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Hurricane related woes

Our woes may be minor indeed compared to the hapless folks who incurred Hurricane Katrina’s ire, but Samizdata.net’s server have been intermittently gasping today under some weather-aftermath related issues.

8 comments to Hurricane related woes

  • KCB

    Yes, but have the found Natalee yet? Any new clues in Aruba?

  • syn

    The concern world leaders have for this devestation brought upon the American people is once against deafening.

    Tomorrow those same world leaders will be demanding that the American people rise to the occasion and send all our money to save Eurabia from financial ruin, Africa’s self-inflected ‘against GM food’ starvation, Palestinian’s cause for Islamicfascism, Russia’s massive suicide and abortion rate.

  • DM

    How about signing up to Kyoto?

  • susan

    “How about signing up to Kyoto?”

    Why on earth would rational human beings want to sign on to an agreement which will cause world-wide misery and poverty for all Democratic nations, particulary those who already have strict environmental regulations while ignoring toxic, unregulated wastelands like totalitarian China?

    The problem with Global Warming, formerly Ice Age, sometimes Climate Change hysteria is the obvious fact that the earth experienced far more severe environmental disasters long before the auto came along.

    Funny how this hurricane managed to instantly revert the language of “Climate Changes” back to “Global Warming”. The religion of Gaia is confusing.

  • J

    Big chip you got there syn, how does the shoulder feel?

    I think we all perceive, rightly, that the US has the knowhow, will and resources to deal with this natural disaster. I’ve not heared anyone suggest otherwise. It’s unfortunate that some are making snide remarks about global warming.

    The happy fact is, that when a hurricane strikes the US, the human misery resulting is a small compared to when one strikes a less able nation.

    When the tsunami struck parts of SE Asia recently, there were people shaking tins on Oxford Street the very next day, and people were giving generously. I haven’t yet seen any of the large US expat community in London shaking tins or holding collections. When they do, I shall give generously.

    Until they do, I shall assume the US is well able to look after its citizens without outside help, and I’ll wish them luck with their re-construction.

  • DM: How about because we’d like to see Greenland being farmed again, and England producing more quality wines, like they used to back in the 1300s?

  • susan

    What you are saying is that a little kindness can go far for all others not American.

    Thanks ever so much friend.

  • J


    No, that’s not what I’m saying.