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Crashing one party after another

I have just returned from just over two of the funniest hours spent at the cinema for quite a while. Wedding Crashers, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, is an outrageous, politically incorrect, deplorable romp of a movie, the perfect tonic for these unpleasant times.

Vaughn is also refreshingly free of the political posturing that tends to colour my views of Hollywood these days.

4 comments to Crashing one party after another

  • rufus

    Even better – queuing up in shops, someone comes in, m’sieurs ‘dames is said; they – the frogs- actually apologise if by chance they or you bump in the street. They are civilised, no other word for it, they are brought up properly; I have even seen young men put rubbish in the bin.

    Brits have lost this amongst the pc multiculturalism that allows nothing that might smack of subservience. Brits are too good to be civic or polite, let alone friendly.

    No probs to me – I won’t live in that place any more – it is no longer my country.


  • Johnathan

    Rufus, no doubt all true but I think you meant to comment on Brian’s post below.

  • Nothing like a bit of ‘commentus interruptus’ to spoil a thread.

  • dearieme

    Good title: I’ve met lots of “crashers” at weddings.