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Breaking news about the bombers

I do not believe that we have a “No shit Sherlock” category for blog postings here, but maybe we should. Here is the explanation that the Evening Standard was offering today of what made those who committed the atrocities of last Thursday in London decide to become suicide bombers:


This photograph was taken outside Waterloo Station, at about 3pm this afternoon.

To be fair to the Evening Standard, their actual reportage was somewhat more informative, and more up-to-the-minute billboards revealed that one of the bombers was a primary school teacher. That was news, to me anyway.

22 comments to Breaking news about the bombers

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Brian, maybe we should have such a category, rather like James Taranto’s “You Don’t Say” tag at the Wall Street Journal Best of the Web site.

  • lucklucky

    The perversity has no limits.

    MCB meet minister over Religious Hatred bill

    A delegation of Muslim leaders and senior scholars met Home Office Minister Paul Goggins this week to seek clarification on the Incitement to Religious Hatred Bill.
    The delegation requested the meeting to seek clarification on a number of matters relating to the bill. Recent confusion regarding freedoms to deliver khutbahs and to recite and quote from the Qur’an and ahadith had raised concerns in the community that dawah and propagatory practices may be curtailed under the new legislation.
    The Minister assured the Muslim community that there was nothing in the bill that would prevent scholars from delivering their sermons or from reciting from the Qu’ran and ahadith. The Minister reiterated that what the bill would do is criminalise incitement to religious hatred against individuals.
    Sir Iqbal Sacranie stated that he was at eased that matters that had caused some obfuscation in the community had been cleared.
    ‘We’re happy that the Home Office has agreed to consult the faith communities when preparing the guidelines to the bill. Muslim scholars may proceed uninhibited in the performance of their duties’, he said. The delegation made suggestions to the minister to that it may be preferable to totally exempt the holy text, which will include the Qu’ran and the hadiths from the remit of the Act.
    The minister said, it would be difficult to exempt scriptures because there is likelihood that extreme groups like the BNP may use verses of the Qu’ran to incite hatred against the Muslim community. Therefore, the very purpose of the Act would be defeated.
    Scholars had expressed their reservation but fully supported the bill.


  • Verity

    I second Jonathan’s suggestion! It is excellent!

  • That’s just beautiful! Oh how that made me laugh. 🙂

  • Ch 4 interviewed a friend who claimed to have seen and spoken to one of the alleged bombers on last Monday night in his new red Mercedes.

    A young asian who travels overseas, who has a new red Mercedes and doesn’t appear to have fixed employment is not infrequently and probably with no reasonable basis in fact and probably only by bigoted no-nothings who are institutionally racist and don’t understand the amateur pharmaceutical trade might at a stretch in Rochdale/Oldham/Blackburn be possibly and often incorrectly be considered to be connected in some way to having only the slightest connection or association or the merest hint of contact with the supply of mind altering substances with vegetable origins.

  • Bernie

    Brian as much as I hate to humiliate you in public I have to point out that this placard was not referring to to last weeks events but to one of it’s Situations Vacant:-)

  • Verity

    Dammit, Bernie! You beat me to it!

  • What are the promotion prospects,is there a pension plan?

  • Verity

    Well, you can get raises. Hoist, really. Sky high. You’ll be thrilled to bits.

  • Verity

    What would you need a pension plan for?

  • What kind of job is it without a pension plan,there might be early retirement on health grounds….

  • David Crawford

    Definitely short working hours.

  • It also interferes with developing lasting relationships, limiting you instead to a long series of inexperienced lovers.

  • Verity

    Don’t understand triticale’s comment, but yes, David Crawford, much shorter working hours. But during those hours, well, one hour really, or less, they really stretch you.

  • Ted Schuerzinger


    I think triticale was referring to the 72 gay male virgins that the suicide bombers are promised when they go to paradise. 🙂

  • nick

    Perhaps the much vaunted 72 virgins you get on arrival in ‘paradise’ are your fellow bombers?

  • Verity

    You mean they don’t even get rent boys?

  • ernest young

    Short working hours! – how very European. At least they seem to have picked up some local habits…

  • Does it say whether these virgins are to be crackers or dogs?

    I mean 72 bits of crumpet might make it worth it, but 72 dogs doesn’t bear thinking about.

    BTW, why virgins? Are they really that worried about their performance?

  • Verity

    EU-Serf “Are they that worried about their performance?” Well, obviously their mullahs and associated nitwits wouldn’t be putting it about unless they know that they are. What is so puzzling is, why 72? I mean, isn’t that an awful lot of virgins? Or even an awful lot of non-virgins. It doesn’t make sense. They’re allowed four “wives” but they’re still pining for 72 virgins? Are these people fixated on sex or what?

    Also, I understand that up in heaven along with these 72 virgins there are rivers running with wine. Now, does this tell you that their paradise is a teenage boy’s fantasy? Not allowed to date. Not allowed to drink. But if you hie yourself up to heaven, it’s Katy-bar-the-door! Willing girls at your command! Even if you have acne and bad breath! Rivers flowing with booze! Man oh man!

  • Bernie

    It seems I need to correct another misconception here. On the 72 virgins thing it seems something was gained in the translation from the original words of whoever it was who first said them. It is not 72 virgins but one virgin of 72 years.

  • ernest young


    Ah yes! isn’t that yet another ‘multi-culti’ imported habit, – raping elderly women? Never did hear of that practice, until we opened the door to all and sundry.