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Because his lips are moving

Failed Presidential candidate and negligible Senator John Kerry claims to have released all of his military records to the public. It is unlikely that this claim is entirely truthful.

Lets be clear: he did not release anything to the public. He released some records to his homies and long-time supporters at the Boston Globe, who have written an article glossing over the gaps in what they got from him, but have not made the records available to the public in any way, shape or form.

It seems pretty clear that the Globe did not get the full records, for reasons summed up in this rather pithy post. There is good reason, in short, to believe that the full record described prior to the election, was not released even to the Globe.

It is always dicey to reach a conclusion in the absence of full information, but when the people involved refused to release that information, well, they invite speculation. I think the reason it took Kerry so long to “release” his “records”, as he promised on national television some months ago, and the reason they were not released to the public as promised, is because he was playing games with (a) who he requested records from and (b) what records he actually released.

But let’s not allow our annoyance at the perfectly ordinary dissembling from this perfectly unexceptional man to cloud our glee at the release of both that picture and the fact that George W. Bush, reviled across the Democratic Party as a moron, got better grades than Kerry did.

17 comments to Because his lips are moving

  • About the grades, I’m with you. Hahaha!

    About the picture – hey, anyone can have a bad picture. And even if Kerry always looked as ugly as that (he doesn’t, most of the time he’s about as good looking as most of the people one sees in the street) it was not their relative looks that made me so anxious to see Bush, not Kerry, win the election.

  • Sylvain Galineau

    He deserves at least one Purple Heart for marrying Teresa.

  • Richard Thomas

    Given that he lost, why even bother bringing this up? Isn’t this just a case of being a sore winner?

    It’s not like the present incumbent is a paragon of virtue anyway


  • And this post fits in with libertarian thought how exactly? Let’s keep the blatant partisanship over at the freerepublic.

  • Alex VanderWoude

    There is some commentary about his here that indicates that a paper-shuffle coverup of some sort may be taking place.

  • Sylvain Galineau

    So some things do not fit someone’s libertarian dogma and should not, as such, be said or written publicly ? Oh the irony…

  • zmollusc

    I hope Kerry got permission from the copyright holders for those records he released. Home taping is killing music.

  • Wild Pegasus

    Why should I be gleeful that Bush got better grades than Kerry? Fuck them both.

    – Josh

  • Duncan Sutherland

    Oh, so your saying no matter who we voted for we would have gotten another jackass, career politician? Wow… big news.
    : )

    Josh, couldn’t agree more.

  • Bombadil

    Bush’s high-70’s average beat Kerry’s mid-70’s average … thus Bush is more intellectual ?? That is akin to an argument about the relative intellectual ability of Gilligan and the Skipper.

    Though I have no way to prove it, I am guessing that not many people voted for Bush because of his intellectual prowess (which is not a dig a Bush voters – I was one of them).

  • Bombadil,

    True, it’s more important that a leader have sense than he or she have an outstanding IQ.

    The point is more that we kept on being told how vastly more intelligent Kerry was than Bush.

  • J

    Ugh. I can’t think of a worse guage of intellectual ability than college grades. I interview and employ people regularly, and I don’t even care if they want to university, much less what their grades are. I’ve known geniuses get thirds because they were too contrary to do what the tutors asked, and I’ve seen people of moderate intelligence get 2:1s and even firsts because of their hard work and attention to detail. It’s all crap.

    Talking to someone for ten minutes tells you more about their mental capabilities than their college grades.

  • Cranky Libertarian

    Well, I suppose that Samzidata DOES need filler, to replace the yawning chasm that used to be all rah-rah Iraqi War all the time.

    Is freedom STILL on the march, boys? Maybe we can find another statue of Saddam to pull down? Maybe we can find a statue of Saddam that’s made out of all those WMD he has and we can pull that down!

    That would be cool!

    And yes, Saddam was a bad man. He sure was a bad man when Saint Ronald was supporting him with money and weapons, even when he was gassing Kurds. Yep, what a bad bad man he was. Why do you suppose the GOP looked the other way when he was MURDERING people? Could it be that because he was killing Iranians in wholesale lots had something to do with it?

    Clap louder, boys! You’ll win those GOP Team Leader tote bags yet!

  • I'm suffering for my art

    Oh oh. Bob Dobbs is back.

  • John K

    I found this information rather interesting. Given that in the British media George W is usually portrayed as being borderline educationally sub-normal, how do his enemies explain away the fact that he got better grades than Kerry?

    Furthermore, Bliar gets very little stick for the fact that he got a Third from Oxford. It seems that in educational terms W is brighter than Anthony Charles Lynton Bliar.

    I think W likes to be thought of as a bit stoopid. It lulls his enemies into a false sense of security, and plays better with the voters, who don’t like smartipants politicians. I disagree with many of his policies, but he’s no dimbulb.

  • I'm suffering for my art

    John K – history won’t judge GWB as stupid. History will judge those shrieking that GWB is stupid as, um, stupid.