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The Dissident Frogman is taking the Mickey again

I get the impression that somewhere in France, a middle finger is being raised.

Update: It has been suggested that this be printed on a tee-shirt with the following caption…

My imam went to Mecca and all he got me was this lousy tee-shirt

My Imam went to Mecca and all he got me was this lousy Tee-shirt

Sorry, I just had to share that smiley_laugh.gif

38 comments to The Dissident Frogman is taking the Mickey again

  • Outstanding! This chap is a daily read for me these days.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

  • Joshua

    Dissident rocks!

    I know he’s getting tired of hearing this – but he REALLY needs to start a T-shirt biz. I would personally buy a shirt based on his “Support Denmark” graphic hours after they were released.

    Dissident – you’re cheating yourself out of easy profits here!

  • Joshua, I agree with you about the T-shirt biz. All he needs to do is use Cafepress.com: upload his graphics, and apply them to their stock of standard T-shirts and mugs. I’d love to have some of the Denmark mugs.

  • Nope, Cafe Press refused to allow him to sell Guevera satire related items.

  • James

    His raised middle finger somewhere in France might be visible, but his domain name certainly isn’t 😉

  • The link works fine for me, James.

  • James

    How odd.

    I was being told that it could not be reached a moment ago.

    Meh… It works now!

  • Alice

    Thanks Frogman. Here are two other French dilemmas. Now we know it’s vital for us not to represent M…
    Are these offensive cartoons ?



  • Julian Taylor

    Ok, can we expect someone to turn up at the next Samizdata blogger-bash dressed in a martyr’s self-checkout outfit in protest at this cartoon?

  • B's Freak

    It appears to me that the Arab world doesn’t actually read the newspapers in Europe if they think that papers like Le Monde and the Guardian would have problems with cartoons on the Holocaust, Joo oppression of the Palestinian people or occupation of Palestine. As for the US we deal with Ted Rall and Michael Moore. I put those cartoons, at worst, next to a certain photo of a crucifix in a jar full of urine. Nobody died over that one.

  • Simon Jester

    I’d like one of those T-shirts with the caption, “Rorschach Test”.

  • Julian Taylor

    Or, as a caption,

    My Imam Went To Mecca, And All He Got Me Was This T-Shirt

  • Verity

    Well, well, well … the Russians are showing themselves more appreciative of the right to free expression than any similar British or American organisations.

    From Dhimmiwatch.org:

    The director of the Sakharov Museum and Public Center, said on Russian television … “We must show the whole world that Russia goes along with Europe, that the freedom of expression is much more important for us than the dogmas of religious fanatics.”

    Read it and weep Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, the dhimmi BBC, The Boston Globe, the NY Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times and all the rest of the Anglosphere MSM.

  • Verity,
    In the UK the decision was probably commercial,many newsagents are owned by Muslim Asians.

  • Verity

    What an interesting point of view! I hadn’t thought of that!

  • fh

    Good point that man!
    never thought of that either. I wonder if the “moderate” muslims in france and demark sold the “offending” papers? It could become an interesting statistic and important indicator of their views.

  • fh,
    It would depend on the type of businesses different Muslims went into,in the UK it is principally Muslims from the Indian subcontinent who went into the corner shops/newsagents and restaurants.There may be a different pattern in say,France’s Algerian Muslims.

  • Pete_London

    If readers are buying it they’ll be selling it.

  • Verity

    I don’t agree, Pete_London. They fly into hysterics so easily. Their imams, mullahs whatever – I can’t differentiate and I’m not going to learn – tell them they’ve been insulted and off they go. They’d probably trash their own shops in their rage. God these people are stupid.

  • They’d probably trash their own shops in their rage. God these people are stupid

    Rather grotesque generalisation, don’t you think? I wonder how many muslim shopkeepers you actually know? I have always found muslim shopkeepers to be quite pragmatic capitalists myself who are willing to sell alcohol and girlie magazines just like their opposite numbers of other faiths/no faith in particular.

    I am all for stout resistance to attempts to impose their vile ways on us, Verity, but you do not help your case by coming across like a member of the BNP.

  • Verity

    Selling liquor to non-Muslims and girlie mags to non-Muslims is not an insult to their religion. They have decided that the pix of Mo were a deliberate affront. We will never know, but I am willing to bet that they wouldn’t accept those papers that published the cartoons for sale. They take all this stuff very seriously, capitalists or not. The shopkeepers in Saudi Arabia are losing money by not selling Danish cheese and dumping all the Danish products on their shelves. Stupid, huh?

    I’m not a member of the BNP and your comment that I sound like one is very insulting, but as I have no interest in your opinion of me, so what? I don’t believe I need your editorial help, however, in deciding what will “help my case”.

  • I’ve been Googling for other satirical cartoons with depictions of Mohammed, and have noticed almost immediate Islamist blogroach infestation of other blogs. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened yet with this posting on Samizdata…

  • Verity

    More non-dhimmitude! This from some NYC journalists (from Harry’s Place): (Link)

  • I’m not a member of the BNP

    I assure you I would have been rather less cordial if I thought you were.

    and your comment that I sound like one is very insulting, but as I have no interest in your opinion of me, so what?

    Because that is my opinion, hence what I wish to comment upon. I know a great many BNP members as antagonising them is almost a full time job for me and thus I know of what I speak. You do come across as one of their ill favoured brood due to your gratuitous and (above all) petty insults. I realise you will not be greatly moved by that assertion (frankly I do not much care for you either) but other commenters might see it as useful tactical advise, assuming they are trying to make their views known in such a way that people take them on board rather than just venting their spleen.

    I don’t believe I need your editorial help, however, in deciding what will “help my case”.

    You are quite incorrect but that is, of course, your prerogative. I am not your ideological enemy, I merely dislike the counter-productive way you often present your comments and as you do so copiously I thought it worth a remark or two. Respond or not as you wish but you will find me both unimpressed and unmoved by your usual invective.

  • Verity, I linked to that at the bottom of this article.

    Yes, very good to see journos willing to stick their head above the parapet

  • Verity

    Perry, I do beg your pardon! I don’t know how I missed that link.

  • It was an update so if you read the article early on, it was not there!

  • Russell, well, several much older article’s comments came to life a few days ago and we did get quite an influx of bonkers jihadis… plus a few reasonable muslim commenters too in fact.

    Such as here and particularly here

  • Verity

    Well, well, well – LGF prints this from the Egypian newspaper al Fakr, published without any consquences whatsoever, last October.

    Something rotten in the state of Denmark and methinks I smell some Danish imams. I don’t know how to import a picture, but it’s here (Link)

  • Julian Taylor

    There’s a newsagent in Knightsbridge, just in that line of useful shops before Old Brompton Road meets Fulham Road, who carries a very large number of European, Arabic and other nationalities newspapers. Among other papers he stocks are all the Danish ones, including JP, and probably all the French, German and Dutch etc. papers that carried the cartoons.

    The owner is quite a devout ‘Ugandan Asian’ Muslim who has been in the UK for over 30 years now and who runs it with his sons and grandchildren. I certainly don’t see him torching his shop in some hysterical response to one paper he sells.

  • Verity

    And what The Times and The Telegraph don’t want you to know, The Mirror bravely prints … (Link)

  • Joshua

    Oh, nice! So it’s no disrespect to print pics of “the Prophet” when you’re just reporting what some other paper did, eh? Guess CNN can run that story now…

  • Verity

    Julian Taylor, your Ugandan Asian in Knightsbridge sounds like a pretty sophisticated fellow.

    I think the Pakistanis who have corner shops wouldn’t want to accept those papers for sale for two reasons: one, they think it is an intentional insult to their leader and two, repercussions from other Asians, if they put them on the stands.

    I think Ron Brick has hit on an interesting point about the possible influence of sub-Continental shopkeepers on what the British press prints.

  • XWL

    Apologies for the self promotion, but I find it impossible to see that image and not link to this modest proposal I made in the wake of the Hajj trampling.

    They could do a lot worse than Disney (and have over and over) that’s all I’m saying. . .

    But as far as the proposed shirt, I’d be tempted to buy it.

  • Verity

    BTW, Ron Brick, regarding those retinal scans for ID cards, my cousin who works in a large Glasgow hospital told me they have seen cases where retinal scans have triggered epilepsy attacks. One of the people, aged 17, known to my cousin via a caseworker, had never had an epilectic seizure before undergoing a retinal scan in Hong Kong.

  • I am sure you can find a t-shirt manufacturer who would print those shirts. I happen to know one in West Wales would probably do them for a pretty good price.

  • “Middle finger”? In France?

    In the interests of linguistic accuracy, I must disagree.

    In France we do “le bras d’honneur” [pronounced “leu brrah donneur”], a gesture involving the placing of the left hand half-way down the forearm, whilst thrusting a closed right fist forwards and upwards. Sometimes the left arm is placed across the upper arm, and a right-arm movement similar to pumping up the biceps is performed.

    Rather than indicating F*** You with a finger, the impression is meant to be along the lines of a full-arm fisting through an orifice specially torn for that purpose.

    I hope this clarification is of some use.