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The Bazaar and the Bizarre

A few more pictures from grimy, chaotic, interesting Istanbul…


Turkey… NATO member and on the frontline of the struggle for secularism


Hagia Sophia, now a museum, is a fitting place to ponder the fact civilisations and not just nations sometimes disappear


Perhaps the coolest place in Istanbul is a cistern, built by Justinian! It is unknown why the two statues of medusa are sideways and upside-down


The bazaars and streets are insanely busy and…


… you see the strangest things!

I must say I find the place fascinating, though my travelling companion might use rather different words.

1 comment to The Bazaar and the Bizarre

  • Paul Marks

    My guess as to why the two statues of the medusa are upside down or turned sideways is that both were taken from another structure.

    Justinian’s people did not carve them – they just said “big bits of stone – useful”.

    To turn something upside down or on its side is simply a gesture of contempt (or indifference) for such pagan things.

    At least this is better than defacing the stone work (which was sometimes done).