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As evening falls…

The official casualty roll from this morning’s attack now stands at 37 dead and 700 injured to varying degrees.

It now appears that there were four separate explosions, three of them on undergound trains at Aldgate, Kings Cross, Edgware Road and one on a bus in Woburn Place near to Russell Square.

The BBC website is carrying some photographs of the chaos, many of them taken on the spot with camera-phones.

10 comments to As evening falls…

  • Verity

    Tony Blair, as inept, cackhanded, self-regarding and self-centred as ever said this was “particularly barbaric” because it was timed to coincide with G8.

    It seems it wasn’t particularly barbaric because innocent people going about their business were blown up and murdered, some surely blinded, some of the 700 injured surely losing a limb, some bearing terrible facial injuries for life – families robbed of loved ones who will never come home again. That’s all peripheral to the main event: it happened while eight heavily protected world leaders and their entourages were in Scotland for the G8.

    Boy, that populist Tony Blair certainly knows where his priorities lie, doesn’t he?

  • Keith

    This isn’t going to be a witty or clever or even a particularly “reasonable” comment.
    Enough is enough. These are my people and my civilisation under attack from primitive murdering scumbags who contribute not one iota to the world save blood and tears.
    “understanding” won’t win this war, no more than sympathy, counselling, tolerance, talking, legal processes,reasoned responses, security plans, ID cards and all the rest of the crap that substitutes for looking the beast in the eye and then killing it.
    Raid and then close the mosques. Deport the clerics. Put an end to the multicultural dreamworld and insist that anyone coming to live in a Western civilised country adopt the values of that country.
    Elect hardline politicians, those who give their word publicly to put the interests of Britain (and Australia and New Zealand and Canada etc) first.
    How long will it take the West to wake up and face the fact that we’re in a battle for civilisation itself, for Christ’s sake?

  • Verity

    Keith, thanks for some heartfelt commonsense. The problem is, in Britain, no hardline politician would be tolerated by the BBC and the Guardianistas, and the Conservatives would allow themselves to be bullied into running yet one more anodyne leader who will not jeopardise his chances by talking the truth.

    This will, however, have been quite a shot in the arm for the BNP.

  • Verity

    I meant also to say a heartfelt thanks to David Carr for staying at his post and keeping those of us nowhere near London up to date with posts we can trust, as opposed to those from the BBC.

  • Keith

    “This will, however, have been quite a shot in the arm for the BNP.”
    Sigh…I know, Verity, and the sad thing is that it’s reached the point where I think even they may be preferable to the corrupt, gutless and appeasing lot you have right now.
    We need dobermanns, not poodles for the days ahead.

  • Keith

    I’d like to add my thanks to Verity’s, from here in N.Z.

  • Pete_London


    Tony Blair, as inept, cackhanded, self-regarding and self-centred as ever said this was “particularly barbaric” because it was timed to coincide with G8.

    I read that quote some hours ago and I’m still lost for words. I thought he may well have bested himself with that but I saw him on Sky News an hour ago talking of British values, I heard him invoking British resolve and



    Eight long years of the destruction of Britain and Britishness, eight years of war against the forces of conservatism, but the moment the Islamic terrorists bring war to our streets that very same Britishness and those very same forces of conservatism can’t be press ganged into the service of Blair fast enough.

  • Right on David Carr deserves our thanks.

    God Bless London and Good Luck to us all.

  • Verity

    Pete_London – Yes, Toneboy has failed to destroy all the forces of conservatism after all. The emergency services – staffed by people who are by their nature conserving – were apparently outstanding. And I saw pictures of ordinary people helping the wounded to leave the immediate area.

    Tony Blair’s self-importance and “it’s all about MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” cause him to make moronic remarks like the above genuinely believing that people will relate. This was a really, really, really bad terrorist attack because it was during the G8! And Tony was hosting it! And he was just a few days into his Mickey Mouse unelected “presidency” of the EUSSR! Who wouldn’t understand how really bad it was of the terrorists to attack just then. I mean, for all we know, the heads of government may have been at breakfast when it happened, for god’s sake!

  • mac

    Well said, Keith. Westerners who fail to respect the customs of the East when there do so at their peril. For us to DEMAND the same from immigrants, on pain of swift expulsion should they fail to assimilate, is long overdue. There is nothing that Muslims contribute to Britain that can’t be immediately replaced by some other, more peaceful, group. There would be a tremendous post-exodus drop in the crirme rate for starters.

    For the Muslims, it should be a simple choice: adapt or depart. The Government should force that choice to be made swiftly before Enoch Powell’s fears about the end result of multiculturalism become even more conclusively vindicated.