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Chirac: Corrupt and ignorant

Not only is Jacques Chirac, no matter what he thinks and says, NOT funding a French ‘Google killer,’ he “doesn’t even know what a mouse is”. And that comes directly from a guy who is a partner in the French non-‘Google killer’. Search expert John Battelle interviewed the guy, Francois Bourdoncle, and writes:

So what is [Chirac] funding? Well, according to Bourdoncle, there will be no single Quaero site. Instead, Quaero is a program, a long term effort to spur various European competitors toward creating better search related technologies. Participants will share R&D, for example, as well as become each other’s customers. In other words, this is a government funded attempt at pulling together a keiretsu of sorts.

Not exactly a European Google killer, I commented. Nope, Bourdoncle responded, and attempting to do that would be a pretty stupid move. I couldn’t agree more. Sounds to me, I thought to myself, that Quaero is simply a way for huge companies like Thompson to insure a steady flow of dollars from its government, and if using the Big Google Is Going to Kill European Culture meme helps along the way, so be it. Before I could even mention that idea, Bourdoncle addressed it head on, saying he was sure folks might see it that way, and he was not one to say if it was true or not. “I’m not really sure what (Thompson’s) strategy is,” he said. “They don’t tell me that.” Sounds like the keiretsu is shaping up nicely, no?

4 comments to Chirac: Corrupt and ignorant

  • rosignol

    Creating a keiretsu, eh?

    Is the man completely oblivious to what’s been going on in Japan for the last decade?

  • Brian

    Another gang of worthless freeloaders sponging off…guess who? Funded by the Union of European Socialist Republics, doubtless.

    Who needs Google anyway? There are plenty of others to choose from (even without the beloved Fwench Government’s help).

  • The question is not, does Chirac know what a mouse is, but rather, how big is his cut in this scheme?

  • I’ve always wanted to say this, and now that I’ve returned from France, and am covered by the First Amendment again, I can:

    Chirac est un ver.