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Paul Vigay on ID cards

Privacy expert Paul Vigay gives his Ten Reasons why you should Refuse and Boycott National ID Cards.

2 comments to Paul Vigay on ID cards

  • guy herbert

    And he left out that other people are going to refuse too in large number, which would bring a scheme that posits near universal compliance crashing down.

    See here.

  • Those who will refuse to register for an ID card and to be entered on to the National Identity Register should take a look at NO2ID’s pledge at Pledgebank.com:

    NO2ID Pledge

    The pledge (which has already received nearly 2,500 signatures in just two days) intends to demonstrate strength of opposition in the run up to the ID Cards Bill’s second reading in the Commons and to at the same time build a legal defence fund for those refusing to go along with Blair’s tyrannical plans: