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Update on life after Kelo

It is about three months since the dreadful ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, the Kelo ruling, authorising public authorities to grab people’s homes and businesses so that corporations – with political favours to grant, no doubt – can build big developments on the land and promise a big tax flow for the public purse. The battle is continuing to rage, even though some individual jurisdictions in the U.S. have passed laws trying to contain this monstrous use of what is called “eminent domain”.

It is well worth keeping a beady eye on this issue from here in Britain because so much of what happens in the legal and economic sphere in the U.S. tends to eventually hit our shores.

In the meantime, I continue to recommend this blog for regular updates on eminent domain, as well as the Institute for Justice, and this excellent book on property rights issues.

7 comments to Update on life after Kelo

  • Bernie

    I believe it is already happening here Jonathan. The London Olympics looks like putting a few companies out of business. You can see a piece on it here

  • btm

    Someone I know once posed the question, “do you really believe you can own land?”

    Even after I pay for my property, if I choose not to pay my taxes on that property, though I technically own the property, it is taken away. Isn’t that somewhat similar to buying a computer for $1000 cash and then having to pay the government 10 bucks a year just so they won’t take it away? Sounds like the mafia.

    Now of course is the issue that [essentially] if I don’t have enough money to purchase lawmakers or good lawyers, I can be a perfectly compliant citizen and still have my property taken away. The problem is that the governments believe that they actually own everything…but the real issue is that people allow it to perpetuate…

  • John Steele


    This one is even better

    These clowns want to seize this guy’s land and do virtually the same thing he plans to do, build townhouses — but they prefer to use their “local friendly” developer. My guess is the local guy makes better “campaign” contributions. This is New Jersey after all.

    How do you spell C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N ?

  • Julian Taylor


    Unfortunately that article is plagued by the Independent’s ‘Fisk Factor’. From what I gather very few businesses have been asked to move so far and the vast majority of some 284 companies are willing to relocate, as detailed in the LDA report of 8th September.

  • Charlie

    With all the other posts I’ve seen here about brits’ inability to protect their home from intrusion, it seems to me you already don’t own what you own.
    Just an extension of thieves’ rights to the government, local or national.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Charlie, indeed.