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Nothing succeeds like excess?

The surging interest in cricket in England is having an effect in Australia. The South Australian Cricket Association warned today that the England vs Australia Test due in late 2006 might well be sold out. At least 6,000 English visitors are expected for the match.

And they immediately followed that up with yet another demand for government funding to expand the seating capacity of the Adelaide Oval.

I am confused. Do I laugh now, or do I cry?

4 comments to Nothing succeeds like excess?

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Oh no. I was hoping to come to Oz to watch the 2nd Test on Boxing Day but that may not be possible. Bummer.

    Government funding is not needed. Sales of Freddie Flintoff T-shirts should fund the expansion. Heh.

  • The Boxing Day Test is the Fourth Test. The Melbourne Test is the Fourth, and the Sydney Test is the Fifth, starting January 2, 2007.

    Other Test match dates are up for juggling.

    As for your funding proposal, I shall let that pass outside off-stump and through to the keeper.

  • What a shock…a sporting organisation trying to leech of the taxpayers. I hope local goverment tells them to get knotted.

  • guy herbert

    It’s usually local government that puts them up to it, Mr Dodge.