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Great minds at work

Australian blogger Tex has an encounter with a former Green Party candidate, and learns a few things. Not least about economics, where Thom Lyons explains that:

Socialism is the syetem of choice is the most prosperous countries.

as well as several choice facts about 9/11, Cuba and the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Tex has more patience with this sort of character then I do. But the sad thing is that Lyons’ views are becoming more and more prevalent in Australian society.

13 comments to Great minds at work

  • Ted

    I am Australian and I can assure you that the views of this greenie whacko are far removed from the views of the majority. The Greens are a joke in Australia, virtually nobody takes them seriously. A measure of their desperation is the fact that they appoint a person like this as a representative. Australia is one of the more conservative countries in the anglosphere and will remain so for a long time.

  • guy herbert

    Gosh. I’m a former Green candidate. We’re not all like that.

  • Alfred E. Neuman

    That’s some quality ranting. He should bottle it. Oh wait, that would be capitalistic.

  • D Anghelone

    men with guts take up arms against fascist governments rather than running.

    Good way to lose an arm. Now if they’d had guns…

  • D Anghelone – maybe this Thom guy is redeemable after all: he’s at least in favour of civilians using guns for self defence! 😉

  • Fred the Fourth

    I *love* this guy’s ideas about supply and demand! Why didn’t *I* think of that!
    Now, I can get that PONY I’ve been wanting, and for only $0.50, too!
    Man, life is gonna be GREAT!

  • D Anghelone

    …maybe this Thom guy is redeemable after all: he’s at least in favour of civilians using guns for self defence! 😉

    A wink in time saves thine.

    In 1939 Thom would have been for the Nazis before he was against them.

  • Bah, the guy’s American. Our habit of claiming foreigners as Australian extends only to winners, not wieners.

  • Midwesterner

    “Bah, the guy’s American.”

    In that case, our apologies, but no regrets.

    If you check, I think you’ll find he’s marked “No warranty expressed or implied, not returnable.”

  • He may be illiterate ad irredeemably stupid,but Thom has such beautiful hair. I do hope he only uses natural products and rain water.

  • Andrew X

    I’m wondering if those who are so convinced of the evidence of global warming (which there is admittedly a case to be made) can apply at least as much rigorous analysis to the evidence that socialism is a catstrophic failure in everything it touches.

    Not likely.

  • “Bah, the guy’s American.”

    We refuse to claim him. I mean, the guy’s singlehandedly trying to change all the rules of grammar and spelling. Not to mention the entire field of linguistics. I can’t even read his remarks without wincing. And he doesn’t have the sense to be embarrassed. We have to do it for him.

    Whacking Day was the find of the year for me.