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Libertarian Alliance Conference 2005

We may be wandering through a vast desert of stupidity, monstrosity and petty tyranny but never forget that there are some oases of sanity still to be found.

One of them will blossom into life next month when the Libertarian Alliance Conference opens in London. True to tradition, the Conference features an impressive array of brilliant speakers who will deliver their pearls of wisdom to an audience of the enlightened. It is bound to be a uplifting experience.

Book now and book with gusto. Your salvation may depend on it.

9 comments to Libertarian Alliance Conference 2005

  • I was impressed to see new Tory MEP Syed Kamall on the speaker list.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    I am going. One reason is to give my full support to Chris R. Tame, its founder and moving spirit, who has been coping with serious illness, as some people will know.

  • PaleoMan

    Previously banned. Still banned. Get lost

  • I was impressed to see new Tory MEP Syed Kamall on the speaker list.

    Why? Are Tory MEP’s especially difficult to entice away from Brussels and Strasbourg?

    For those rather more impressed by brilliant intellect than political hacking, Richard Ebeling is the highlight.

  • Paul, because I haven’t seen Tory politicians on speaker lists in past conferences, and because it gives me (further) reason to think he’ll be a pretty robust figure when it comes to questions of liberty and property.

    I’ve heard Ebeling speak. He was impressive.

  • Peter, fair enough! Are you going to come along? It would give us a chance to try and add a bit more robustness to your own positions on liberty and property 😉

  • I would, but £85 seemed a little steep – I paid that much for a Tory conference pass and four nights in a Blackpool B&B at the start of the month.

  • Luniversal

    Peter, are you ever going to tell us what you got up to in Blackpool and who you think the next Tory leader should be, or are you above all that these days?

  • I’m not aware I got up to anything especially tale-worthy or eventful in Blackpool, beyond attending lots of speeches and drinking with other Tories. As for the leadership, if the election were tomorrow, I’d certainly vote for David Cameron, but I’m keeping an open mind.