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Didn’t see that one coming

Actorist Susan Sarandon is in negotiations to play Cindy Sheehan in an upcoming telemovie portraying the latter’s life.

(Via Drudge)

36 comments to Didn’t see that one coming

  • Shaun Bourke

    And to be called ‘The Natural’

  • Julian Taylor

    Just please God/Hollywood don’t let Whoopi Goldberg play Condoleezza Rice ..

    I liked the usual Sarandon hypocrisy of,

    As my neck starts to go, I’d be tempted to (have plastic surgery),” Sarandon confesses

    Which is promptly followed by (on Hillary Clinton),

    What America is looking for is authentic people …

  • Will barf-bags be included in the price of the movie ticket?

  • Dave Moran

    I guess that role is the movie equivalent of what the IT industry calls a “Career Limiting Move”.

  • Verity

    No, James Waterton, we didn’t see it coming. BUT, if anyone had posed the question: “Who do you think will be offered the role of Moonbat Sheehan in a new movie?” I think most people here would have said, “Uh … Susan Sarandon?”

  • mrp

    Will Susan wear a fat suit or will she pack it on naturally?

  • Verity

    They should get Jim Carrey to play George Bush, and he can act really c-r-r-r-a-a-a-z-z-y!

    Who are they going to get to play Jesse Jackson? I saw a photograph of her hugging and kissing him and for the first time in his life, he turned his face away from the camera. Anthony Hopkins for Donald Rumsfeld.

  • Oh, I saw a horrible photo of Sheehan and Jackson. Sort of shot that causes damage only years of therapy can undo.

    In fact, here’s a link to the photo…look at the stony face on the Reverend!

  • Nick M

    Michael Moore as fat, opinionated tosser who never listens to anybody. He’d be a natural.

    A while back Verity brought up the idea that Gordon Brown looks like he smells. MM looks a definite tramp’s mate to me.

    George Clooney as Saddam Hussein? Not sure about Uday and Queasy. And would they need to cast someone as Blair?

  • Verity

    James Waterton – Yes! That’s the photo I was referring to! That’s the first time in my life I’ve ever felt sorry for Jesse Jackson. He looks as though he wants the sidewalk to open up.

  • Nick M

    james checked out the Jesse Jackson shot. I think he looks increasingly like a blacked-up George Galloway.

  • Pete_London

    Oh John Malkovich for Bush, cranking up the evil to 11. As he’s idealogically sound too I think he’d relish it.

  • Verity

    Speaking of ideologically sound, Pete_London, we need to find a spot for Bruce Willis. Head of Gitmo played as a swivel-eyed sadist?

    For the panties-on-the-head shots in Gitmo, we could get some British MPs, who’d do it for free.

  • David Crawford

    Yeah, you people laugh but come March, 2008, and this movie is walking away with five or six academy awards — including best picture. Doesn’t matter how crappy the movie is, it hits all the lefty buttons, therefore it’s a given that it’s the best picture. Especially if it’s up against a soap opera, I mean weepy romancer, I mean life-changing drama about two gay lumberjacks in love.

  • James


    Why the bitterness towards someone who is, quite rightly, angry that their child is dead?

  • Verity

    James – Bitterness? What a strange choice of words. I don’t know the woman and I have no contact with the war in Iraq. Why would I be bitter about her? You would need to be much more skillful if you were tying to be emotive. I believe contempt is the word you are looking for.

    I am utterly contemptuous of this loathesome woman because she has dishonoured her son with her noisy selfishness. Her son completed one tour of duty honourably. He then went ahead and signed up for a second tour. Meaning, he was an adult and was clear in his own mind that what he was doing was worth the risk of dying for.

    His decision – which, doubtless, she opposed with great vigour – was his own decision, as a thinking adult. Is she saying he was feeble-minded and didn’t know what he was committing to?

    Futher, this man volunteered for dangerous action. No one sent him into the thick of it against his will. He volunteered and signed his name for it.

    How dare this woman make an international fool of herself in his name! She should be proud of him. It must be unbelievably painful, but her son had a strong moral compass and he did what he believed was right, knowing the risks. To make his death into such a circus is chilling and tells me (and everyone else) that the woman’s off her rocker and would be whimpering in a corner of a mental ward if the Left hadn’t taken her up.

    She makes me sick. Being played by Susan Sarandon isn’t punishment enough for her.

  • Nick M

    His decision – which, doubtless, she opposed with great vigour – was his own decision, as a thinking adult. Is she saying he was feeble-minded and didn’t know what he was committing to?

    Hmm? Do we know that? If she did oppose her son going back for a second tour that would make her less unpleasant than if she only started objecting after she lost him. It would show some moral consistency at least.

    There is a further point here. Lots of parents seem to have forgotten what the army is for. I bet Mrs Sheehan was proud as hell when her son passed out of training marching smartly in his nice dress uniform. I bet she was quite pleased to hear that he was being trained as a mechanic and that that would be useful for him after he left the military.

    Of course, there is a price to be paid for all of this and unfortunately, Spc Sheehan had to pick up the tab this time.

  • Verity

    Nick M – No, obviously I don’t know that she opposed him signing up for a second tour, or opposed him signing up for the front line – but she seems to be a very controlling person. As a mother, she sounds positively terrifying. Her son was an adult. He made an adult decision to do what he believed was right. Surely she should have honoured him and been proud of him, rather than making a spectacle of herself camping in a ditch in Crawford? And being hailed by the Lefties who are opposed to the war her son chose, as an adult, to fight in? I think she’s disgusting.

    Anyway, the movie will fail at the box office because her 15 minutes are up. By the time the movie comes out, no one will remember who she was.

  • James

    No, I think I was right with my first choice of word. Bitter.

    Regardless of the choice made by her son, I think if my child had been sent to war under false pretenses, fallen for the bullshit, felt compelled to serve some more and then been killed, I’d be a bit pissed off too.

    I don’t understand why she isn’t allowed to be angry?

    Is Reg Keys also a ‘moonbat’ for his actions?

  • Verity

    James – you seem to be confused. Cindy Sheehan is bitter. I am contemptuous.

    She could be privately angry with the whole set up. But to dishonour her son’s decisions with such a completely incontinent display is, I believe, inexcusable. Her son was an adult.

    By the way, her husband scarpered. Who could live with such mad intensity?

    I have no idea who Reg Keys is and I’m not going to look him up. This is a circular argument. There is something neat and fitting about moonbat Sarandon playing moonbat Sheehan, though.

  • Millard Foolmore

    Never mind Cindy, when is the new conservative cinema going to make the long-awaited ‘Saving Private Jessica’? With Britney Spears as the little gal who single-handedly fought off a pack of evil Eye-rackis till she fell unconscious and suffered the torments of the damned in a Saddam torture clinic, before being rescued by a squad of fighting marines led by Bruce Willis. Featuring Gary Oldman as the token member of Her Majesty’s finest.

    Oh no, wait a minute, Some script problems, something to do with actual facts getting in the way. Better hire Joe Esterhazy to polish it.

  • Millie Woods

    Many years ago there was a TV sitcom called Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed was a horse but – and as my compatriot Anna Russell would say I’m not making this up – Cindy Sheehan looks exactly like Mr. Ed. Honest, cross my heart. If you put Cindy’s photo next to Mr. Ed’s they would look like the separated at birth twins feature Spy magazine used to run.

  • Mark McGilvray

    I am regretably not surprised. I am however apalled. Vote with your wallets

  • Jewels (AKA Julian)

    Actually, if you want the severely creepy meter to get pegged, Christopher Walkin as GWB.

  • Sandy P

    james, you’re just like Sheehan.

    Your child is an adult and you hoped you raised said child w/common sense.

    He chose it.

    And she threatened to run him over w/her car if he re-upped, IIRC.

    This, like Iran, NorK and Nam domestically are unfinished biz. All biting US in the rear at the same time. Should have finished it in 1991.

  • James

    Thank you Sandy P; you’re so kind!

  • Mike Lorrey

    a) Cindy’s son was not a child
    b) Cindy’s son was not a child
    c) Cindy’s son was not a child….

    Now that we have that fact firmly established, I would say that Cindy’s performance ranks up there with, say Zacharias Moussaui’s mother continuing to insist her son was never a member of al Qaeda, despite his assertions to the contrary. Absurd, but on a par with Saddam’s first statement from his spider hole when he was captured: “I am prepared to negotiate.”

    Is the moonbat left in the anglosphere allied with the islamofascists because they have a similar cognitive disconnect from reality?

    This all being said, I have to say that Susan Sarandon playing Cindy Sheehan is as absurd a casting as having Hugh Grant play Prince Charles, at least on an appearance basis. When it comes to a total disconnect from reality, I’d say Sarandon is a spot-on choice. If they could find someone with Sarandon’s POV and Neil Young’s looks, they’d have Cindy Sheehan.

  • Verity

    SandyP brings in good points. This woman raised her kid. Unfortunately for her, he grew up to be an adult and not a permanent child dependent on Mommy’s instruction.

    This young man followed his conscience, despite the incredible pressure put on him by his mother. He followed his moral compass. He thought fighting in this war was the right thing to do. And he put his life, not just his mouth, on the line. All those who don’t agree must nevertheless respect his decision as a thinking adult.

    He signed up for a second tour. He then signed up to go to the front lines.

    Cindy Sheehan didn’t want to raise a thinking adult. She wanted to raise a puppet to speak her own warped script and further her personal agenda. When she realised her adult child had a mind of his own, she threatened to kill him. Such was the off-kilter emotional intensity in that house, her husband got the hell out.

    This is your heroine?

  • chuck

    which, doubtless, she opposed with great vigour

    IIRC, she threatened to run him down with the family car. A mother’s love knows no bounds.

  • I think if my child had been sent to war under false pretenses, fallen for the bullshit, felt compelled to serve some more and then been killed, I’d be a bit pissed off too.

    Crazy Cindy’s son wasn’t “sent to war” he chose to go.

    And since he did so twice it’s safe to assume that he thought it was worth it.

    Yes, it means you can sit on your “false pretenses” mantra, as well as your “felt compelled” nonsense; you may “feel compelled” to get a new haircut over a TV ad, but people don’t put their lives on the line (once or twice) on such basis, no matter what you can think of their reasons.

    So who the hell are you to question a fallen soldier’s choice and play down his motives anyway?

  • Verity

    Well said, the Diss! Who the hell are you, or Mama Moonbat, to question a fallen soldier’s choice? This man not only volunteered twice, but he further volunteered to be sent into danger during his second tour. Surely this tells us that this young man knew his own mind and was doing what he believed to be right. This young man’s honour cannot be torn down by his disgraceful mother.

    How dare she try to trash his sacrifice?

  • Midwesterner

    Cindy Sheehan = postmortem Munchausen by proxy ?

  • Verity

    Good observation, Midwesterner.

    But she tried to stop him from signing up in the first place. She is a total moonbat and a pawn of the left.

  • Kim du Toit

    The plain fact of the matter is that even without using her son’s death for political motives, Cindy Sheehan has always been a vocal and very loud supporter of socialism.

    Rancid bitch.

  • Verity

    What Kim du Toit said with such elegant understatement.