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Totalitarian systems are not sustained at the top, but at the bottom, where a system of mutual surveillance prevails. The influence of Desert Islam on the region has engendered just such a totalitarian system, whereby a woman who refuses to wear the hijab is stigmatised, and possibly threatened with violence. Even in liberal Lebanon, where women have historically been highly expressive in their dress, the present generation is increasingly adopting the hijab and shaming those who don’t. Some people see this trend as a reaction to the West and modernity. It is anything but. It is merely a succumbing to the encroaching influence of Saudi-funded Desert Islam, a totalitarian system expounded by highly rational modern means.
– William G. Ridgeway, Those Drunken, Whoring Saudis: Desert Islam’s problem with women

Note: This article was published on Social Affairs Unit blog and someone (we do not know who) redirected the url of www.islamchannel.com to point at it, to much consternation of the Islam Channel and bafflament and bemusement of the Social Affairs Unit. It also attracted some atypical commenters…

7 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Julian Taylor

    Or to quote the ‘respected’ (yeah, riiiight) Saudi journalist Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid:

    “Is there any logical justification for spending huge amount of money on women’s education when thousands of female graduates face the prospect of either remaining at home or entering a single profession.”

    Editorial article published in the Saudi Arabian newspaper Arab News, 4 April 2000.

  • Ted Schuerzinger

    I hope I don’t incur the wrath of the admins, but Perry de Havilland commented on it about two weeks ago.

    Not that the story isn’t worth repeating! 🙂

  • Ted: Huh? The redirection happened yesterday as far as I know…

  • Ted: I mentioned the original article on SAU blog but the redirection from IslamChannel.com happened yesterday. Since yesterday the URL now redirects to a different and equally none too flattering commentary on Islam.

    BTW, I have been deleting more multiple personality comments by a certain apologist for totalitarianism. Some people never learn.

  • Divine Mercy

    “Is there any logical justification for spending huge amount of money on women’s education”……

    Actually, many in Saudi have written of this topic due to the fact they have so many University graduates amongst the women.

    Unemployment is high for men, let alone women. Much of that solution lies in the massive importing of foreign labour, which will have to slow at some point soon.

    Logical justification for women being educated? Of course. Would the West want women uneducated, even if they chose to be homemakers and raise their children? Of course not.

    Educating women is priority, whether she chooses to have a career or not. Never say this is a waste.

  • asus phreak

    DM, dude, I don’t the point of the article was to argue that women shouldn’t be educated but that the wacko faction of Islam actually thinks that, and that is, you know, bad.

  • Verity

    DM “Educating women is priority, whether she chooses to have a career or not.”

    Whether she chooses to have a career? In SA?