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Markets in everything

Those smart fellows at the Marginal Revolution economics blog like to track all manner of strange and innovative ways in which Man engages in the age-old routine of truck and barter. Sport has spawned all manner of new business enterprises in recent years and now it is possible for investors to build assets by investing in the future market value of footballers.

Makes sense, really. These days football players, even quite mediocre ones – never mind great talents like Pele or George Best (RIP) – are paid enormous amounts of money in their careers. Rather like the bloodstock trade, I think. The idea of getting a financial stake in a player is also likely to bring investor pressure on players to be monitored off the field as well as on it (do we really want a potentially lucrative asset to be carousing down the pub?)

Personally, I am sticking to equities, bonds, cash and a bit of brick and mortar.

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4 comments to Markets in everything

  • Too true- Wayne Rooney might be a wonderful player but I wouldn’t care to invest a penny of my savings (if such a creature existed) in his fortunes.

  • A lot of Wisconsinites have their egos invested in Brett Favre, and I fear the depression which will hit the state when that bubble bursts.

  • RAB

    And I’m sticking to gold!
    Twice the price it was 4 years ago when our clever Chancellor Gordon sold most of ours in return for Euro’s.
    Never mind, guess who bought it?
    I’ll see you samizdata’s alright in your old age.

  • zmollusc

    Moving off topic, can anyone enlighten me as to whether it is legal to own gold in this over-regulated country? Not gold jewelry, which you buy at a premium but are only offerred scrap weight value if you sell, but a lump/bar of gold?
    Someone told me that you can only have gold if you keep it in a bank, which to my mind seems to defeat the object of buying an easily transported/hidden store of wealth. If you are buying gold, you probably don’t think much of banks.