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Oh dear and heh

Well, it was a nice idea. But today I have to say oh dear, and Michael Jennings can say heh. Australia smashed England at one-day cricket today, and the man who made the biggest impact was the still great Glenn McGrath, who took two of the three wickets that fell at the very start of the England innings. England tried hard after that but never recovered.

In other sporting news, the rule in England is that if you are Scottish and you lose you are Scottish, but if you win you are British. I did not know that Tim Henman had Scottish ancestors, but it would seem that he does. On the other hand, someone called Andrew Murray is, for the duration of his Wimbledon run, British.

In other cricket news, the Zimbabwean cricket team is not welcome. That is history, of the horrible sort, and a rather ineffectual attempt to make it less horrible. Plus, the cricketers of the USA are at each others’ throats. That is more like farce, although having been caught up in one of these irreversible faction fight things myself, I sympathise more deeply than most would.

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2 comments to Oh dear and heh

  • Sunday sees the Navy Ashes. An XI from the crew of HMAS Anzac, in Portsmouth for Tuesday’s fleet review, will be taking on a Royal Navy XI.

  • It’s a shame the Ashes doesn’t start next Thursday. As it is we have had a fascinating prelude, but I fear that there is still a good chance that we will be bored stiff by the eight one day internationals that are still to be played.