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UN plc

Here is a good article in the National Interest demonstrating how private sector peacekeeping is much better than its UN equivalent. To quote,

Peacekeeping success does not come from a splendid rebirth of Western interest in these missions, but rather from the unheralded role played by the private sector doing jobs once provided by Western militaries, and from a more realistic and pragmatic approach by the funding states. Sent by donor states, private companies are increasingly providing the missing skills, capabilities and, most importantly, the actual will to carry out international mandates in conflict and post-conflict (CPC) situations. The peacekeeping success stories that get the most play by advocates rarely include the central and growing role the private sector is playing to ensure that success. Private firms filling a myriad of non-traditional roles are creating fundamental changes in the way international peace and stability operations are undertaken. From a humanitarian perspective, this is long overdue.

The article argues that the United Nations, only as good as the resources that its members bring to the table, is a useful framework for co-ordinating security co-operation, but argues that its peacekeeping capabilities should be privatised. As they say, from a humanitarian perspective, this is long overdue.

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    Yeah sure dude the UN people are just a bunch of crypto-collectiv(ist) Baathist-friendly bureaucrats!
    Let´s sell the UN HQ to Don Trump and privatise global security and diplomacy…I suggest we hire Israeli “security experts” and other Pharisaic mercenaries- they´re far more efficient than Kofi´s effeminate peacekeepers and know real well how to massacre Muslim civilians and bulldoze ancient mosques and churches. And they surely have impecable credentials with a 57 years track record in the towns of Palestine and south Lebanon- not to mention they´ve brilliantly exported they macabre knowhow to Iraq´s “Sunni triangle”

    If Tony Blair succeeds in implementing his neocon/neo-Hitlerite amendments to the Human Rights Acts, we might even be able to import Hebrew expertise to combat “urban Muhammedan insurgency” in the streets of Brixton and Bradford.
    What a beautiful world this will be

  • It is easy to spot a fascist, he is usually the one accusing you of being one (or in the case of the nut job above, a ‘neo-con/neo-Hitlerite’). Now whilst I am no fan of Tony Blair, I must say I have never seen him prancing around in a Nazi uniform or suggesting “racial hygiene” laws or any of the other things a “neo-Hitlerite” presumable would do.

  • MT Wilkins

    I think Dr Vick has a point.

    In many ways, Blair fits the (neo or otherwise) classical definition of fascism:
    1) he forged fake intelligence (remember his “dossier” describing Saddam´s sci-fi army of deadly drones?) just like Count Ciano before Italian troops invaded Ethiopia (the Duce´s diplomats had produced a dossier “proving” Haile Selasieh´s “imminent” plans for war in Somalia)

    2) he is now cynically trying to exploit a traumatised public´s “changed mood” following “crimes comitted by Muslims” to pass liberticide laws- just like Hitler did after “leftwing activists” burned the German Parliament, just like Franco did after “subversive” Asturian workers went on strike in 1936

  • Perry de Havilland

    We are quick enough to howl when civil liberties are being trampled but I really think some of the commenters need to get a grip on reality. Clearly measures need to be taken against the Muslim enemy within.

    Does that mean Blair will also use these changes in the law against altogether different folks? No doubt he will. For example, laws may end up being stretched to include activists who work to undermine the whole move towards a panopticon ID card/pooled database state (people like me, for example). I am sure he will do that sort of thing and we need to fight that.

    But to ignore the clear and present danger posed by Muslim terrorists in our midst and just fall back on incoherent rants calling the ghastly Blair ‘neo-Hitlerite’ is just idiocy which results in the person doing so being written off as just another barking moonbat who can safely be ignored.

  • Simon Walsh

    You´re right MT
    Re your second point, you might have added: just like Bush and Cheney did right after 911 with their neo-fascist “Patriot” Act

  • Angry Englishman

    One shouldn´t blame British Muslims for what has happened in London since 7 July

    Robin Cook knew that all that talk about the “Islamic fifth column” or the “bearded Asian enemy within” was simply zionist bullshit on a massive scale

  • I feel like the poor passenger who attracts nutters on the bus.

  • Robert Alderson

    I can’t say I’m surprised that private companies do a better job than state agencies even with a function like peacekeeping which is traditionally regarded as the exclusive preserve of the state.

    If the UN is able to use private agencies to carry out peacekeeping etc. then it will have much more freedom of action. At the moment there is a de facto double check on UN actions 1) a vote by the security council 2) member states actually forking up the resources. Member states will sometimes vote for something knowing full well that they will not put their money (or soldiers) where their mouth is.

    This extra freedom of action could be good for the UN. Imagine a scenario where member states pass a resolution calling on some tinpot dictator of a small state to be hauled before a war crimes commission and the UN Secretary General hires a private company to do the job. Of course, for those who have grave doubts about the UN then this would be a bad thing.

  • Old Jack Tar

    Robin Cook knew that all that talk about the “Islamic fifth column” or the “bearded Asian enemy within” was simply zionist bullshit on a massive scale

    I see. Let me guess, the suicide bombers on July 7th were not actually Muslims because that would mean we do indeed have an enemy within. Let me guess again: they were all Zionist agents, right? Damn, is there something in the water or are there more than the usual quote of jackasses around here?

  • Oh and by the way, hardly surprising that Dr Victorino de la Vega, MT Wilkins and Angry Englishman all agree as they are all the same person. Multiple personality personality disorder perhaps? In any case, all spouting the same rubbish from the same IP address. Busted

  • Roll up the U.S. occupation, ship the troops back home, try the civilian and military leadership and imprison them, re-educate the foot-soldiers, re-educate the backward blog readers who see wars of aggression as “peace-keeping,” and be grateful that I’m talking about civilized re-education and rehabilitation, as opposed to Stalin-style re-education.

    Blog readers of the world, unite! (But first, get a life).

  • re-educate the backward blog readers who see wars of aggression as “peace-keeping,”

    How about: re-educate the pro-fascist blog commenters who see leaving Ba’athism in place as being “peace loving”…