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A computerized Jeeves

The Japanese are working on a robot that can operate as a butler. Hmm. If they can create a character that can talk like Stephen Fry portraying Jeeves, make the perfect gin and tonic and do my ironing, I might consider one. Second thoughts: I’d probably be irritated as hell with the thing after a while.

11 comments to A computerized Jeeves

  • Presumably, you’d be able to turn the voice off. Or change it, or something.

  • jk

    If he were to make the hangover cure that Jeeves’s clients find “invigorating after a late evening,” than I’m in.

  • Julian Taylor

    At least its a Jeeves. Imagine a cybernetic Bertie Wooster.

  • Jeeves

    jk – tomato juice on the rocks with half a jigger of vodka. A lot of lime or lemon juice. Absolutely no Worcestershire sauce under any circumstances. It’s too sweet. But Tabasco to taste. Salt and pepper. Takes two (in other words, a jigger of vodka in toto with the other ingredients in proportion) to get desired effect, but works.

    I will now shimmer out.

  • I don’t understand “sick of” and “gin” in the same paragraph.

    – Josh

  • Mmmm…tabasco sauce. Condiment of the gods.

  • Julian Taylor

    One Promet went to a complete standstill during the demonstration and had to be hung from special equipment to be recharged.

    Sounds more like the Stephen Milligan of the robot world, although without the auto-erotic asphyxiation and the self-bondage. Perhaps they might consider making a roboTory version, rather than a Jeeves?

  • Verity

    James Waterton – agreed. Tabasco sauce and lemon or lime juice squeezed over absolutely anything savory will improve it a hundredfold. Well, maybe not Marmite or Vegemite, but anything else.

  • Please don’t diss vegemite. I love vegemite.

  • Verity

    Scott – duh. So do I. I said it wouldn’t go that great with a squirt of lime juice and a dash of Tabasco sauce. I love Vegemite. What is your point?

  • I just hope the robo-butler doesn’t look anything like this.