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“I’ve had enough of running…It’s time to misbehave”.

“Mal” Reynolds, captain of the very excellent Serenity.

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  • I’ve finally started watching Firefly on DVD, and what an enjoyable romp it is! The captain is almost a hero from an Ayn Rand novel. My favourite quotes of his from the first episode:

    “the purpose of government is to get in a man’s way”

    “you don’t know me son, so let me explain this to you once. If I ever kill you, you’ll be awake. You’ll be facing me, and you’ll be armed.”

    It’s good to know such programmes are made (even if they are foolishly cancelled). (The link below goes to me review of the first episode. /shameless_plug )

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Rob, I could not agree more. I thought the film was brilliant – though very violent (my other half hated it!) and well worth the ticket price. I think you do have to see the DVD set first to get the best value out of the movie, though.

    What I love about the characters, such as Mal, Jayne, etc, is that they are totally credible. You empathise with them. I also enjoy the dry sense of humour and the wisecracks.

  • M4-10

    Aside from the characters and setting, the (Reaver) plot of the movie was very libertarian as well. I’ll have to see it again to get the quote from Mal about the necessity for government to stop trying to make people “better”.

  • Been watching Firefly as fast as possible to watch the movie as soon as possible.

    The show rocks. Some parts are dumb. Like in an early episode: of the ‘author’ of this quote… Mal, the girl, River, at one point says “‘Mal’….’Bad’…in the Latin”. Puuhhhleeeeeze. I mean, the name if fine, but don’t insult the audience. Maybe the point was to show she was a half-idiot.

    Don’t get me wrong. The show rocks.

  • good to hear some rave reviews. sadly, i have to wait until nov 2 for it to come to my neighborhood.

  • “I’ve had enough of running…It’s time to misbehave”.

    I believe it’s, “I aim to misbehave.”

  • James

    Anyone else think the Reavers could be seen as a metaphor for the underclass produced by the modern welfare state?
    A government (the Alliance) introduces a system (the chemical agent) designed to keep people contend and peaceful (in order to facilitate better control), only to have it destroy all usefulness and productivity ( the population of Miranda just laid down and died), and consequentially created a group of people (Reavers) who feed off the living.

    I urge everybody to watch it again and rope in friends or family – I’d quite like a Firefly movie franchise.

  • James

    It’s a thing of beauty. The closer I get to the last episode on the DVD collection, the sadder I get.

  • James

    Did anyone else besides me think the first and last scenes in which the ship Serenity appears were exceptionally powerful?

  • Well, I’m just about ready to head off to my second viewing. I wasn’t familiar with Firefly at all, but I must admit, this movie is wonderful.

  • Mr B etter than Josh Whedon

    spoilers ahead wash dies defending his copy of the fountainhead