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Globalization babes

I attended the GI launch last night, and Alex Singleton turned me loose as the kind of semi-official photographer of the event, and has used some crowd shots I took, and also pictures I did of Bill Emmott and Alan Beattie (who is also quoted here).

Glad to be of use. But what really got my attention last night was the number of nice looking women who were present. Johnathan Pearce is fond of mentioning P. J. O’Rourke’s Law of Babes, or whatever it is called, which goes something like: Wheresoever the Babes are, there shall also the Action be. Tom Wolfe’s description of how the Babes managed to track down the men test flying jets in the top secret desert of western USA in the early 1950s, in The Right Stuff, is an earlier exposition of the same law.

Judged by this standard, the GI Institute is doing pretty well. Here are eight nice looking ladies, and one genuine baby type babe just for good luck, and because he/she was there. (Cranking out more of those being a lot of what this is all about, after all.)

GIBabe01s.jpg   GIBabe02s.jpg

GIBabe03s.jpg   GIBabe04s.jpg

GIBabe05s.jpg   GIBabe06s.jpg

GIBabe07s.jpg   GIBabe08s.jpg

And those are only the ones I got reasonably good photos of. I can recall at least two more ladies who only missed the cut because I did not get good photos of them. So if you are a fully certified Gorgeous Babe and you were there, please do not be offended. You just came out all blurry in all my photos, on account of my chin hanging down and hitting the focussing nob.

Click to get bigger pictures, some of which include extraneous males of the species. Cropping such photos is always a controversial matter.

9 comments to Globalization babes

  • Hey,one of them is a real babe!

  • Tell the top one on the left she has a fan in Texas. What a smile!

  • Johnathan

    Brian, the key measure I referred to was Boris Johnson’s Tottymeter, one of the more interesting guides to political success of the last few years.

    Terribly non-PC, I know, like most good ideas.

  • Jamie Young


    At university, we used the MilliHelen scale. Helen of Troy was the most beautiful woman in the world, and she had a face that launched 1000 ships; therefore, 1 milli-helen is a face that would launch one ship.

  • oliver

    bloody hell, whats charlotte church doing with a wig on at a GI event?

  • oliver

    bloody hell, whats charlotte church doing at a GI event with a black wig on? (top right)

  • Dear God, man. Could you please not refer to these things as the “GI Instititue”, “GI Launches,” GI Blasts,” or “Parties in my GI” or the like? It brings to mind far too many Tory sex scandals for my tastes. You see, on my side of the pond, GI refers either to a soldier, to the human intestine, the GastroIntestinal canal. Suffice to say, “massive GI blast” does not have the same salubrious ring to it in my neighborhood, regardless of how many hotties may be attending.

    Could you perhaps rename this otherwise noble endeavor? I’m sure there are some other good names that aren’t taken yet, such as People for Economic Endeavor, or perhaps Coalition in Uprising against Needless Taxation…

    Ahh, nevermind. Just stick with the big GI. Just do me a favor, and don’t tell me how many GI tracts you passed out this morning.

  • Are any of the ladies Samizdata commenters or contributors? Names to faces…

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