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The stupidity of animal rights terrorism

It appears that so-called “animal rights” thugs’ targetting of scientists and attempted intimidation of investors has backfired, at least in terms of trying to win around public opinion to their cause. Well, it is true that the majority of Britons loathe such groups, but I don’t think these folk are really concerned about winning hearts and minds as so much working out their own damaged psychological problems through a “cause” that gives them a sense of power and fame. The sadness of it all is that the case for advancing animal welfare – hardly a trivial issue – gets lost in the noise. For all that I am an unapologetic meat-eater, I certainly think everything practical should be done to minimise suffering of animals. In fact, one of the great things about growing advances in the fields of biotech, genetic engineering and the like is that it reduces the need for animal testing, possibly removing it altogether.

Green terrorism is not something cooked up by science fiction. It is all too real and threatens immense damage to our economic and material wellbeing. Maybe the famously sentimental British animal-loving public are getting the point.

3 comments to The stupidity of animal rights terrorism

  • Alex

    I once watched a program called sleeping with the enemy about an animals rights protestor who had spent time in prision for his actions who went to live on a farm.

    His idea of animal rights was competlely barmy, he even cried when the farmer sheared the sheep for summer!

    i wish i could remember more but it was a while ago

  • Animal rights activists are not violent terrorists. The animal rights movement hasn’t claimed one single human life. We aren’t violent and we aren’t terrorists!

  • Sorry Elaine but clearly some animal rights activists are indeed terrorists (i.e. they cause people to feel terror to achieve their objectives). That is why support organisations like VARE exist.

    You do not have to actually kill people to be a bona fide terrorist.