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Against the Government’s position, I can see no purpose in disputing that our helping to overthrow Saddam Hussein has inflamed Islamist totalitarian groups. Why deny what we should take pride in?
Oliver Kamm

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  • Pete_London


    There has been a great deal of nonsense published in the last week to the effect that an alliance with the United States can put other countries like Britain in the position of being “targeted.” Why deny this? I reflect on what was not done at Srebrenica, and on what ought to have been done in Rwanda, and on what was put off too long with the Taliban and the Baathists, and I think what an honor it is to have such enemies. Co-existence with them is not possible, which is good, because it is not desirable or tolerable, either.

    – Christopher Hitchens

  • Jake

    Wee Kim Wee, former president of Singapore said that Al Qaida’s reason for attacking us is to get us out of the Middle East.

    Once we are gone from the Middle East Al Qaida will establish a Taliban-type country that encompasses all the oil-producing nations of that region.

    That Taliban nation will then cut off the oil supply to the Western World. Millions of us will die starvation as there will be no way to transport food to the people.

    If we deny them Iraq, their plans for world domination ends. Thus for the Al Qaida, Iraq is a do or die battle.

    Wee Kim Wee says that the Western World cannot rest until every member of Al Qaida is dead. I agree.

  • Matt O'Halloran

    Jake– have you tried Ritalin?

  • Jake


    I am quoting from a Forbes article Dr Wee wrote. Perhaps you are too ignorant to know who he was. Your lack of education is clearly evident.

    “Dr Wee was President of Singapore from 1985 to 1993.

    He was known as a People’s President, displaying a genuine concern for others and a natural warmth that touched many lives. For his contributions as High Commissioner to Malaysia, a post he held for seven years, he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in 1979.

    He went on to become Ambassador to Japan and South Korea.

    After retiring from the diplomatic service in 1984, he took up a new post as Chairman of the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation.

    A year later, he became President, determined to make the Presidency as accessible as possible to ordinary Singaporeans.”

  • The Wobbly Guy

    As an aside, President Wee is dead. I had a relative who served as his military bodyguard. A very congenial old man, though his words above belie a steel core.

    The problem is, Al Qaeda is only one organization. It’s the greater pile of islamic extremist ideology that needs to be neutralised or discredited for final victory.

    The end is still a long way off.


  • TWG: Sure. That’s why it’s called “war,” rather than “Monday Night Football.” (or Brit equivalent)

    There are times when the correct response to “I/They hate you” is “thank goodness.”