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Moon landings in 3-D

I was only a toddler when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went on that historic walk on the Moon (well, assuming you don’t buy the tedious conspiracy theories that it was all staged in Madison Avenue or whatever), and have been interested in this period of post-war history for a long time. So, for all you space junkies out there, there is a 3-D IMAX documentary on the way, portraying how the whole Moon landings went. Excellent. Book the popcorn and the soda drinks.

The Science Museum in London – one of the greatest – is showing the film.

6 comments to Moon landings in 3-D

  • Dale Amon

    I had a chance to meet one of thepeople involved with Tom Hanks production in May and have had this on my events calendar ever since. Hanks really cared about making it *right*.

    I sent email to the Odyssey here in Belfast this afternoon to ask when they are going to have it… Of course maybe I can catch it when I pass through NYC next week on my way to the X-Prize Race to Space in Las Cruces.

    Yes, I will get lots of photos!

  • Crow

    Twelve men have walked on the surface of the moon. Three have since died. The youngest man to walk on the moon is Charles Moss Duke, Jr., who will turn 70 on October 3rd.

    NASA intends recently began a program to place men on the moon again in the year 2018.

    I do not think they will meet that goal, especially not without a significant budget increase. I base this on my observations of the aircraft the United States has built in the last 15 years. Late and overpaid. I do not think an ambitious aerospace government project will be an exception. This is not your grand dad’s aerospace business.

    I do think private and uncoerced individuals will land on the moon first, because in my opinion they will adapt and integrate any new technology making this more feasible more quickly than a bureaucracy. I’m an optimist.

    I do wonder how many of the nine lunar astronauts we have left will be alive when people return to the moon.

  • I had a chance to see the ISS Imax documentary in 3D and it was fantastic- well worth the ticket price. It was actually filmed on the ISS in 3D!There were 3D shots looking down on the earth, with pieces of the ISS in the foreground, and it gave an amazing sense of depth perception.

    I get teh feeling this documentary is sort of CGI-ish, because obviously they weren’t filming it back in the 60s. I’m still eager to see it though.

  • I’m not sure how this is going to work, given that there were no 3D Imax cameras on the moon. Fuzzy analogue video could look quite awful on that size screen. It will be interesting to see how they do this. Ben Jarrell is right: the IMAX ISS film Space Station was superb. The closest to being in space most of us will get for a few years!

  • Adrian

    I saw this film at the IMAX cinema in Bradford on Monday and it is superb. The giant screen means that the 3D effect is totally immersive, and the CGI stuff is convincingly blended with original footage. It really was jaw-dropping and I’d recommend it to anyone!

  • Jeff

    A truly great film about the Apollo program has already been made: For All Mankind