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The Irish ‘bogosphere’ covers the ‘festivities’ in Dublin

Slugger O’Toole has a picture and a round up of links of what the ‘bogosphere’ is saying if you are interesting in what happened in Dublin.

8 comments to The Irish ‘bogosphere’ covers the ‘festivities’ in Dublin

  • and so has A TANGLED WEB….Slugger is an excellent site but it is not the ONLY site that provides comprehensive coverage of such events.

  • James

    I’ve only just found out about this on Instapundit.

    Just had to point out, as an Irishman living in the U.S. that obviously this has nothing to do with the vast, vast majority or people in the Republic who have NOTHING TO DO with these types of scumbags. This is not endorsed or supported by anyone of decency and civility in my home city.

    Of course, the “Skanger” element in the city that is too stupid to know any better happily got itself roped into acting like complete animals alongside a group of malicious fascists (some of which have turned out to not be Irish – although I’ve not yet found out where they were actually from). Some of the photos show Palestinian flags also. Looks like a “Republican”/Anti-globo mix to me. Bastards one and all.

    These are exactly the same kinds of teenage maggots I spent many a time “persuading” to get off my garden walls back in Dublin. These bastards deserve holes in the head, and only a lack of the requisite tool prevented me from obliging on more than one occasion.

    Dublin has the crime problem of any big city, but you can (or should) be able to march or protest down any street so long as you are peaceful. Whatever the “Love Ulster” march would have been about, the rioters in no way expressed anything near the consensus opinion of the people of Dublin or Ireland. These fuckers have no excuse for what they did on the streets of my home city.

    And for those who were planning on travelling to Dublin in the future, this is NOT something that happens on our streets. We have crime, but Dubliners DO NOT behave this way. This just doesn’t happen in Dublin.

    A painful blistering rectal pox on every last one of the toerags. I’m too furious to think straight right now.

  • Perry,

    I had a quick look on the blog, but I can’t find anything on tonight’s Dispatches (Channel Four, 8pm). Presented by Peter Hitchens’ Stealing Our Freedom promises to examine “how the recent avalanche of security legislation has affected the civil liberties of ordinary people in Britain.”


    Apologies if you have mentioned it already.

  • foreign devil

    Music by Shaun MacGowan! ,>

  • shane mcgowan

    Shurely you mean me, whaddya mean your names not Shurely?

  • gravid

    I found it astounding that the “Love Ulster” campaign had a march in Dublin. I heard that an MP ( J Donaldson – separated at birth from Daniel O’Donnell) quoted civil rights as one of their reasons for marching. In a foreign state??? Why don’t they fly to mecca and try it there too. I live in Ulster and love it but this march was just another part of the bullshit that has been propagated ad infinitum in my lifetime. Things will never change as long as those on “either side” -those that are in the minority I might add – continue with the propagation of hate.

  • So, a parade by those who have lost family and friends to the IRA us the propagation of hate. Tell you what, come over to A TANGLED WEB and we’ll put you straight.

  • Paul Marks

    The facts are simple (and reported by the “Economist” journal today).

    The march had been agreed with the Republic of Ireland authorities and was to test the rights to freedom of speeh and protest under the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland.

    Many of the people who were to march were relatives of people murdered by the I.R.A.

    The march did not take place because of a vast “Republican” riot in Dublin.

    The “respect to the Unionist tradtition” offered by Irish “Republicans” is thus shown to be a hollow sham.

    Any “united Ireland” could only mean the destruction of the Unionists (just as those Unionists who stayed in the south after the counties in the south broke away from the rest of the British Isles) were destroyed over time (many just driven out – even if they were not Protestants).

    So even though the march did not take place the point was made.

    It is also worth remembering that there has never been a “united Ireland” accept under the British Crown.

    No “High King” of Ireland before 1170 ruled the whole island – which was divided into at least five kingdoms.

    As for the “Scots” in Ulster – the “Scots” (of Scotland) are an Irish people and they came from Ulster.

    So it is not a matter of 17th century plantations of aliens from the planet Zog.

    By the way if everyone whose family has not been in the United States since before the 17th century had to leave (or give up all their rights and traditions – which amounts to the same thing) how many people would there be?

    On land – when are Americans going to hand back to the indians their farms and cities if four hundred years of ownership mean nothing?

    Even Jamestown (in Virginia) was only founded in 1607.

    By the way I have no blood relationship with any Protestant Irishmen.

    As my name suggests my fathers family were Russian Jewish.

    And my mother’s name was Power.