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The best medicine

The other night, while getting better from having been rather ill (which was why I contributed so little here over Christmas), I channel-hop-watched TV.

Here were the two best things I heard on my travels up and down the channel numbers.

First, during a reshowing of an earlier Dr Who episode, a very anxious person said:

“That Dalek just absorbed the entire Internet! It knows everything!”

And the second fun snippet I heard was from a show about crumpet, i.e. nice looking and happy looking ladies with fine cleavages but not much to say for themselves in seventies comedy shows and horror movies. The unashamedly excited interviewer asked the one and only Ingrid Pitt if she ever had any reservations about taking her clothes off? Replied La Pitt:

“Only if it was cold.”

I am not yet a hundred per cent. Still coughing, alas, and with my ears afflicted by tape hiss, although the headache is largely gone. But those two snatches of chat did help me get a bit better.

TV also tells me that I am not the only one thus suffering. The cold cure adverts do not sell anything that will cure you, but they do provide definite evidence that you have only got a dose of what lots of other people have also got.

I could have had it far worse, and far scarier. Patrick Crozier was recently struck down by appendicitis. In Japan.

9 comments to The best medicine

  • rosignol

    “That Dalek just absorbed the entire Internet! It knows everything!”

    …unfortunately for that Dalek, most of it relates to picking winning stocks, buying generic /iagra online, or ‘adding up to three inches’.

  • Michael Taylor

    Here’s something to help you into the New Year: on Thursday China abolished a tax on farmers which, it’s legislators claimed, has been collected for the last 2,600 years.

    Moral? Actually, the world is moving in the right way. . .

  • RAB

    Being very non technical, I dont know how to start a thread, but there is a good leader in the Telegraph today on the 800 million quids worth of government non jobs Bliar and co have created.
    If someone would like to start one, I’m sure Verity, for one, would have a field day!

  • permanent expat

    In my Inbox today:
    “The past is a foreign country; they do things different there. (L.P.Hartley)……….and from today’s DT, “A nation of Philistines.”

  • Verity

    Did L P Hartley really say “different” rather than “differently”?

  • permanent expat

    Verity: I too was surprized but too lazy to check. That’s how it arrived in my mailbox

  • permanent expat

    I have overcome my lethargy, checked & can confirm that it should have been “differently”…….but “different” is what I received & I don’t normally mess around with received text.
    A Happy & Healthy New Year to all those who may have stumbled here.

  • Oooooh Ingrid Pitt.

    She had the best wobbly bits of any of the horror-movie screamers.

  • Internet knows everything! That would be a funny joke just a day ago. But yesterday i couldn’t find one term on the net that was very important for my course paper(