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U.K. to issue biometric passports worldwide

Steve Ranger of Silicon.com reports that the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office is spending 5 million pounds (about $8.7 million) to equip its embassies and consulates around the world with the technology to issue biometric passports. Technology company 3M will install new passport issuance systems that can identify biometric information at 104 embassies, consulates and high commissions.

Great, who needs ID cards, when you get your fingerprints in the passport.

4 comments to U.K. to issue biometric passports worldwide

  • This is really a good one. You can visit my site at the link below.

  • George Orwell is turning in his grave somewhere.

  • I have recently been wondering about the possibility of someone, such as the Scottish parliament, launching a rival to the UK Passport Agency. This ought to be possible, as the right to enter and reside in the UK is not a documentary or formulary right, but a personal right. Litigation would probably be required to force the various authorities that control ingress into the UK to accept them.

    The main problem is whether the government would have the gall to make a passport a requirement, and if in fact, it has the right under EU law to do so.

  • james

    Why are you protesting about having your fngerprints/ retenal data on your passport? It can only help prevent crime. If you are doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear. It is not curtailing your civil liberties for your idnetity to be preserved.