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It is all about controling you

Here is a list of the MPs who voted in favour of trying to make you have an ID card. Do you see your MP here? Let them know what you think of what they have done.

Special kudos to the 20 Labour MPs who put decency before party and refused to be go along with this disgraceful attempt to control you.

18 comments to It is all about controling you

  • Mark Rosenbaum

    So… can we perhaps hope that a goodly assortment of these fine folk start meeting with odd and painful dooms?

  • James

    Didn’t The Beach Boys have a song about that?
    “Wouldn’t it be nice if..”


  • Julian Taylor

    I would never have thought that there would be 20 Labour MP’s with the guts to defy a Three Line whip and I have to confess a sneaking admiration now for both Kate Hooey and Diane Abbott. Ms Abbott was on This Week last night justifying her rebellion on the basis that the ID card would just give the police more pretexts for stop and search on black people in her constituency plus the escalating costs that will ensue, as happens with all government IT projects.

    There does seem to be a faint glimmer of sanity on the horizon now however, in that the Brown faction are going round saying that the first thing that will happen under a Gordon Brown administration is the killing off of the ID card bill. It would appear that it takes a prudent Scot to realise that pouring public funds into the black hole of Labour Party bureaucratic fantasies is just a complete waste of everyone’s time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

  • Pete_London

    I heard Kate Hoey give a scathing speech at the Duke of Beaufort Hunt on the first day of the hunt ban. The Conservative haven’t been as cutting in years about the Parliamentary Labour Party.

    I’d also add the spineless wimps who abstained to the list of MPs who voted in favour. My old MP, Neil Gerrard, spoke well in opposition to the ID card and database yet finished with (from memory) ” … and this is why I won’t be voting in favour of the Bill.” Code speak for what he did – abstain.

  • My (Conservative) MP didn’t vote for the bill. Good on him. Shame the three hundred or so other buggers in Parliament did.

    The Pledge is going well though – over 7,000 people have signed up.

  • Ken

    Didn’t The Beach Boys have a song about that?
    “Wouldn’t it be nice if..”

    If what?

  • steves

    Seemed like a good idea, so I emailed my MP and got rather carried away. She was also a supporter of Saddam, so fasc ist/socialist/statist appeared a number of times.

    Not sure I will get anything but locked up tough

  • Well done David Taylor MP, taking the New Labour message to heart by voting both Yes and No.

  • Phil

    I cannot see ‘burger King’ Gummer’s name can somebody confirm he abstained??

  • Bernie

    The home secretary argued new passports including biometric data, such as iris scans, fingerprints and face scans, would cost £60-65 to produce.

    Biometric passports. Have these been the subject of a new law anywhere. I know the US wants visitors to have them but there is no way they can enforce them on us. They can require us to have special visas which is fine but where does our own government get the idea that we don’t want that and would rather have biometric passports? I know this is minor compared to the ID database but if it were presented in isolation I think there would be some big time opposition to this.

  • guy herbert

    My old MP, Neil Gerrard, spoke well in opposition to the ID card and database yet finished with (from memory)

    Neil may have been especially targetted by the whips as a ringleader among the opponents, which he always has been in the past. I have no idea why he abstained.

    John Gummer was absent from the division, but he might just have been absent, paired, since he followed the whip on the previous occasion.

  • Verity

    Oh, boy – we thought compulsory identity cards were the ultimate this dictatorship planned, but get a load of this: Carbon rationing for all

    I cannot spend any more time trying to figure out how this stupid link works. Go to The Telegraph and the story is there.

  • Verity

    Identity cards don’t show enough leadership.

    Tony “Just call me Bonkers!” Blair doesn’t just yearn to go down in history as a war leader, but also wants to be a wartime leader – the Clement Atlee des nos temps! Can he live up to it?

    The suggestion is, everyone gets a ration card giving allowances of carbon to burn up. The Queen is to get the same allowance as Dai Llewellyn and Mary Smith! What could be more Soviet than that?

    Tony Blair is off his twig.

  • Bernie

    I read a few paragraphs of it Verity but couldn’t take much more of it. Early on there is that phrase “thinking the unthinkable” which is something Blair obviously isn’t capable of or he would realise he is a jerk.

  • Julian Taylor

    Now there is a new and improved way of communicating with your MP, an updated version of faxyourmp.com.

    Verity, don’t know whether you read Ferdinand Mount’s piece earlier this week in the Daily Telegraph but the last paragraph is rather interesting.

  • Verity

    Any time you fill your tank you will need to pass over your carbon ration book for the computer to deduct so many carbon points. When you book a flight, you will have to pass over your ration book for the computer to deduct your carbon points.

    Blair has not only bought into this global warming garbage – with asbolutely not a shred of evidence that it is any more real than the tooth fairy – but wants to legislate on the basis of this loony illusion because it is one more means of putting an iron yoke on the citizenry. The Stalin des nos jours – except he wouldn’t murder people in the gulags – he’s too nice! – but would sentence them to 10 years hard counselling. The first time I ever saw a picture of Tony Blair — I’d been overseas for years and when I came back for a visit, he’d already risen into prominence and was getting his photo put about – I spotted that Messianic gleam in his eye. I knew on first sight that he was not just dangerous but was also highly bonkers.

  • Verity

    The Observer has a piece that says there are hundreds of thousands of people prepared to fight against the ID card. The Home Office alone, even taking into account that it is probably lying, says 17 per cent of Brits don’t intend to carry an ID card. (Link)

    The Observer reports that there’s a whole network of anti-ID campaigners and that some are employing the tactics that killed the idea dead in the water in Oz. Read the whole thing! It’s very cheering!

  • guy herbert

    Yes; we appear to be winning. But this is a long game. The Home Office has been pushing it for decades.