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Pointless question of the day

I enjoy watching and playing a bit of golf – despite my rather large playing handicap (gulp) but a question that comes to me as I watch the British Open up in blustery St. Andrews, Scotland is this: why, for the sake of reason, why, do so many golfers were such daft clothes? One guy is sporting a pink shirt, pink eye shade and the sort of trousers that constitute arrestable offences in some parts of the world.


19 comments to Pointless question of the day

  • michael

    You’ve got to admit, some of these golfers must feel very confident about their sexuality. Woods, Goosen and Singh are reguarly well turned out, but lat year I heard Peter Allis expressing admiration for Ian Poulter’s trousers. Maybe that’s how Alliss, Wogan, Tarby and Kenny Lynch like to dress when they’re at Wentworth. The Daily Mail would have a field day. Good on yer, Peter.

  • Why does Blair copy William Shatner in his speeches? Who knows?

  • No need to worry, however. All you have to do is write Fife Council, saying that you’re worried that Ian Poulter’s trousers raise serious health and safety concerns. They’ll soon be banned.

  • Johnathan

    Sergio Garcia has this green top on that makes my eyes hurt.

  • I was at St Andrews on the very hot and not too blustery Friday. The clothing on display did indeed make it very difficult to concentrate on the golf. Of course, I’m thinking of the clothes (in so far as there were any) worn by the female spectators rather than by the male contestants.

  • Gorgeous weather, it’s the weekend,… what sort of turd watches people play golf on television … and who can possibly be interested in your fucking fashion notes ?

    Get a fucking life..

  • Edward,

    It’s The Open. ‘Nuff said.

    Anyway, it’s close to 100 here in North Texas (with the usual 90% humidity), and just the thought of going outdoors in this glop makes me perspire.

    The Irish golfer John O’Leary used to dress like this, but that was back in the 70s, so…

  • Julian Taylor

    The Open – Golf’s answer to the “United Colors of Bennetton”

    And I was interested in his fashion notes Edward Teague, rather than go and get a life perhaps you should go and get a hat – the sun seems to have brought out the profane in you.

  • ernest young

    If you want to be regarded as a clown – why then – you go and dress like one!

    Seems pretty obvious to me…

    Likewise with using profanity in the written word, use it pointlessly and be prepared to be regarded as an immature fool.

  • htom

    As a sometime (rarely, these days) I’ll reveal the real reason: it makes you more visible to those players following you in the next foursome, which leads to being hit by their too-closely following shots less likely. There’s also the distraction of the other players, but you soon learn to ignore that.

  • Johnathan

    Edward, sorry if my mildly humorous post seems to have brought out the swearing in you. Are you quite all right?

    I spent most of Saturday on the sundeck at my house sipping cold beer. Pip pip!

  • Jimmy Espy

    They dress this way to try and instill some color in a dull game played by dull people.
    Shuuush! Someone is putting and can’t be distracted.

  • John Rentoul

    Golf. Why?

  • Johnathan Pearce

    John Rentoul, I haven’t the answer to that one. Heh.

  • Golf outfits aren’t a patch on ski wear.

  • james

    “Whoa, that’s the ugliest hat I ever saw! Bet you buy a hat like that you get a free bowl of soup!”
    — Rodney Dangerfield as Al Czervik, “Caddyshack”

  • HJHJ

    It’s not a sport if you do it knitwear.

  • young_and_spastic

    It could most likely be golfs last attempt of publicity. An attempt to redeem its self as the worlds leading most interesting and original of games =) kinda like coppying the fashions in Hong Kong. What else would attract the youths into watching a good game of golf other then laughable fashions?

    ok.. besides hot people =.=’

    -17 yr old insecure girl

  • craig

    what you have to remember is that some people have a passion for golf and that golf clubs try to influence what they wear. so these clothes can be an attempt for younger golfers not to dress like a boring old man or to give them some individuality at a place where nearly everyone is wearing a polo shirt and trousers. Also there are people that dress alot worse than most of these people and on the high street where they have totla control of what they wear. so dont have a dig at this great game jusy because your either too insecure or too past it/old to wear these clothes.