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Maggie as background music

I’m watching the BBC Top Gear motoring programme right now and its main presenter, the irrepressible Jeremy Clarkson, is driving a hot-rod Mercedes sports car at high speed along a German autobahn listening to a CD of Margaret Thatcher speeches.

How can you not love this guy?

14 comments to Maggie as background music

  • Heh, was watching that as well. I love the fact that they tried to get cute with speedboats and both broke down.

  • Keith

    Good for him. And I just loved the outrage from the lentil-eaters when Clark was offered an honorary degree. “irresponsible, inappropriate” etc etc.
    The man’s a tonic in this pc age.

  • Brendan Halfweeg

    The only downside to Jeremy is that he works for a bunch of socialists.

  • zmollusc

    Sweet Zombie Jesus! You lot are gullible. The footage of Jezza hurtling around is all computer generated, you can’t drive around like that for real because you would soon die along with thousands of innocent bystanders. Unless you are police. Or a government minister. Or a freemason.

  • Johnathan

    Zmollusc: I have driven in Germany and I can tell you that those shots were for real.

  • zmollusc

    Johnathan, that would mean that the government spends millions of £tax to LIE to us!!!!!!
    I can’t believe that.

  • Magic Door

    I thought the use of the background was to demonstrate the near hallucination state brought on by lack of sleep and therefore lkack of judgement and reality usually only brought on by an upper-class,priveleged lifestyle (or drugs only affordable in YUPPIE circles)?

  • Julian Taylor

    Magic Door,

    He was drinking Red Bull, eating Pro-Plus tablets, Thai Red Curry Walkers Crisps and a weird Danish chewing gum called ‘Spunk’. Perhaps you might enlighten us as to which of those are, “drugs only affordable in YUPPIE circles”? I should think that Mr Clarkson might well have sustained some serious laughter-induced hernia damage from reading that comment.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    I am still cracking up at Zmollusc’s conspiracy theorising about how the shots of Clarkson zooming through Holland and Germany were taken.

    Nurse, quickly, the screens!

  • jk

    I always enjoy TopGear when I am in the UK and have begged the folks at the BBCAmerica satellite TV station to add it.

    No avail. “Just enjoy your ‘House Invaders’ and stop complaining…”

  • Don McEwan

    jk – You’ll be happy to know that Discovery Channel is now broadcasting Top Gear in the US. The episodes might not be current but they’re new to us. The 1st episode just aired over the weekend and my wife watched it with me and gave tacit approval for me to purchase a Lotus Elise when funds allow 🙂 She would have preferred the Apache Helicopter…

  • Else

    Come on, Clarkeson is a little bitch-smarmy and arrogant and uncommonly slappable. God knows what kind of people you are to watch mastabatory toss like ‘topgear’.

  • Johnathan

    Else, I think the reason we lads (and lasses) watch him is precisely because we know he annoys killjoys, of whom you seem to be a rather uncouth example.


  • Else

    Hey Jon, I’m no killjoy, honest. He just makes my skin crawl. OK, I’ll be honest-I really envy him driving all those big, sexy fast cars, impressing ‘the birds’ and getting paid loads more than I ever will. All that testosterone just makes me realise the extent of my own impotence-I’m half a man in comparsion-sad but true. Oh Jeremy! lift me up in your big, strong arms and take me away from it all! MMMM, your engine is throbbing etc. etc.