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Help needed regarding some obscure music

I have this unusual mp3 file (mp3 file now removed to save on bandwidth) on my hard drive and I have no frikking idea where the hell I downloaded it from, what it is called or who the artist is. Does anyone out there have an idea? Please let me know if you have any clues.

It has quite a low bit-rate so I would guess it is a sampler track dumped on-line to promote a CD (so you would think the information tags would be filled in but nooooo).

Update: I have removed the mp3 file to save on bandwidth now that the question has been answered by the commentariat.

18 comments to Help needed regarding some obscure music

  • I have no idea 😛

    But while I have your attention, does anyone know where I can get vinyl of the French electro group “IT & My Computer”?

    It isn’t available anywhere online, that I can find.

    Funny that I found the group on a P2P service searching for electro. I’ve wanted to actually pay for it since, but counldn’t find it…

  • Nickler

    The song is from the opening credits to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. It’s an anime that appears on Cartoon Network late at night in the states.

  • Interesting! I was just listening to the (very different) soundtrack from Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, so that is spooky.

    Any idea who the artist is and what the track is called (maybe “opening credits”)?

  • davetheweatherman


    Yoko Kanno. I think the title is “Inner Universe”.

  • Shad

    The song is indeed (a TV edit of) the “Inner Universe” theme from the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime series, as davetheweatherman pointed out, composed by Yoko Kanno and sung by Origa.

    Congratulations on your good taste in music.

    Here are the lyrics, which I had not realized were a combination of Russian, Latin, and English. (Although I’m loathe to cite Wiki on anything controversial or political, I’ve found their gaming/anime/geek entries are usually pretty accurate and informative.)

    Inner Universe

    Ангелы и демоны кружили надо мной
    Рассекали тернии и млечные пути
    Не знает счастья только тот,
    Кто его зова понять не смог

    Налюбуйтесь, налюбуйтесь
    Aeria gloris, Aeria gloris
    Налюбуйтесь, налюбуйтесь
    Aeria gloris, aeria gloris

    I am calling, calling now
    Spirits rise and falling
    Собой остаться дольше

    Calling, calling, in the depth of longing
    Собой остаться дольше…

    Налюбуйтесь, налюбуйтесь
    Aeria gloris, aeria gloris
    Налюбуйтесь, налюбуйтесь
    Aeria gloris, aeria gloris

    Stand alone… Where was life when it had a meaning . . .
    Stand alone… Nothing’s real anymore and . . .

    Бесконечный бег…
    Пока жива, я могу стараться на лету не упасть,
    Не разучиться мечтать…любить…
    Бесконечный бег…

    Calling, calling, for the place of knowing
    There’s more than what can be linked
    Calling, calling now, never will I look away
    For what life has left for me

    Yearning, yearning, for what’s left of loving
    Собой остаться дольше…
    Calling, calling now, spirits rise and falling
    Собой остаться дольше…
    Calling, calling, in the depth of longing
    Собой остаться дольше…

    Налюбуйтесь, налюбуйтесь
    Aeria gloris, Aeria gloris
    Налюбуйтесь, налюбуйтесь
    Aeria gloris, aeria gloris

  • The best generic answer to this question is to use the tools at http://musicbrainz.org which will analyse the audio in the file and compare it to ones already indexed.

  • Some advice: if you don’t know title of song, take 3-5 words from it and google.com will help you 🙂

  • asus phreak

    Good advice John but that might have been a bit hard in this case as the lyrics were kinda hard to ‘extract’.

  • Cheers Guys! Very helpful indeed.

  • Is there any kind of search engine where you can shove in a snatch of sound and get the whole thing, plus chapter and verse? Will there ever be?

    Is there/Will there ever be a similar facility for pictures? Here’s the picture but what is it?

    Meanwhile, I am very impressed by the speed and completeness with which Perry’s question was answered, by humans.

  • I am looking forward to Ghost in the Shell II coming out on DVD. I rather liked the first one and also have Stand Alone Complex as well.

  • I picked it up when I was in the States last week: DVD & Soundtrack 🙂

  • Brian: There is a phone-up-able service called Shazam. No idea if it’s any good.

  • RAB

    Phewww! Yoko Kanno eh?
    Thank god it wasn’t Yoko Ono.
    Whose music one critic wag described as:-
    “perminently before it’s time”

  • David Shaw

    Shazam is very good. I have quite an odd taste in music and it has recognised some non mainstream tunes. It also works surprisingly well when in a noisy bar.

  • Kim du Toit

    While we have the Music Geeks in attendance… can anyone identify the classical music piece which was ripped for Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony?

  • SundogUK


    The sample is actually from an orchestral scored version of the Rolling Stones ‘The Last Time.’ The Verve got sued over it and had to sign away all their royalties in order to release it. No idea where you could find the original though…

  • Kim du Toit

    What? I grew up with the Stones’ Last Time, and I can detect absolutely no similarity between the two riffs.

    Wow. Now I have to go and listen to the two side-by-side…

    Thankee for the help.