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Proud to be a customer

of Lew Rothman and JR Cigars. Don’t ask me how I found this, but what’s not to like about the following?

Tobacco Crusader Waxman `Outed’ As Closet Smoker

SELMA, NC (AP): Lew Rothman, flamboyant president of the popular J.R. Cigar mail order tobacco house, today announced that Congressman Henry Waxman (D,CA) has been a steady customer for years.

“He usually buys a box of cigars about once a month,” Rothman said in a telephone interview yesterday. “But he’s a real cheapskate. Always buys the ten-dollar-a-box factory seconds, the real stinkeroos. And he never pays on time.”

Waxman, as chair of the House Subcommittee on Health and the Environment, had conducted a highly publicized campaign against the tobacco industry last year, which included televised grilling of industry executives. Thomas Bliley (R,PA), a pipe smoker, replaced Waxman as chairman of the committee in the current Congress.

Rothman says that he made the announcement now because “I’ve had it with that dried-out little creep. He owes me six hundred dollars in unpaid bills, and wants me to write it off. Called me at my home about it. At eleven at night. Woke up LaVonda [Rothman’s wife] and the kids.”

Rothman stated that Waxman “…said to make [the unpaid balance] a campaign contribution. Like I’d give a nickel to see that humorless little goniff re-elected. I’ll send a bushel of Avo pyramids to whoever beats him.”

Rothman continued, “I tried to be nice to that little hypocrite, because he is a customer and a Congressman. I even sat still while he put on that monkey trial in Washington. But this is too much. The nerve of the guy!”

Reliable sources at other mail-order cigar retailers confirmed that Waxman had been “a regular buyer, if not a particularly desirable one.”

Congressman Bliley declined to make a statement for the record, but was overheard to say, “Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”

Congressman Waxman could not be reached for comment.

From the Trenton Courier-Ledger, April 1, 1995, p. 5 col. 1

14 comments to Proud to be a customer

  • Richard Easbey

    UNBELIEVABLE. Oh, wait… we’re talking about a politician. I guess it IS believable. This would make a good addition to the book “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” when it comes out in paperback.

  • anomdebus

    The date on that report does not inspire confidence.
    Also, there is no indication that he smokes them himself. He could just give them away to people he wants to influence, but otherwise does not care personally for.

  • For after all, a woman is only a woman. But a good cigar is a smoke.

  • Raw Data

    The date (both day and year), the “don’t ask me how I found this” and the lack of credit card payment does raise a few doubts.

    Still, it’s a fabulous story.

  • Pete_London

    A most heartwarming tale and a first class example of how each and all politicians should be treated – with contempt. I think I’ll place an order.

  • Mike Lorrey

    Gee, someone should call up Barrett Arms and ask if Waxman ever tried to buy a .50 cal rifle… 🙂

  • Well, aside from the April 1 date, there is no “Trenton Courier-Ledger.”

    Still, that’s vintage Lew Rothman – exactly the kind of thing he would do and say.

    And who wouldn’t believe Rep. Henry Waxman is capable of acting like that?

  • lina

    05/09/06 FOX News Poll: Do Not Trust Iran

    quite a poll – after evrthing – Americans are no nonsense people

  • James of England

    I don’t know about the existence of the trenton courier-ledger, but there was a trenton courier, and the Trenton Times and the Star-Ledger appear to be somehow linked to each other.

    Though I’d love to believe this, I’m not sure I can.

  • al

    Sounds like something from the Onion or Scrappleface.

  • This could give hypocrisy a bad name.

  • XWL

    but what’s not to like about the following?

    For me personally, what’s not to like is that more than a decade since that piece was written Rep. Henry Waxman is still the representative in my district.

    (and when that article was published he was already in Congress for better than a decade)

    Though term limits do infringe somewhat on liberty, I still think they might be a good idea (terminal limits might be an even better idea, however).

  • Uain

    A bushel of Avo cigars?!??!!?
    Too bad I live in Vermont or I would run against the little twerp. If it is from the Onion, they got the tone of old Lew in his semi-monthly catalogue, spot on. He is in high form in the latest (special feature on Partagas on the cover).

  • I laughed so hard I almost ruined my carpet!.