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Strange how exactly?


11 comments to Strange how exactly?

  • Verity

    I’ve seen signs in Texas saying “Mean Dog” and “Dog That Don’t Mind” but they’re usually hand-printed on plywood, fixed on a fence with one big nail and the apostrophe isn’t always included. These people have had a nice, professional sign done and they’ve affixed it to their wall elegantly. How interesting!

  • LOL! Did you take the picture, or did you find it on the Net?

  • Just John

    My mom had a similar sign, only in French: “Attention – Chien Bizarre”. I believe it’s a joke sign for dog-lovers who think their dog’s just a bit odd.

  • Alisa: I saw the sign in Knightsbridge in London and the sign has been there for a while by the look of it.

  • Fred

    It is the sort of sign that would cause me to get baseball bat and a lightly cooked steak, and then go looking to see why the dog is strange.

    (For the curious, either the dog is friendly and strange: and it gets a steak and you get a new friend. IT’s strange and unfriendly, it still gets a steak and you can make an rapid exit. It’s _really_ strange AND unfriendly, and ignores the steak… stand your ground, use the bat, retreat in defensive posture. If it eats the bat: Pray and see if you can run faster scared than it can angry.
    Players in non baseball regions should subsitute a cricket bat, throughout. )

  • Verity

    What is so pathetic is, dogs are so uneccentric, so unstrange that one who does one tiny different thing gets flagged by a thrilled owner as a mad, free-spirited thinker.

    No one would put up a sign saying “Warning – Strange Cat” because every cat is strange. Every cat has anarchy lurking in its furry chest. Every cat has equivocation down to a fine art. Every cat knows by instinct how to slink “lovingly” around ankles to deceive and receive tuna thereby. Every cat knows how to run up the stairs ahead of you in the pitch dark and look astonished and patronising when you turn on the light.

    In fact, to get attention, you would have to put up a sign that said “Warning – Predictable Cat”.

  • veryretired

    A predictable cat screams out for the efforts of Confuse-a-Cat.

    What I really want to know is how the people with the sign got ahold of my mother’s dog. And if they will please, please, please keep him.

  • Old Jack Tar

    How very odd indeed! I was in the Big Smoke this morning with the Mrs and was walking back along some well healed backstreet from a rather successful wallet emptying expedition to Harrods when lo and behold, what to I see in front of me, but yon sign warning of a “Strange Dog!”.

    I guess this is your part of town, eh?

  • Verity

    Old Jack Tar – and was walking back along some well healed backstreet

    Was it sick before, then?

  • OJT: my favourite Sunday lunch hangout (The appropriatly named ‘Enterprise’) is just up the street from that sign.

  • EmR

    and what exactly would happen if there was more then one of theose signs printed. What if this gredy person mass produced it in factories in china and sold it to every major outlet all over the world. .. well gee i think i saw one down here in australia the other day.. unique things are only unique till loser has the guts to copy it too..