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Whistleblower unjustly penalised for telling the truth

It would be fair to say that telling the truth often makes you no friends, and thus the need to protect ‘whistleblowers’ from being penalised for telling what they know is an issue that should be close to the heart of any who value truth above all else. It is often only people on the inside who can reveal the dirty deeds and malfeasance that would otherwise never come to light. Therefore when I read of a person losing their position because not only did they tell the truth, they refused to allow the truth to be forgotten, it just makes me sick as a parrot.

16 comments to Whistleblower unjustly penalised for telling the truth

  • Old Jack Tar

    Damn it. For the second time in only a few days, I have read a Samizdata article that is more (or maybe less) than meets the eye. I clicked the link all ready to be filled with righteous indignation only to hear the ghostly sound of “gotcha” in my head a few seconds later.

    Reminded me of this recent story.

  • Molly


    Hell, I’d take him in a second!

  • Winger

    Ziggy has nothing to squawk about. He should just give Chris the bird.

  • Verity

    The live parrot sketch.

  • permanent expat

    There is a standup comic on German TV who appears dressed as a pirate……….with a hook on his shoulder & a parrot for a hand.

  • Verity

    A hook on his shoulder … German humour is s-o-o-o heavy handed.

  • Verity

    Cor blimey, in’ ‘arf a slow day down the blog, mate.

    Every time I click over to read the latest aperçus and bon mots from the brilliant commentariat, it’s same old, same old. Even Ziggy the parrot’s more loquatious than this.

  • permanent expat

    Tried to post a comment but it was refused as possible Spam…………can’t think why. Real tough security sure does impinge on freedom.

  • permanent expat

    …………………it was only about a damned parrot.

  • Verity

    I was referring to the whole blog, permanent expat.

    I keep clicking over thinking, ‘surely things have moved by now’, but no new comments on anything. It’s beginning to feel … eerie in here.

  • permanent expat

    yes……………..that empty feeling.
    By the bye, Germans laugh at the myth that they don’t have a sense of humour.

  • Server traffic is pretty high for some reason. Perhaps we got a mention on a high volume Parrot Fanciers Forum or something like that…

  • Verity

    permanent expat – Ha ha ha ha.

  • gravid

    “I’ve got a slug round the back…?”
    Poor old Ziggy he’ll outlive them all. He must have liked his lady owner more as he imitated her. I suppose she did spend more time at home, entertaining.

  • anonymous coward

    See Apollo and his pet crow, either in Ovid or in Chaucer’s Manciple’s Tale.

  • Before you talk about whistleblowers,
    see my web site “University of Toronto Fraud”,
    See what makes the Wrong in this world, what corrupts this world – the monopolized press, the fact that nothing that a few conspiring scoundrels don’t want people to know is ever reported. I was one of the readers of Samizdat in Moscow back in 60’s. I could never guess it’s even worse with that business of freedom in the West.
    Michael Pyshnov.