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“We escaped with little more than a suitcase…”

It is very hard to know what to say, from the comfort of London, about the horror that has engulfed New Orleans and nearby places. Johnathan Pearce did his best yesterday, concentrating on what he knows about, which is the financial fall-out and the British news coverage.

But Ben Jarrell‘s situation is very different. Finding the words to describe this catastrophe is the least of his problems, because he and his wife have been personally hit by it. He added what follows as a comment on Johnathan’s posting, but his words, and his predicament, surely deserve a bit more prominence here than that.

I live in uptown New Orleans, and my wife and I evac’d Saturday morning – but as reports of the levees breaking and the city’s poor looting (I’ve heard reports they are looting on my street) I don’t expect to have much of anything left when I get home.

This global warming bullshit is ridiculous, and despite the amount of aid the US provided to the tsunami victims, I still expect the global community will pretend to care while choking back a smirk.

As for FEMA, despite my libertarian leanings, I will be standing in line for whatever I can get. My belongings are insured, but my insurance company won’t pay off on the policy until an adjuster can go in and look at the damage – which could be months.

We escaped with little more than a suitcase full of clothes, and it will be nearly impossible to function for the months it might take to get any resolution to all of this.

It is really surreal. It’s hard to think that we are homeless refugees, but that pretty much sums up our situation.

4 comments to “We escaped with little more than a suitcase…”

  • Ben-

    Many sympathies with your situation. I know there are many others in your position, although that can’t make you feel much better. At least you were smart enough to get out of there when the warnings were given. I agree with you on the global warming thing, and real scientists are agreeing. There is absolutely no increase in this kind of weather statistically, despite the lefties whinings….. (and its not out of place to hear similar sentiments about how hot it is this year… “Its that global warming”) …. it represents voodoo science.

    Anyhow….. be safe and take care…. the rest of us are thinking about your situation.

  • I have posted a missive from a doctor that is in New Orleans right now. He asked for it to be circulated so that people might know what it is like there.

    There is going to be a blogging aide drive for the victims of hurricane tomorrow. Please lend your support if you can.

  • There’s lots on Ben’s blog, too, including a link to a story about people defending themselves against looters.

  • Kristopher Barrett

    How restrictive is zoning in Louisiana? Can you buy farm land on higher ground to rebuild your home on?