying factor.

    The WA police have not denied the link they have used carefully selected
    words that say there is nothing to link Dante Arthurs to the UK crime. Of
    course not he didn’t do it Venables and Thompson did. The only ones linked
    to the crime are them, and the lengths the British Government have gone, to
    wipe them from the earth so they do not exist.

    If you say you know where the boys are, I challenge you or any colleague to
    prove beyond reasonable doubt it was not him, find someone or other evidence
    that it is not him so as to allay the outcry, that Britain has dumped it’s
    rotting rubbish in our yard, that a predator was allowed free after your
    system failed to contain the boys for the sentence that they deserved…


    Someone must have been to school with or associated with this monster prior
    to his magical appearance in Australia in 2001/2002

    The doctor who supposedly delivered the boy has stated that he delivered a Dante William Arthurs and that he has a medical history, not Dante Wyndahm Arthurs. The photo on the link are not Dante Arthurs, the photos of Dante Arthurs is fast disapearing from the net bur anyone who wants it can request it here

  • Uain

    So this is what happens when civilised cultures become fat and satiated such that the life of it’s citizens is not worth the bother to protect them.

    Better that an innocent man might die than a guilty man be released to surely kill again?

  • geronimo

    There is a simple test of Dante Arthurs being Robert Thompson. Just have him open his mouth and speak. Liverpool expatriates here in Australia will say in a second if he is from Liverpool. Neither time, space, nor massive elocution lessons can remove or disguise a scouse accent from a native Liverpudlian. Some of us may be in court when he is tried.

  • Amelia

    I have never in all my years here in Western Australia seen the WA Police address a “rumour” so swiftly and zealously.

    New identities are not like fake drivers licences, they are well researched and designed to withstand investigations such as this. On viewing the photographs though, the facial similarities between Robert Thompson and Dante Arthurs is extraordinary.

    It gives me no comfort if Arthurs is one of the James Bulger killers, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • “This poor little girl was the subject of a sexual attack and murder – where is the similarity ?” says Nick Timms.

    James Bulger was subjected to a sexual assault in which batteries were inserted into his anus. For perhaps understandable reasons, most of the (‘populist, tabloid’) press didn’t plaster the details over the front page.

  • Caz

    Concerned Cannivale – I would be interested in the link, if you drop back to this thread. Thanks.

  • Mark

    Get hold of, “Sick urges of an accused child killer” in “The Australian”, 1 July 2006. Article has comments regarding Arthurs background that may address some of the concerns raised regarding him possibly being Thompson (he’s not).

    Also the suggestion that you go to http://www.snopes.com is a good one.

  • dan

    The Australian article makes no mention of acquaintainces made before the family’s sojourn to the UK but rather, schoolmates at the mature age high school he attended upon his return to Perth. It disproves zero.

    We want to hear from:
    1. Arthurs extended family
    2. Neighbours in Perth pre 1993
    3. Primary School (not mature age high school) classmates and teachers
    4. Family friends and acquaintances pre 1993

    So far, none of these people seem to exist. Their testimony would be the most effective way of quashing the rumour if there was no truth to it. All this crap about jeopardising the trial is rubbish. They’d have ample physical evidence to convict. It’s not like a jury will be swayed when fingerprints, hair, semen and skin samples taken from the scene match his.

  • Copy of email sent to Samizdata

    If you are intersested this is how the British press portray their images of Dante Arthurs. The blonde photo is an identikit picture, why print the identikit when they could have printed the real image of Dante Arthurs ( also attatched).

    Because if they did someone would recognise him….Time can only change so much.


  • (Link)

    The pic on this site is the real Dante Arthurs….

  • Must say sorry the first link did not work…


  • You May ask why i post this…

    Well my family and i live in the area where this monster was lurking, we shop at the shopping centre where he was working and committed the crime. I would challenge anyone who has been placed in this situation to feel any other way. My family and i feel the need to persue the truth with all avenues that are available.
    If this situation is occurung where monsters are relocated into our societies and placed in jobs that put them in contact with others to tempt them to offend again, then we need to know where they are and what they are doing.

    If we as a community had known then we would have been more cautious, more intune and his employer would also have been intune, the shopping centre would have been more aware. The authorities would have been observing his behaviour and may have picked up on the fact he was taking photos of children at the shopping centre. The truth will come out, maybe not until after the trial but it will and has to come out. No one has provided one shred of evidence that would dismiss 100 percent the so called ” RUMOURS” that he is in fact one of the two children that murdered James Bulger..

  • Hayden

    I the things I am about to say reek of “he said that she said”, but I am going to say them anyway.

    My mum is a teacher at Ranford Pre-Primary, situated in Livingstone, only a few kilometres from the shopping centre where this crime occured.

    She has had Sophia’s (the victim) sister come through her class previously. She was told be her school principal, after coming out of a meeting with the education department of WA, that Dante Arthurs is one of the James Bulger killers.

    She has also been told seperately by someone who works for the West Australian that they know that Dante Arthurs is Robert Thompson.

    Is this proof of that Arthurs is Thompson? No of course not. But I tell you know, we have not heard the end of this, the court case will be most interesting.

  • Dan

    Thanks, Hayden.

    What you’ve said is very courageous. I’m quite certain that there will be similar claims by others being made within our community in the coming days, however like most others, will keep an open mind for now.

  • Hayden

    Yes as I say, I am by no means claiming that this is proof of anything. But I do think that there is alot more to this story to be heard yet.

    The most disturbing thing is without a doubt the silence. The silence by the West Australian, the silence by the family of Dante Arthurs. The silence from the radiostations, television and all forms of media. No one is reporting this crime anymore, at all. I would hate to think that I am become so sceptical, but this whole issue is incredible suspicous.

    One thing that maybe someone here can answer (I dont even know where here is, just came here from google). I understand that if indeed this guy is Robert Thompson, there is obviously very good legal reasons why this info cannot be released to the public. But will these reasons still exist after the pending court case is completed in a few years time?

  • I am so with the coments from the Australian who know what they have seen. Australia is not saying that we have got UK rubbish what we are trying to tell the UK is that we support James and Justice for James and his family is what we are all looking for.

    What happened to James has been with me for over 13 years and I can only say that I am glad to see that the world has awoken once again.

    I in all my millions of paper articles and reaserching this till my heart bleeds I’m sorry but if it is not Thompson it must be one of his two younger brothers.

    The governements will never tell you that creating a new life means the end to the other – sorry all records destroyed beloning to them both. Death and re life mean just that.

    Please don’t forget also that Dante and Thomson share the same birthday only the year that altered. Dante attened a school that is for children older than Dante with special requirements.

    Finger prints, Newspaper birth notices, even baby photos of any age is so easy to get and you need to rememeber that the government departments are the best of the best at making us believe what they want us to believe. I could do the info the government have given as eviendence at my work place that’s how east is it.

    Dante also returned to the scene as Thompson did to lay flowers, Dante didn’t lat flowers but he did return to watch the comotion.

    Evil Eyes well there there.

    Indent in chin, yes that too

    Dark hair, oh well only to those in Australia that is.

    Lips that are a match, Once again not to those in the UK.

    Oh that’s right you where sent the dummy model by the Daily Mail that you so trust to provide you with the up dates. Don’t worry that also made me mad to see what they had sent you. A total bull photo – I’m sorry and please do not think Australians are doing anything but trying to get justice for James. We are a loving country and I think our emotions may sway our typing.

    We love the UK and love England we are united in Justices For James.

    We support each other in soccer don’t let the shits of the nation bring us down.

  • broadsword

    i agree i also shop at where that low life worked i can remember seeing him, christ if id known then what i know now SMACK!!! he walked past me and my daughter a few times i shudder to think we had this walking time bomb placed in our area. i to have been following the british press i even emailed them his real picture from the west australian no reply’s nothing. i do not want nothing but the truth and will help any one get it .there are to many coincedences but i doubt he’d have a scouse accent when they moved them out of liverpool when they were ten its easy to pick up and lose accents.

  • Mark

    Guys I know you all mean well and you, like me are rightfully upset by this incident. However, spreading unfounded rumours is wrong. Take one example above, Thompson supposedly sharing the same birthday as Arthurs. He doesn’t. Thompson was born on the 23 August 1982 (reference, “Every Mother’s Nighmare”). Arthurs was born 8 August 1984.

  • Dan

    So Mark, do you believe that all the people that would have had contact with Arthurs pre-1993 are either:

    2.Never Existed in the first place
    3.Real and will make their appearance after the trial

  • Mark

    We are not only interested in people who know he existed prior to 1993. It is also people that know he existed between 1993 and the time he returned to Australia. As if he was walking about in England and South Africa as claimed, he couldn’t also be Thompson, as Thompson was was in Jail at the time ( if you insist that Arthurs is Thompson).

    Media outlets will by now have got investigative reporters and private investigators on the job and yes once the dust settles down, people who know Arthurs background will come out.

  • Hayden

    The media have completely dropped this story like a hot potato. The only reporting related to this story at the moment is related to some ‘new laws’ that are being thrown about regarding the location of known pedophiles living in the community.

    No one is reporting on the actual crime itself, on Dante Arthurs, or the consipiracy/rumous regarding his identitiy. I imagine this will stay the same right up until atleast after the trial.

    I think we are going to have to let this whole ‘thing’ rest for a while until any court proceedings are completed. Otherwise there is way too much speculation and not enough real evidence. Just have to hope the media is not still restricted from reporting on this issue after said trial.

  • Dan

    Hayden, why are they restricted now? The West had no problem interviewing the doctor that claimed to deliver a “Dante Arthurs” last week to dispel the theory without jeopardising fairness in the trial. Ironically, by not allowing people to publicly vouch for the police claim that he was living in Perth pre 1993 (whilst not making statements about his character of course) they are only providing grist for the mill.

  • A decision by Chief Judge Antoinette Kennedy to release a self-confessed child-sex predator back into a small WA community has outraged residents, who include the families of his three young victims.

    Bullsbrook residents yesterday demanded 58-year-old Kevin James Lilly be forced to leave the area and have distributed a letter outlining his appalling crimes around the semirural town 40km north of Perth.

    “Please give this notice high regard when sending children out to fundraise and travelling to and from school and sports,” the letter reads.

    Last week’s murder and rape of eight-year-old Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia-Shu has added to the anxiety of residents and police were last night concerned about a vigilante-style attack on the child abuser’s home.

    Lilly, who lives with his family near Bullsbrook Primary School, was believed to have fled the home yesterday and gone into hiding.

    He pleaded guilty to 10 counts of indecently dealing with two 10-yearold girls and a six-year-old girl and was given a two-year suspended jail sentence.

    In the first incident, last August, he exposed himself to the two older girls and then forcibly kissed one of the girls on the lips.

    When they said they didn’t like what he was doing, he responded by saying to them: “It’s my yard. I can do what I want.”

    In the second incident, on February 4, he played “truth, dare or torture” with one of the 10-year-olds and the six-year-old before prompting them to expose themselves to him and touching one of them. But when one of the girls’ mothers saw him expose himself, Lilly was reported to police.

    “Why should my kids be the ones to suffer?” the mother of one of Lilly’s victims said.
    “Where’s the protection for her? ”

    Residents, who have learnt some of the shocking details in the past 24 hours, said they couldn’t understand why a court would allow him to return to the scene of his crimes.

    “It is very unpleasant to have someone like that living in the neighbourhood — a lot of kids walk up and down the street to get to school and cars go up and down all day with mums taking the children to school,” long-term resident Arnold Roth said.

    In sentencing Lilly on June 23, Judge Kennedy was told Lilly had an alcohol problem and could drink up to 20 cans of full-strength beer in a single drinking session.

    He “returned to an immature state” when he drank, defence lawyer Michael Tudori said of Lilly.

    Prosecutor Mark Nicol told Judge Kennedy that because of the gravity of Lilly’s crimes, a jail sentence was required.

    “This sort of thing really needs to have deterrence as the paramount factor,” he said. “We say really this is such that nothing less than immediate imprisonment will suffice.”

    But Judge Kennedy said there was a medium-to-low risk that Lilly would reoffend in the next five years.

    “I really feel from having read about you that you do realise the seriousness of what you have done to these little girls and their family,” Judge Kennedy said. “I really do believe that you will do your best not to cause any more pain, and you have caused pain and you have to accept that.”

    Attorney-General Jim McGinty said he had taken the residents’ concerns to the Police Minister to ensure that children in the area were protected from Lilly.

  • Important to note that a the judge stated in this case “medium to low risk of re-offending”.

    Any risk at all is too much risk.

    If a judge who is to uphold the law can risk children in this way, then would you not say that the British/Australian authorities would have also factored the risk element in the arthurs case…….

    A small risk maybe or maybe not, but now it is too late for Sofia.

    Let us now close the door and ensure that no more horses bolt.

  • Sandy

    I just need to also inform what has not yet been mentioned. Thompson and Venables both received lessons to curve the accent and were surounded bt people without it. it was the plan to prep both boys to return to another country an hide.

    Another factor is that I went to Melbourne and in the morning of Saturday 1st July I bought a paper – Sun Herald and as I do searched for articals on Dante which I found and added to my collection of James Bulger. That afternoon walking through the streets of Melbourne near the motel I asked my husband while he was getting a drink to grab me another newspaper as I normally buy all.

    He came out with the same one we had already got that morning and not wanting to reack the weekend by my disapiontment I said “It’s Ok I’ll send this one off to the Uk” .

    Searching for the artical at page 15 I realised that they had taken the story out. I thought I was going mad and my husband would have loved to prove that I was insane, but there it was.

    We took the paper to the front desk and asked the reception to check the paper also which they confirmed an artical was missing.

    Being from a print business I said to my husband ” that’s unreal that this has landed in my hand knowing what I know about this case” My husband was gob smaked, here was the proof.

    I made sure many copies were made and sent and many can not believe that from one morning to night it vanished.

    You can deny all you like but util the facts are produced being Thompson and Venables themselves you got nothing to even go by. The governments will deny and of course their protecting their own souls. The Human Rights Department should change their name to the Mamed and Evil Foundation for those Insane”

    The world has never been worst since these do gooders got in volved and “DO NO GOOD”

    Just remember how many people are recruited to get you off this trail and hope that it will die down and you will forget.

    I can only imagine the work recruiting the classmates and neighbours happening right now. Signing forms learning the lines, it’s a big bussiness and look at what is at stake here.

    It’s the blind leading the blind for many but thank god the majority are seeing clear.

  • Sandy

    I just need to also inform what has not yet been mentioned. Thompson and Venables both received lessons to curve the accent and were surounded bt people without it. it was the plan to prep both boys to return to another country an hide.

    Another factor is that I went to Melbourne and in the morning of Saturday 1st July I bought a paper – Sun Herald and as I do searched for articals on Dante which I found and added to my collection of James Bulger. That afternoon walking through the streets of Melbourne near the motel I asked my husband while he was getting a drink to grab me another newspaper as I normally buy all.

    He came out with the same one we had already got that morning and not wanting to reack the weekend by my disapiontment I said “It’s Ok I’ll send this one off to the Uk” .

    Searching for the artical at page 15 I realised that they had taken the story out. I thought I was going mad and my husband would have loved to prove that I was insane, but there it was.

    We took the paper to the front desk and asked the reception to check the paper also which they confirmed an artical was missing.

    Being from a print business I said to my husband ” that’s unreal that this has landed in my hand knowing what I know about this case” My husband was gob smaked, here was the proof.

    I made sure many copies were made and sent and many can not believe that from one morning to night it vanished.

    You can deny all you like but util the facts are produced being Thompson and Venables themselves you got nothing to even go by. The governments will deny and of course their protecting their own souls. The Human Rights Department should change their name to the Mamed and Evil Foundation for those Insane”

    The world has never been worst since these do gooders got in volved and “DO NO GOOD”

    Just remember how many people are recruited to get you off this trail and hope that it will die down and you will forget.

    I can only imagine the work recruiting the classmates and neighbours happening right now. Signing forms learning the lines, it’s a big bussiness and look at what is at stake here.

    It’s the blind leading the blind for many but thank god the majority are seeing clear.

  • Mark

    Sandy, you probably bought an early edition, sometimes known as a Country edition. The later copy you bought was probably the standard metro edition. I buy the West every night and also get a copy delivered at home. They’re different, as some stories get dropped and are replaced by something more newsworthy. No conspiracy, just the way the newspapers are produced.

  • Dan

    Sandy, if you want to see further proof of this conspiracy in action, email me and I’ll forward you what I’ve collated.

  • Dan i would like to see it however i do not have your email.

  • Amelia

    Dan, I too would be interested. My email is : whisperingloudly@hotmail.com

  • george

    i heard today that as soon as the public started questioning Arthur’s past, his file at the Canning Vale prison, for his prior incident, was security blocked, it is no longer accessible to anyone working at the prison.

  • The price of silence

    As you sit in front of your television this evening, hopefully warm and comfortable, possibly with your family, your wife or a loved and loving one beside you, spare a thought for the shattered lives of Denise and Ralph, a very ordinary couple whose lives were fractured forever by possibly the most brutal, calculated and merciless crime carried out in the final decade of the Twentieth Century.

    On the 12th February 1993, their tiny son, Jamie, was pulled from the spot where his mother had left him as she stood in a butcher’s shop not ten yards away from her son. He was taken, crying and tearful, some two miles to a deserted railway embankment and there brutally and mercilessly tortured and killed. A hardened Police Sergeant was quoted as saying, “In twenty years I have never seen such injuries, such ferocity upon the body of a victim!”

    The two young killers were identified, charged, tried and found guilty, with the Judge’s words in summing up: “The killing of James Bulger was an act of unparalleled evil and barbarity. This child of two was taken from his mother on a journey of over two miles and then, on the railway line, was battered to death without mercy. Then his body was placed across the railway line so it would be run over by a train in an attempt to conceal his murder. In my judgment your conduct was both cunning and very wicked.”

    The pair were sentenced to an initial eight years Special Youth custody, the sentence was increased to ten and then reduced once more to the original eight. A decision by the Brussels Court of Human Rights led to their release at the age of eighteen, with their identities and whereabouts being protected by a High Court Injunction. So if you have a tallish neighbour, possibly living alone, with a Liverpool accent, who seems to be quite normal but doesn’t make friends easily or keep them for long, just ponder on this:- They are protected forever subsidised and cared for by a series of truly anonymous care professionals, but they never dare speak the truth, never dare contemplate a relationship which means telling the truth about their dark past, and never giving surcease to the two people who have lost the tiny shining light which illuminated their simple, ordinary lives!

    Jon Venables and Robert Thompson have literally got away with murder, having spent less time in custody than almost any other killer in British judicial history, and never having spent any time in an ordinary prison at all; which is not surprising, since their life expectancy time would have been measured in days, never mind weeks. The Court of Human Rights decision was that they had been denied a fair trial, but many would argue that the true verdict is for life, that of Denise and Ralph Bulger, who are both still serving that terrible sentence, without appeal or parole!

  • broadsword

    cant we use the freedom of infomation to find out more on the arthurs family . and if they did live here before they went to england then they would surley have family here and by the birth notice in paper they must have lived near rockingham somewhere?

  • Sandy

    The doctor said he delivered a Dante William Arthurs, not Dante Wyndham Arthurs. The subject was bought up in Parlament today and was shut down faster than opened with a no comment close. The doc is on the web above this site.

    Dante’s mother has claimed that she lived 600miles from where James was killed and yet has no idea who James Bulger is or Thompson and Venables. What plannet does this women live in? anyone living so close in the UK at that time MUST know about James they must have heard. I’m on the other side of the plannet and we heard we cried many of us remember what we were doing when the broadcast came over. She must be the only person in UK that has never heard.

    Lies from a person who is back into a corner with nowhere to run. that is the only conclusion to that coment

  • http://www.karisable.com/mbulg.htm

    New Zealand headlines suggested that New Zealand might be asked to ‘host’ the murderers, and because of the threats of revenge by vigilantes.

  • Dan

    With Perth receiving the highest number of uk migrants in the world, it would make sense to send him where his accent would stand out the least.

  • http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?MenuID=77&ContentID=350





    One of the sites here says lets see he gets a fair trial and what does it matter if he is or not in fact Dante Arthurs. Well it matters very much, as closure means different things to different people. If this crime was carried out randomly and without premeditation then we all must worry. However if these events are a culmination of errors by boffins and beauricrats then yes we still must worry, however the second explination can be changed so no child is ever placed in this situation again. And if i were to find peace, i would find it it in the fact that my loss has changed the laws to keep all children safe from monsters like Dante Arthurs in future.

  • concerned

    Dantes mother was a nutrimetics party host. at one recent party (2 months ago) the guests claim she acted extremely calm and when asked about her kids answered that she had 3 boys. When asked was it difficult raising three boys, she answered ” no my boys are very very good”

    just unussual thats all.

  • Amelia

    I just hope the truth (whatever it may be) eventually comes out about all this, what happened to Sofia was unforgivable, even more so if a know child murderer was placed in a community full of young growing families.

    Surely the rights of parents and the safety of young, defenceless children take precedence (legally), over any court injunction to protect the identity of a brutal murderer.

  • Mark

    In September 2004, James Bulger’s mother was quoted as saying (after being tipped off regarding his whereabouts) that she saw Robert Thompson. ” I was close enough to him, about 20 feet (six metres) or so, to know without doubt it was him. See Bulger mother ‘paralysed by fear’ after finding child killer’ November 29, 2004 – http://www.smh.com.au/news.

    It is important point out, that she was in England at the time, not in Australia looking at Dante Arthurs.

  • dan

    The above story was reported in News of the World – a tabloid newspaper not held in high regard

    Furthermore, there was no claim made by NOTW that the sighting (if it did happen) occurred in England or overseas.

  • broadsword

    yes by why wont the british press print a real photo of dante so the bulger family could see it then once they’ve seen him they themselves could confirm or deny it is him .

  • Mark

    See also, “Devil Dad:Bulger Killer to be Father”,
    1 January 2006 in the Sunday Mirror. Gives a run down on how Thompson is living his life at present in the North of England.

    It also refers to Denise Fergus, the mother of James Bulger, sighting of Robert Thompson. This has been reported in many newspapers and never denied by Fergus.

  • broadsword

    mark she has not seen the picture of dante arthurs that was on the cover of the west australian news paper when she see’s him she wiil know or not

  • Dan

    Mark, you are quoting from articles written in trashy tabloid papers in this case the Mirror, the equivalent of the National Enquirer. The articles quoting Fergus sighting Thompson have never reported the location of the sighting. The tabloid press are clever in that they “claim” Thomspon lives in the north of england and then in an attempt to validate their claim, the insert a quote from Fergus saying that she has seen Thompson. It may very well be true that she has seen Thompson however, given that no article has published where she saw Thompson, it could just as likely be in Perth, Canada, NZ anywhere. You’ve got to understand that unlike here the UK has a much larger number of tabloid offerings and therefore, should be scrutinised in greater depth before citing them as a source.

  • Annaretta

    Why does everyone think he could be Robert Thompson. Why not Jon Venables?

  • Mark

    I can quote from whatever sources I like. If you chose not to accept the information that’s fine. It does however, give people an opportunity to look more objectively at the issue, when they are able to examine different viewpoints. The Daily Mail (not a tabloid) also supports the view that Thompson is living in the north of England and also quotes Denise Fergus as saying she herself is upset by the rumours being spread.

  • broadsword

    MARK the daily mail is a tabloid news paper are you from england i dont think so.yes it does quote that but they HAVEN’T SEEN DANTE ARTHURS PICTURE has she like ive said untill she or someone comes forward to deny that dante arthurs is or is not thompson or vennables then we can carry on till the cows come home. i suppose mark you are one of those do gooders that want him to have a fair trial what fair chance did he give poor SOFIA NONE if his dna is there that is proof enuff for me HANG HIM.

  • Annaretta

    Why do you guys think it’s Robert Thompson? I thought the pictures of a young Jon Venables look more like Dante Arthurs. And Robert Thompson has been seen by Denise Fergus in northern England. There are quotes from her regarding this. There has been no information since Sofia’s murder to state where Jon Venables could be.

  • Sandy

    Ok just to start with my thoughts I think we need to go easy on those people not envolved in print and all the tools available to create any document you like.

    Do not for one minute think the governemnts will ever admit to such a balls up, think about it?? what’s at stake here. They will to we are all in our graves deny such a mistake god knows they have done it before.

    It is time to rely on your public and community for justice as the governments at this stage are not on the side of what they would consider to be a disarster ground if the truth got out, which it has it’s just how many believe. Don’t forget recruiting people to enter false information on sites such as these is crucuial to them now.

    Denise Bulger had her run in with Thompson in Feb 2004 the same time he came back????to Australia and was confronted by police then.

    Denise and Ralph have been sent photos of Dante that I can promise you. In UK and directed at the Bulger family they have an injunction that they can not coment on this case.

    Denise has stated that until the government shows otherwise these rumours will continue to go around.

    I can say that neither Ralph or Denise or any of the extended family have denied this is Thompson and yet they did when another boy was being beaten up for being Venables. The Bulger family must being hoping we do right in Justice For James and the other children in their path and stand up together and say WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY KILLING OF A CHILD TO BE OK.

    Imagine if you all knew that Thompson killed Sofia wow what would you do?? think about it.

    Just remeber also the people paid to get you off the track. Be smart go with your heart and not your head as that is what they control.

  • Mark

    Broadsword, Yep I do want Arthurs to receive a fair trial (as I would want anyone charged with a crime). If he is guilty of the crime, he deserves to be severely punished. This should be a minimum of a life term imprisonment. We did away with hanging some time ago.

    But that is beside the point. The issue for me in this, is that incredible damage that can be done to the prosecution’s case with these ridiculous claims that Arthurs is Thompson. He is not. If you really want justice for Sofia, you should be concerned with that.

    Arthurs isn’t even the first person who has allegedly claimed he might be Thompson.

    Sean Walsh recently imprisoned in Ireland for murder, claimed he was Thompson. Walsh’s photo was published and of course a lot of people speculated he was. But no he wasn’t either.

    In regards to British newspapers, you could basically argue they are all tabloids now. That aside, get on the phone, ring all the Editors of all the leading newspapers in England ask them where they think Thompson is. They will probably all say in the UK, as they either know or know that it is the only place they are protected by the Courts.

  • broadsword

    my god so what have you seen sean walsh i have walsh was a psychiatric patient and a heroin addict. do your research more before you post. i am concerned because i have daughters and shop at that shopping centre and if any goverment puts me or my family in danger then i have every right to be concerned . they should have been hung a life for a life not a new life . how many rapist’s murderers that get let out early go on to commit the same or worse crimes . i do not need to speak to editors i find things out for my self when ralph or denise see him they WILL KNOW wont they

  • Mark

    Yes, I agree. They will know he’s not Thompson.

  • Well as to a fai trial, the evidence in chief shll speak for itself, there is enough to convict any person regardless of perceptions of a jury with bias, hey will go through hundreds of jurors until all are satisfied of the even balance. This string of comments shall not effect the outcome nor shall hundreds of others like this. The case will go to court, and when all evidence is presented the right verdict will come out.

    My concern is that when this happens what will be the sentence handed down by our somewhat wharm and fuzzy not in touch with the realitys of the world judicial system.

    No doubt the defence is churning away to prove that he is unstable if not insane, and of course after a short stint in an institution o balance is chemicals he will be released once more to re-offend.

    Lets not stop putting forward our views and ideas, of course this is constructive, with thousands of people researching for one thread of connection with his past i know that it will eventually knit together to form the fabric we all know as Dante Arthurs and a link to Venales or Thompson. Which one will only come out in time………

  • broadsword

    here, here .

  • Perth link

    So, you want someone to come forward and admit to knowing this monster. I’ve known him since he was 3rs old. I also know his older brother as well as his mother, father and grandparents on his mothers side. He is from definitely from Perth.

  • Sandy

    This is to Mark,

    At no time has Dante Arthurs proclaimed to be Thompson as Sean Walsh did to get him self out of trouble. Dante will get a fair trail as did Sofia and James.
    Unless people are willing to spend time studing this case which in fact will mean allot of catching up to do if you haven’t followed it since 1993 as I have. Please save your thoughts unless you have eviedence in each court to give. I believe it is Thompson and all the uneducated people are free to say what they feel and we can accept this reason because they don’t know and there is not enough time in the day or night to commit to study, so be it, so on with the real matter anyone that has real information on both killers please sens message.

  • Sandy

    Please don’t forget that a boy thought to be Venables was quickly dismissed by Denise herself. At no stage has any of the Bulger family came forward to deny that this is Thompson and I know they have the photos and I can tell you now that by the UK Law they are forbidden to confirm so don’t expect it. It’s funny that they used Denise to deny Venables look a like though isn’t. Haven’t heard boo yet, for all the smart people to think about.

  • Dan

    Hi Perth,

    What is his mother’s maiden name?

    In what suburb did they live whilst in perth?

    Which schools did they attend in Perth?

    Forward the answers to me at perth.australia@gmail.com so that I can verify your claims.


  • Mark

    Sandy, I did not say that Dante Arthurs has claimed to be Thompson. Only that it is “alleged” that he did. My reference being the hoax email being circulated.

    I don’t know whether or not Denise has seen the photo of him or not, or whether any of her family has either. Judging by her response to the rumours over here, I remain convinced that, ( if she is legally able to do so), she will confirm that Arthurs is not Thompson. I can assure you that I have actively followed the Bulger case from 1993 and that is why I can confidently dispute so much false information being spread by people who are not aware of some of the basic facts surrounding the case.

    Sean Walsh told people that he was Thompson, probably not to help himself, but as was so rightly pointed out by another poster, he was mentally ill.

    Perth Link, can you share a little more about what you know of Arthurs? If you are fair dinkum, then I think yours is a positive post from the perspective of establishing he cannot be Thompson.

  • Dan

    Perth, please get in contact as soon as you can so that we can quash any doubt over Arthurs’ identity.

  • Perth link

    Hi Dan and Mark.

    Dan, I’ve just sent you an email.

    Mark, this is obviously very sensitive info. I don’t want to just come on here and blurt out names etc. I’m sure that Dan will be along soon to confirm my claims of knowing the family.

    talk soon.

  • Dan


    Received your email. If you aren’t able to provide his mother’s surname then your claim can’t be verified.

    There is nothing stopping you from revealing which primary school he attended though. That would not be endangering anyone.

  • Perth link

    Just send you another email – I don’t know what school the boys went to because I lost contact with the mother in probably 1992(ish)

    I’d be very curious about how you know them though???

  • Dan

    Because their son is charged with murder and rape.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “lost conact with mother 1992ish”
    He was going to school before 1992.

  • Jo

    It will be interesting to see if Dante Arthurs disappears or dies in custody. I’m sure this would be a convenient solution to those who are desperately covering his true identity.

  • Joe

    It will be interesting to see if Dante Arthurs disappears or dies in custody. I’m sure this would be a convenient solution to those who are desperately covering his true identity.

  • If you think this is going to lead to his identity( Perth link ), i don’t think so. Anyone can blog on the internet, it is one thing to say, and another to do. If it is so true that anyone infact knew him or his parents, then back it with action ( NAMES DATES PLACES etc “PUBLICLY” ).

    Of course not on this site, but media outlets and i presume defence lawyers that are only chomping at the bit for that link. If anyone has had such contact as stated in previous posts i don’t think they would be wasting their time posting here, they would be providing that evidence to his defence or media outlets to prove to the public he his not one of the two boys.

    There are many forums on the net, lets not be distracted by claims that detract from the essential facts, that no one as yet has come forward “PUBLICLY” to refute the claims that Arthurs was one of the Bulger killers.

    Do you believe that anyone could live for 21 or 22 years most of which is supposedly in one community and not so much as one of his school teachers, friends, doctors that attended his adolescent ailments, football coaches, scout leaders, soccer coaches, neighbours, local shopkeepers, local churches or any other credible source has put up their hand and said stop the rumours here he is when i knew him, he was a fine upstanding citizen. It won’t happen, i can most certainly guarentee that aside from theatricly trained puppets there won’t be any of the above come forward.

  • Mark

    Dan, are you referring to Sue’s maiden name? I know it as it is already in the public domain. If Perth link doesn’t know it, it isn’t important as he wouldn’t necessarily know that. What’s more important is what he knows from the time she had the boys and naturally was known under her married name of Arthurs. I agree that the Schools he went to before leaving for England is the type of information that would be useful and I dont believe would be prejudicial.

  • Sandy

    In response to your answer on my reply to one of your comments that:

    ANSWER TO YOUR CLAIM: – At no time has Dante Arthurs proclaimed to be Thompson as Sean Walsh did to get him self out of trouble. AS YOU HAD STATED.

    YOUR REPLY: – Sandy, I did not say that Dante Arthurs has claimed to be Thompson. Only that it is “alleged” that he did. My reference being the hoax email being circulated.

    WHAT HOAX EMAIL GOING AROUND SAID THAT DANTE SAID HE IS THOMPSON, WOW that;s one that must have missed me – which I doubt. Mark I think you need to stop protecting something that has been to long in protection. As they say what goes around comes around and unfortunatly that with today’s tech those trying to protect may as well shut their cake hole so to speak. We know it is him we are all not stupid and no the nation will never stop your on the loosing team mate time to have a KIt Kat and look at the facts with a clear head – unless your related then we accept your byist comments.

  • Sandy

    Once again I will state that Denise and Ralph can not confirm nor deny that this is Thompson because of an injuction upon the Bulger family.

    Just keep in mind all that when a young boy was being victamised because they though he was Venables, Denise Fergus was first to say that he was not Venables and to leave him alone. No such statement has been made and they can never make her say it to protect their mistake……… Yes fact for all the silly people who would like to think they have not had a evil chil killer living on their step and yes he has killed one of our own as if James wasn’t enough. – Oh HELLO I hear the Human Rights Department knocking – thank you for clarifing the governments Hush Up ……Has anyone read the news latley? how is Dante going? Oh that’s right no new hey? funny that…….. GET IT

  • Mark

    Sandy, I am always open to look at the facts. But there are no facts to support Arthurs is Thompson. He was allegedly in England sometime between 1993 and 2002, but so were a lot of people. His birth date doesn’t match, his fingerprints don’t match, the UK government says he’s not and the Australian government says he is not. All the sites that debunk hoax emails, say the proposition that he is, is false. The newspapers in England who have looked at the matter in England have reported the email as a hoax. Admittedly some of them are tabloids, but so what?
    I am happy to sit around eating kit Kats, but you and a few others, thinking Arthurs is Thompson isn’t going to change the fact that he isn’t.

    For everyone’s amusement. I’d like to know where the Arthurs family fit in with this. Are they his original family ie is Mrs Arthurs really Mrs Thompson? or are they undercover Police (also with secret identities) or they simply a “normal” family paid by secret agents to adopt him?

  • broadsword

    hey check this twat out
    wot sort of people are these ? this fool needs help

  • annaretta

    It is very naive to believe all that you read in the papers and see on the tv. The governments in both Australia and England are not likely to admit Arthurs is either Thompson or Venables are they? And dont underestimate the lengths the government(s) go to, to create a new identity. Of course they are not going to give either of these boys the same birthday. There would be one very long checklist that has to be completely ticked off before sending these boys into the world with new identities. And there would also be contingency plans in place when situations such as this one arise.

    As for the hoax slayer type websites, well, they are obtaining their information from the media outlets – newspaper, tv, internet etc.

    It may never be revealed whether Arthurs is one of these boys, but there are many people out there who still wish to see some basic questions answered, such as the ones that have already been raised in this post. This might at least provide Arthurs with some basic, substantiated proof that he was existing in this world like the rest of us, and not as a newly created identity.

  • Mark

    Annaretta, I agree strongly with your third paragraph. If we can coax the information out of people who know him it will clear up this matter.

    I don’t know where your going with the TV, newspapers, internet, etc, thing. Where do you get your information? You’ve got to look at the total picture. I’m not naive enough to believe everything I read and hear. But I’m certainly not naive enough to believe unsubstantiated rumours either.

    Whilst I wouldn’t under estimate the lengths governments could go to change an identity, I wouldn’t over estimate either. People create them and they are vulnerable, computers store the information and they are vulnerable.

    Finally, I agree that the Australian and UK governments are not likely to say Arthurs is either Thompson or Venables, as he is not. So that would be silly of them.

    My question today is regarding the birth notice in the West. Yes, it did appear and can be checked in the Battye Library. Library staff doubt that ASIO took time out of their busy schedules to sneak in and swap copies.

    So was this identity prepared in 1984 just in case we needed to protrect someone in the future? Or is the “real” Dante Arthurs also being hidden somewhere? Did he die ? or because M15 are heavily involved in this, did they use their license to kill and dispose of him?

  • annaretta

    Where does such a rumour as this begin? It was not the self-identification of Arthurs that started this rumour – that I believe has been mentioned in this forum.

    Many thousands of English emigrate to Australia every year – how does this one boy be singled out amongst the masses as the supposed new identity of one of the Bulger killers and apparentley investigated one whole year before he continues to commit a horrendous crime that bears so many hallmarks of the one 13 years ago. Did he decide to start investigating who Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were and then start getting ideas? Was he already inclined to commit such a horrendous act and then it was just a matter of timing? Is it a massive coincidence that these two murders were so similar? Or could it be that he is one of them?

    I understand what you are saying in your references to all the material that has appeared via media to debunk the rumour. And until anything does substantiate that he is either of those boys, it will continue to be just a rumour.

    But don’t lose sight of the fact that although the authorities have debunked it with their own ‘facts’, there are still basic bits of the puzzle remaining that are neglecting to complete this jigsaw for those of us that do not take the word of either the English or the Australian government. Geez – we have had our Prime Minister and Treasurer this week lying about the ‘future leader’ conversation – you don’t think they would be willing to lie at the highest level to cover up something as big as the potential identification of Arthurs as one of the Bulger boys?

    Like I said earlier, there are contingency plans in place for situations such as this – the government would not create a new identity by means of new name, new birthdate, birth certificate, passport and then leave it at that. There are many many many factors that go into creating a new identity….thus a new history as well.

    It is fair for you to not wish to believe Arthurs is either of these boys and that is fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But there are those of us who will not be led by our authorities, just because they are the authorities and we will continue to raise questions about this matter until more of the pieces of the puzzle start fitting together – to debunk the rumour.

  • qwerty

    I unfortunately did know Dante Arthurs – I worked with him. Although the misfortune is something I’ve only recognized in hindsight – prior to hearing he was charged he didn’t appear any more unusual than a lot of people I work with.
    I DO NOT believe he is the Bulger killer, and here is why.
    This rumour started from spam email that claimed a prison guard got wind of the situation:

    An extract from the email in question:
    “When the prison staff got wind of this it was all supposed to be kept hushed up, it was some sort of prisoner exchange deal the Aust Govt set up.”
    – WHY would there be a prisoner exchange? In 2001 Venables and Thomspon had served their sentence, and if either one of them HAD been transported to Australia it would have been as a free man. Not a prisoner.

    Of course if you haven’t read the email, or aren’t basing you belief on the facts presented within, that argument will be irrelevant – so here’s another:
    Dante Arthurs was questioned with regards to another crime in 2003 I believe it was. He was released on a technicality – the technicality being aggressive police questioning. Do you honestly think he would have been released if the policegovernment had knowledge he was one of the Bulger killers?
    There is NO way.
    Believe what you will, but keep an open mind.

    I think he went to Primary School in the Leeming area although I’m not 100% certain.
    I can definitely find out though, and will post when I do.

  • Mark

    Update: Sean Sexton, Denise Fergus’s lawyer has now issued a statement on her behalf, stating that Arthurs is not Thompson.

    Annaretta, you were doing so well, until you posed the question, or could it be that he was one of them?

    Arthurs was born in Australia. He moved to England and lived in Surrey, (Leatherhead to be precise) and then returned to Australia with his family.

    It has been reported that in 2003 he attacked a girl and it has been alleged that basically WA Police stuffed up the investigation. Unfortunately, the WA Police are gaining quite a reputation for mistakes of this nature.

    The rumours then started about Arthurs, perhaps spurred on by people who genuinely believed he was Thompson, or by people trying to make trouble for him as they felt he had got away with the other alleged act, or perhaps because he himself planted the seed ie played on the coincidence of his coming from England.

    The “West Australian” investigated the rumours and found them groundless and didnot report on them until recently, bearing in mind also, that Arthurs wasn’t convicted of the other alleged offence.

    We then have the report of the recent event and an updated rumour campaign springs up.

    It’s a bit hard to follow, if you are not fully cognisant of the history of this case and the Bulger case. And I can understand why people have come to think Arthurs is Thompson. But he is not, the only major co-incidence is the time he spent time in England

    The unfortunate thing about the whole rumour is, did the rumours encourage some desire for notoriety? Was a disturbed, loner, with an alleged predisposition (Police allegedly described him as a ticking time bomb) encouraged into a “Copy cat” type event by the action’s of the rumour mongers and the West? Only time will tell.

  • Dan

    Source for Sexton statement please Mark. Either way, I won’t be satisfied until Arthurs’ school details in Perth revealed.

  • Mark

    Probably the easiest way to find it is to go the Wikipedia search for Dante Arthurs. There is a link under number 5 to a bravenet. com forum that is a part of the http://www.angelfire.com/vi/baby angels site about James Bulger. Sean’s email and web is listed on his post, which is the Solicitors that represent Denise.

  • Dan

    Are you serious, Mark? You do realise that I can log onto that particular forum as Sexton, use his email address and post don’t you? To anyone that doubts me, go to the forum and test it for yourself. You’re really clutching at straws now.

  • Mark

    Is that really you Dan or someone else?

  • Dan

    I’m the real Dan. Unlike “Sean Sexton”, I’m not claiming to be anyone of significance in this matter whom a statement from could substantially influence public opinion.

  • mark

    Okay, I am convinced. Only the real Dan would be so doubtful. Suggest you send Sean an email and ask him.

  • Dan

    No, Mark. If Sean Sexton has something important to say I’ll do the sensible thing and wait for him to issue a statement through the mainstream media (or even through his firm’s website perhaps) rather than believe something posted by no one on an anonymous bravenet forum.

  • Mark

    Dan, funny you seem prepared to want to believe other anoymous emails posted on forums. Like the one suggesting Arthurs is Thompson that has started this debate.

  • Dan

    Actually Mark, that email was really only a trigger for me to investigate Arthurs’ history for myself. To write something off as a baseless conspiracy simply because of the means of transmission is narrowminded. Whilst you can say that the majority of rumours spread in this fashion have been disproven, statistically speaking, it is impossible that they will all be hoaxes. When examining this case, it is not the pieces of the puzzle that have been provided maintaining my attention but rather the pieces that haven’t been revealed for either legal reasons or simply because the pieces never existed in the first place. One way or another the truth will come out because the obstacles to it will be removed. The liberal opposition in WA will be grilling the encumbent state govt. for full details to be revealed by the DPP as the potential for political leverage is massive should the rumour be true.

  • lizzy

    you know, he is who he is – moreover, he is a young man where something has gone awfully wrong in his life or, indeed, his mind. the death of young sofia is a tragedy beyond comprehension but this young mans life is also over – a double tragedy yes?? is he sick? yes! will his sickness be treated?? no! and there lies the third part of this tragedy. My sympathy to sofia’s family and dante’s family

  • Annaretta

    Why did ‘The West’ report initially that they had interviewed Arthurs about a matter one year ago which, due to legal reasons, could not be disclosed, and the following day have the Bulger story splashed all over it. If legally they were not able to print anything about the connection one day, why were they able to print it the next day. Just curious. Anyone know?

  • Sandy

    I need to let you people know for your own benifit that unless you have studied this case for more than 12 years relax it will come out and you will be surprised. It will be only to to good Justice For James supporters that this will be available to you. All is not what it seems and if you think Justice For James suporters want to get it wrong you are mistaken,

    As for the Library coment – all Files are kept on computer now, easy changed welcome to the year 2006.

    As for the coment – The boys are not criminals, these boys are on LIFE SENTENCES that means they stuff up they resume the time before owing that should have been + the time for what they have done to re commit. The governments have recruited people 24 hours a day to ensure these two don’t re offend so if they do how do the protectors look? How far do you go to save your backside if underfire?? Times that by 10 million now your just getting what the government may feel.

    The reason the interview for the last offence was rejected is because the police new it was Thompson and how would you react in that interview? To be honest I would have strung that s-n of a b-t-h.

    The questions were said to be to tough – poor sole.

    I have sent all information to all the people that can clear this up with a phone call and I can not mention their names but feel free to presume.

    Keep in mind NO BULGER FAMILY MEMBER HAS COME FORWARD TO SO “NO IT”S NOT HIM” DENISE DID DO THIS FOR A VENABLES LOOK A LIKE – wow and that was in the news paper anyone can read that on High Beam Reaserch.

    DO not believe the governments on this issue they have to much to loose and new identities and lives are like making toast in the morning compared to us.

  • Sandy

    To Lizzy. Don’t worry his family has been through this many times. Feel for the victims and their families not the killers as in most cases it’s the families who have helped to create a killer and deserve time out also.

  • Sandy

    I think SuzANNE Dante and ANNE Thompson will have allot to talk about in the future

  • Mark

    Annaretta, to answer your question. The West were advised not to comment on a previous matter allegedly involving Arthurs in WA. Anything that would enable someone to form the view that an accused person has been charged previously with a similar offence, constitutes a contempt of court and publication of any such statement could jeopardise the prosecution of the present matter. So they didn’t comment on why the spoke to Arthurs.

    The next day they commented on the rumours regarding the possibility of Arthurs being Thompson. Two different and seperate matters.

    It is interesting that the Australian newspaper did comment on the other alleged matter in WA.

    Arthurs future now will be rightly decided by the Courts. However, despite what some people may think. Arthurs is not and has never been Thompson. The people who push these and other conspiracy theories/rumours do it for their own amusement. They are similar to the IT geeks who send our compuer viruses. They think they are clever, they enjoy the reaction and their destruction. But they are sad, often lonely people or at best only supported by a group with similar ideology. They really need help and should seek counselling.

    Of course there is always a little bit of truth in the emails they send, otherwise we wouldn’t get sucked in.

    I am not sure what Sandy’s game is. Perhaps she just enjoys the banter? Statements like the Police knew it was Thompson, are not only without any foundation, they are defamatory.

    Denise Fergus has (despite having to deal with her personal grief) been a strong anti-crime advocate. Only last month she attended a conference to improve sentencing laws in the UK. I can assure anyone reading this, that if she thought for one moment Arthurs was Thompson, you’d be hearing about it.
    She has already made a statement to the effect that she herself is upset to hear about this rumour.

  • Dan

    Denise Fergus would have had her “trap” well and truly shut after tracking down Thompson in 2003/04. She would be the last person from whom confirmation of the theory would come as the establishment were none too impressed with her actions, in particular when it is very plausible that thompson would have required relocation and a new identity.

    Mark, you come across as someone with something to lose if this doesn’t go the way you want it to. This IT geek “rumour” has for some unknown reason, caught the attention of certain members of the Western Australian parliament. As much as you’re hoping that it is a hoax, I’m afraid that since members of parliament are seemingly very willing to push this issue, they must be extremely confident that there is a lot more to this than the public know. And I can guarantee you that they wouldn’t be going out of their way to be made look like conspiracy freaks unless they had some very concrete evidence (which they would) to support their “meddling”.

  • broadsword

    well i see mark is still quoting the tabloids and no matter what we say he has a quote. well said sandy.
    justice for JAMES, justice for SOFIA.

  • Mark

    The only interest being shown by Politicians is in relation to questions raised recently in Parliament. These were: Can the Attorney General confirm that an individual named Dante Arthurs was charged last year with an offence? Is it it the case that the charge was subsequently dropped by the DPP? and will the Attorney General give a full explanation of these events to the public of Western Australia?

    The responsible Minister in Parliament, the Minister of Police, later went onto say in Parliament: “The Western Australian Police have been made aware of many unsubstantiated rumours being generated concerning the character of Dante Arthurs who is presently charged with the wilful murder of Sofia Rodriguez Urrutia Shu. Inquiries made by the Western Australian Police have failed to substantiate the rumours. The rumours are speculative and without ground”.

    Please don’t try to fool people into believing that WA Parliamentarians believe the rumours.

  • broadsword

    those statements were made only hours after the crime they had no way of investigating into dante’s back ground to compare prints ,photos etc, etc and they did say unsubstaniated rumours.

  • broadsword

    those statements were made only hours after the crime they had no way of investigating into dante’s back ground to compare prints ,photos etc, etc and they did say unsubstaniated rumours.

  • Annaretta

    One year ago ‘The West’ were questioning Dante Arthurs over the rumour that he was in fact one of the boys involved in the Bulger crime. They were not questioning him specifically over the previous allegation of sexual assault. The very next day they printed their story about their reason for interviewing him.

    Why were they bound by the law the day prior, to reveal this, when the following day they published the story that the day before they were unable to, by law.

    I’m interested to know Mark, why you continue to try and vetoe every single issue raised here. Can you pleae tell us where Dante Arthurs completed his schooling before he went to England in 1992/93? This is one small fact that, if proven to be true, would allow for more research about his past. Why can’t these details be revealed if he is who he says he is. I’d also like to know what school he attended in the UK as a teenager. Can you offer these facts as well please.

  • We can all see that there is a conection here if you can’t then there is something wrong with your perceptions of the world.

    If polliticians had their way there would not be free speech forums like this. Of course comments here can be seen as provocative or rumors or whatever way you wish to percieve them. But in all rumours lies residual facts, once you filter the water it becomes pure. And i know that at this moment all around the world the filters are working and the truth shall be filtered from rumour. There is no way that anyone can provide evidence to deny the link between Arthurs and one of the Bulger killers. And of course no one can provide evidence to prove it either. So lets keep pouring water into the filter so the facts of truth can seperated from rumours and the truth will be left for all to see.

  • Sandy

    To Mark,

    Do not presume to know me and put me into any group label of your choice such as IT or you yourself will face Defamation charges. This site is put here for freedom of speach and if you don’t like something then don’t log on. I am entitled after 12 years researching James Bulgers case to say what ever I want without some mungbean making statements like that. Your a fool.

    As for Denise yes she did say that she was sorry to hear about Dante’s conection to Thompson????????????Well yeah wasn’t she just and she also stated that until they show Thompson it will continue to be the case. If you want to state something state the whole story, speaking of that isn’t it funny she never actually said “it’s not Thompson” she did do that for Venables however when a boy was mistaken for being him. Denise is bound and can not confirm and yet she said nothing to say it was not him.

    Wow Mark throw it at me because you full of it.

    P.S don’t ever mention me like you did before or anyone else for that matter opions are free on this site.

  • Mark

    Annaretta, you misunderstand, I know that the West raised the issue of the rumour with the Arthurs a year ago. however, it wasn’t the rumour that they were restricted from discussing. It was the alleged case in WA that led to the rumour in the first place. I hope that makes it clearer for you. There were basically two rumours. One that started a year of so ago and the recent one. As the West explained, ” After his arrest on Tuesday morning, a frenzy of emails, letters and phone calls swept across Australia reigniting the rumours about Arthu’s background.” Note the word, reigniting.

    Broadsworld, nothing has changed regarding the Political situation. If anything the information the Police Minister initially gave was confirmed later by further evidence as has been reported in the press.

    Sandy, I spoke generally about people who push this type of rumour. You chose to believe I am speaking about you. Your choice. You can say what you like, but expect to be challenged if I or others think it’s untrue.

    Take for example your comment, ” If you want to say something state the whole story”. You say that because you believe I have missed out something Denise said and then go on yourself to state that she said, that until they show Thompson it will continue to be the case. Not true. She said, “that such stories would continue unless Thompson and Venables were put back into custody”. Hardly something she would say if she already knew one of them was in custody.

    Sandy, you need to deal with your anger management issues and keep on track if we are going to take you seriously.

    Annaretta, I am not trying to vetoe every single issue raised here. Wrong choice of words, vetoe, but I get what you mean. I am simply trying to ensure there is a healthy debate on this issue that is not one sided. Also to correct misinformation. A search of the majority of the sites around discussing this issue, have now basically gone dead and/or realise the rumours are false (in relation to Arthurs being Thompson) or are awaiting the outcome of the trial before commenting further.

    This site has still got a bunch pushing the matter for whatever hidden agenda. But basically, the debate is pretty well over.

    In relation to the Schools, this has been raised before. If anyone is really keen, hire a UK PI firm and ask them to make some inquiries in Leatherhead, Surrey working back from 2002. It won’t be too hard to get what you need.

  • Dan

    The debate is far from over, as much as you desire it to be. Once the trial is over, the media are going to go into a frenzy over this just as they were before they had a muzzle placed on them by McGinty and the DPP crying “fair trial”. That is biggest load of bullshit peddled so far in the this affair. This isn’t the 1950’s. Forensics have come a fair way since then. Basically, they either have the physical evidence to convict him or they don’t and without going into detail, the nature of the crime would mean they would have it in spades, along with the witnesses in the shopping centre where the moron worked. The jury is redundant in this case. It is a forgone conclusion one way or the other, unless anyone can explain to the contrary.

  • Dan

    Why would we bother to investigate his “history” in the UK when all that is needed is to establish his history in Perth – you know, that time between the birth notice in the paper and 1993? That information is readily available and if it isn’t made public immediately following the trial, watch the government go down in flames.

  • Mark

    Dan, No harm in investigating both. However, as Thompson was imprisoned between 1993 and 2001 it follows that if Arthurs was in School, employed, etc in UK during the same time, they are obviously not the same person.

  • Dan

    It also follows that if he was in Perth pre 93 then he could not have been in Liverpool.

  • I don’t think he was anywhere but in jail in the UK and then slipped into our society to committ demonic crimes at his will with full protection of an injunction ever linking him to any other crime.Because any media outlet, internet site, or any form of media communication that intentionally allows publication of information resulting in the whereabouts and or identity of either of the two Bulger killers shall have all their UK assets frozen and shall be persued by the British govenment with the prospect of charges being laid against the directors, editors etc and so on…..

    So lets not kid ourselves the link will not now or ever be made and it shall become another Urban Legend……..

  • Dan

    Concerned, that is why confirmation must come via official channels, in this case, the WA government. All that is required is for enough people, in particular residents of Perth, to flat-out demand the release of all details pertainent to proving conclusively that he is whom authorities claim he is. All we need is school of attendence. Students and teachers whom had contact with arthurs during the time of his claimed attendance can be located with ease for verification of this claim. The media will be reporting on the demand for information emanating from the population. They will not be able to ignore it forever. However, I agree with the media remaining silent on the issue until the bastard has been sentenced so that any loopholes leading to the call of mistrial are firmly closed.

    I can wait until then. This won’t be forgotten.

  • Sandy

    Mark , don;t even tread waters u don’t know the depth.
    Anger mangement, Wow if you only knew to the depths I want these bastards strung, anger managment HA HA HA YES I HAVE anger for two bastards that battered a defenisless baby to to death yeah a bit shattered, pissed off WHAT THE F-CK do you expect.

    ARE you a supporter of those who batter innocent people / babies ? don’t answer you already did.

  • Mark

    Interesting article in the UK Sunday Times today, entitled, “Without trace”. Its for people who are interested in dealing with this subject rationally and not going off on tangents. Find it on timesonline.co.uk, dated July 23, 2006.

    Sandy, there are people who can help you.

    It always suprises me when someone is murdered, there is always this uproar about how bad murder is and then in the next breath, people say they want to personally kill the murderers.

    However, I personally have no sympathy for either, Venables, Thompson or Arthurs. I simply don’t believe that Venables or Thompson (or whatever names they are now using) are in Australia or anywhere else apart from the UK and that is the point I have been making on this site.

  • Dan

    What does that article say that you think people researching the matter haven’t already read, Mark?

    OK, you’ve made your point and you have given all the evidence that you have to support your argument. Your evidence is basically parroting whatever the Australian and UK governments have said. Of course, they have no vested interest in ensuring the false identity of an individual that was released at the behest of the spineless euro socialist brigade is never revealed. It would be utterly “irrational” to contemplate them lying to us about something like this. Wouldn’t it, Mark?

  • Sandy

    Yes their is people that can help me in my aim for justice Mark but unfortunatley there is nobody to help people like you.

    Maybe you should sit back and take your own advise an stop putting people down for their opinions, nobody was getting irritated until you entred this site and started abusing the forum uses personally.

    We are all entitled to make comments but do not attack people because unlike you we have freedom of speach and internet privileges and don’t have to reach for such tactics , we instead send photos and information between our fellow Australians and it is this knowledge that makes us stronger and more confident that we will get justice for James and Sofia.

  • Mark

    Sandy, I have not attacked anyone. I have made some informed comments about the type of people who spread these conspiracy rumours. I have also suggested you may need some assistance because of your aggressiveness. You talk about free speech, but would deny me that right.

    Your’re the one that called me a mungbeam, a fool and also said, “Wow throw it at me Mark, because your full of it!”

    You’ve also suggested that I support baby killers.

    As I suggested earlier, if your’e to be taken seriously, you need to stay on track.

    Start providing this information that supposedly proves ARTHURS is THOMPSON. Start answering the questions I raised regarding who his family is really is?

    You suggested they (whoever they might be) changed the computer records of the West at the library. How did they change the hardcopies of the paper that are still around or the microfishe. Do they know how to time travel and are they also concealing this from us. I want details Sandy and you seem to have all the answers.

  • Angle

    Yes Mark what ever you say get off the forum you obviously have other motives than to get justice for james.

    Informed comments is that was abuse is called these days?

    And stop presuming to know mw or comment on me that is any way personal on this site as your only right on this forum is to support James not badgger

  • Sandy

    This is quote from THE AUSTRALIAN JULY 7th 2006

    THE toilets where eight-year-old Sifia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu was killed last week was a hangout for gay men cruising for sex.

    On Friday, the livingston Marketplace shopping centre in Perth’s southern outskirts was taken off the Canadian-based website, squuirt.org, which is promoted as “the dating site that caters to the sex pig”

    The Livingston centre toilets were listed among thousands of other family-friendly areas across Australia, which ranked for their “crusing quality”, regarding how easy it is to have sex without getting caught.

    According to the site, there are two peepholes in the middle cubicle.
    “Make some movement and let the guy in the other cubicle know it’s on for a show” the site listing says .

    One member’s posting on the site last month said he “had a hot time in there during the week with a guy”.

    Was he waiting for a gay lover that he never new that didn’t arrive?????????????????????????????????

  • Sandy

    Wow, I’ll bet you in the UK didn’t get to see that report which is more in depth THE AUSTRALIAN JULY 7TH 2006 THOSE THAT DON’T BELIEVE………

  • Mark

    part of comment deleted by editor

    Guys you are so transparent. The change of names, posting on multiple sites, all with the same aim of keeping this ridiculous game going.

  • broadsword

    all that stuff about livngstone being a gay hang out for sex is ALL BULL SHIT made up to throw people off arthurs what a load off crap. and i must say there is a FAMILY TOILET there aswell have any of you actually been there
    but that is getting off track. mark that article you quoted from the sunday times uk has clues all the way through it for 1 if arthurs has a scar on his neck then with out a dout then he is thompson only the goverment or some one that knows him can come forward and say if he has or not .

  • Mark

    Broadsword, the journalist that wrote the article, David James Smith is the author of “Fatal Innocence”, the Crime that shocked the World. It is one of the leading books on the James Bulger murder. David has kept up to date with Venables and Thompsons progress since their release, hence the article. He has good sources and as you can see from the ending of his article, discounts the Australian murder scenario, which he describes as a phoney story.

  • Dan

    If it’s a game then it has well and truly sucked you in, Mark.

  • This will save you all time this is the direct link to the article in the Sunday Times UK…


  • Mark

    No Dan, I think that chap Marlon’s the real sucker.

  • Dan

    You acknowledge he’s a sucker yet you’re attempts to silence him on such a “silly” issue have been so earnest. What are you afraid of, Mark? Why don’t you let the “nutter” spout what he wants? It’s obviously rubbish, isn’t it? What better way to show that it’s rubbish by letting the fool embarrass himself? Why do you have to remind everyone that he is indeed embarrassing himself when it’s so patently obvious, Mark?

  • broadsword

    who is marlon?

  • Of course the author will discount the theory maybe that is what he has been placed there to do, anybody who knows the boys and where they are would reveal them to the world. If he is as you lead us to understand the leading authority on both boys that is ok. But lets say that there are people that have a sole purpose of refuting any other theory other than the boys are well balanced UK citizens and are leading wonderfully normal lives.

    This theory of being located in well balnced lives is as baseless as any other rumor. The difference is that at this present time the theory of one of the boys was placed in a society other than in the UK and has alledgedly committed a horrendous murder that does have some similarities to the crime that the boys committed has more circumstancial evidence to support it. It is to say that if there is proof either way it will put an end to all this discussion.

    PS please lets loose the nasty coments directed at other people who are at putting forward their views. I in paticular respect all angles of theories put forward and then investigate them further where possible. Lets not take constructive critiscism to heart. All views on these matters help paint a clearer picture and generate other topics of discussion.

  • Vicki

    I have just come across this site and appreciate those of you who won’t let this go. I want to know why, if all the powers that be want everyone to shut up about Arthurs being Thompson – can’t they provide the supposed evidence to the contrary and deny people’s theories, i.e. with relatives, school mates, teachers etc etc. They have done nothing to assure me or anyone I know that he isn’t Thompson. They keep mentioning that it will affect his trial – however if they provided proof he is not Thompson we would let it go. As it has been mentioned, there would be enough DNA to convict him of the current murder so any discussion of a previous connection should not affect the case in study if they have proof he is not Thompson. Simple as that.
    Why do I think it is him? I am a mother … I saw photos of Thompson as a child and the actual photo (not identikit) of him being led away and my gut told me it was the same person. That was before I read anything – so I believe in my instinct however I am still prepared to accept proof of otherwise – which has not been there to this date. The most worrying of all – that police and media had questioned him and indicated it could be Thompson BEFORE he murdered the little girl.
    I am not going to quote stories, articles, theories or anything else I can not prove but I want to know why those who knew him as Arthurs all his life have not come forward to confirm this.

  • Sandy

    First to Mark, you are truley the idiot as per your statement above on trying to make out your a long lost decetive or what ever if you stop for a minute and think before you type your brain just may have a chance to kick in.
    Depending on which of the three computers I log onto at work deliverers the name allocated, I am not the only one that uses these and we all speak and then we read the other staffs comments, Sorry detective Mark but where sitting here having a laugh.

    Now onto the real issue at hand and that is to Vicki, Thank you for logging on and taking an interest in this case. Un like some we have followed James case for many years for me 10 for others I can’t confirm. The fact that all the for me 45 photos of Thompson and 9 of Dante have been blown up and matched by the best that know what they are talking about is enough. I am not going to mention everything on this site as it has got people on here to get us track and they are not privy to the reports I have. The governments will never can never admit to this because of the uproar in so many nations it would cause. It is up to people like us to prove it is and them at this stage to prove it isn’t. From the governments don’t believe it untill Denise Bulger stands infront of your TV and tells you it’s not him, believe it is. When another boy was accused of being Venables which it wasn’t it was allowed that Denise could get up on the front page of the paper and say it wasn’t him leave him alone.

    If this is Thompson they can’t make Denise do anything as the Bulger family (all) of them have an injunction on them forbidding them to release info on the killers.

    Funny that that didn’t apply when a real situation of mistaken identity acurred isn’t it. WHY? As I said Denise is it and she won’t do it if it is him because she has been realing on that this would happen he would be found and dealt with.

  • Mark

    Comment deleted by editor

  • mark

    deleted by editor<.em>

  • Sandy

    Wow Mark now that I know who you are I tell u I am disappionted to say the least.

  • Vicki

    This site was really informative to me and reassuring that people are not believing everything they are told. However when your posts attack personally the issue becomes secondary – please can we keep it as informative as possible so we stay on track. I know you might think it is pertinent to the credibility of the person posting, but it will then turn others away who may have something significant to offer.
    I don’t understand why the authorities would think that just believe there is an age or birth date difference between the ‘two’ accused that we would just say okay it’s not him; when obviously if one is given a completely new life everything would be done to protect that person and those who give the new life – birth date and age would be the first thing to go. I have spoken to someone of authority who is aware of to what lengths authorities go to ensure this works – and there will be a deterrent at every turn to ensure general public never find out.
    What still amazes me is the similarity between the two and that if this is him – he (and the authorities, I guess) went to no trouble trying to disguise him by dyeing hair, having facial hair etc – in fact he doesn’t seem to have changed much at all.
    Can I also ask – where is this site located and are you all WA, as I am?

  • broadsword

    the goverment must shitting its self because when the truth is known that they let him work in a shopping centre, around children all the time, to put him anywhere near
    children was a joke he was just a time bomb. we know its him we just have to wait now but i will not drop this i will not forget . also i wonder if the arthurs family make yearly trips to england as part of his parole. i cant see why else they would go there people imigrate from england not to england as i did in 85 and there wasnt a person in my school that didnt know we were leaving to come to perth australia it is such a major move nieghbors, teachers every one knows you are leaving so where are all his school friends neighbors etc .etc there aren’t any are there .

  • Heres a theory to ponder…

    Lets say that the parents of Dante Arthurs are not his birth parents and were placed here by the British Government many years prior to the bulger killers release to build up a history of an existence in Australia. Then when the boys are released they travel to England and return with one Dante Arthurs and commence living a normal life in Canning Vale Australia…

    However approximately 12-18 months ago the plan starts to unravell when alledgedly Dante committs a crime against a young girl in a park very close to where he is placed. But is not charged due to a lack of evidence..

    This causes the West Australian Newspaper to investigate further and leads to the question put to Arthurs ” are you a child killer ?”…

    This then puts pressure on Arthurs in the community and leads to the attack that has taken place in the shopping centre….

    This has more credibility and facts to support it than the simple it is not him because we the British and Australian Governments say it is not him

  • An extract from the West Australian

    The doctor delivered a William Arthurs not Wyndham Arthurs…

    The West Australian
    … The doctor who delivered Dante William Arthurs in a WA hospital 21 years ago has scoffed at rumours … when asked if he was Dante Wyndham Arthurs. His legal aid lawyer …thewest.com.au/20060630/news/…/tw-news-general-home-sto134562.html – 21k – Cached – More pages from this site – Save

  • Mark

    Concerned, the Arthurs were living in England between 1993 and 2002. They occupied their present house around May of 2003. Thompson was released in England around June 2001. There goes your theory.

    The word William, which should have read Wyndham in the paper, was just a typo. Ring the Chief of Staff and he will confirm.