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Finding Alexandria

Some wonderful photos and informative writeup here about the lost, and now found, treasures of Alexandria, which at one point ranked as one of the wonders of the world, boasting the world’s tallest lighthouse.

The photographs are outstanding. Enjoy. (Thanks to Stephen Hicks for the link. Stephen has written a fine book debunking that steaming pile of intellectual hocus known as post-modernism, incidentally.)

2 comments to Finding Alexandria

  • Nick Timms

    Fascinating. I also read the article about postmodernism and quite a bit of the Ayn Rand ethics in business piece.

    What a lucid and insightful chap Hicks is.

    We will eventually flush the anti idividual, anti business meta-context away even though we handicap ourselves by adopting civilised methods.

  • RAB

    I have recently come back from the temples of Luxor and Karnak and the Valley of the Kings.
    I was totally blown away (as I knew I would be) by the sheer scale and splendor of Ancient Egypt.
    A thought occured to me though.
    Without their fixation on religion and death, we would know little of these people. Every edifice you see is a glorification of a God or more often Pharaohs who believed themselves to be Gods.
    There is little in the way of remains to show how the ordinary people lived. Only Gods deserve granite the ancient civilisations seem to say.
    I wonder if some ancient agnostic civilisation we have never heard of, that were even more smart than the Egyptians, existed, but we’ll never know about because their egos and building materials were of a smaller scale.