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The job opportunity I have been waiting for

This vacancy should send my career into orbit!

6 comments to The job opportunity I have been waiting for

  • Robert

    All Your Search Are Belong To Us!

  • permanent expat

    Blair & crew should hasten to apply………..
    On second thoughts, better not; at least let’s try to keep the Moon unpolluted.

  • Hay, I’m up for it. Surely they need a janitor!

  • Laugh? I now need a lung transplant… which the doctors say will slow down my training for this job, but then again I have until late 2006 to apply, so here’s all twelve fingers crossed. Googlunarplex here I come! Yay mankind!

  • Uain

    Hmmm, popularity warping……

    Seems like all the Sci-Fi shows show that warping of the Space-Time fabric tends to reduce things such as time to travel from Point A to Point B.
    Using this as a basis of understanding, could this imply that popularity warping would result in *reduced* popularity and therefore *fewer* dates for engineers?

  • spruance

    Hey, de-oxygenized, that sounds like such a lukewarm affair as de-coffeinated coffee! In the end it will turn out as being only half-way on the moon, how boring!