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Another blow against the EU

Good on the Dutch.

Dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected the European constitution in a referendum Wednesday, exit polls projected, in what could be a knockout blow for the charter roundly defeated just days ago by France.

An exit poll projection broadcast by state-financed NOS television said the referendum failed by a vote of 63 percent to 37 percent. The turnout was 62 percent, exceeding all expectations, the broadcaster said.

Although the referendum was consultative, the high turnout and the decisive margin left no room for the Dutch parliament to turn its back on the people’s verdict. The parliament meets Thursday to discuss the results.

16 comments to Another blow against the EU

  • Pity they won’t let Britain vote,then it would have been Hey,Non Nee No.

  • Sandy P

    From a late day FT report:

    “Underlying nervousness about the euro, financial markets reacted negatively to German media reports that Germany’s central bank and finance ministry had discussed the danger of the eurozone breaking up. The Bundesbank dismissed such speculation as “absurd”. But researchers at the Bundestag the lower house of parliament have compiled a report stating European economic and monetary union is not irreversible.

    The unpublished report, requested by Peter Gauweiler, an opposition MP, and obtained by the Financial Times, says that member states are entitled to leave the eurozone in case of serious breaches of the Maastricht Treaty by other members, but only after all conflict-resolution procedures available under EU law have been exhausted.” http://news.ft.co…

  • Not a blow against the EU, rather a blow against further integration in the foreseable future.

    It also seems that that the Treaty of Nice, which the EU has to fall back upon now, restricts the number of EU members to 27. In othzer words, once Romania and Bulgaria have joined, no other country will be able to follow.

  • Nick Timms

    In the interview that I saw with the Dutch PM he seemed to say that he would like to see all the other members vote and then put the vote to the Dutch voters again.

    Politicians are unable to understand that, even though very few people have read, or, understood, the proposed EU constitution, the vast majority of people in the EU are disenchanted with the whole project. So patronising, so arrogant, so dictatorial.

  • Pete_London

    During an interview with BBC News the Dutch PM has just stated that the view of the people will be respected. How magnanimous.

    He and other EU fanatics have stated that all countries must have an attempt to ratify the treaty even though France and Holland have voted it down. They obviously want 23 in favour with 2 against. They will then require the French and Dutch to go back to the polls in order to deliver the ‘correct’ answer.

    We must have our refendum here and we must vote it down also. These EU treaties are like zombies from a B movie. Unless killed off properly they’ll just keep coming back at you.

  • The Last Toryboy

    Brilliant news. Especially the thumping negative majority. I imagine if the question was repeated it’d be an even -more- thumping majority against.

    EU delenda est.

  • This event should be called Tulip Revolution. Bravo to the Dutch.

  • Great people, the Dutchman people…
    … I think that Europa is going better now. Also the Italy people now don’t like too the eurocrats.
    The model for them is -and was- the Tito’s Yugoslavia: a strange case of socialism mixed with a soft “capitalism” without market. Do you remember the “Joint management” (in italian the word is “cogestione”) between the State leaders (the communist party bureaucracy) and the workers in the farms?
    Do you remember the Not-Aligned Movement? This was the true model for Eurabia: a wrong way to be capitalist (but under the socialist power), a wrong way to be part of the czarist Empires (yesterday URSS, today Russia and China), and to be the happy slaves of the petrol sheiks …But always under the US protection, anyway.
    So the bruxellians hate always jews and yankees… until a hitler comes… until a Milosevic comes… In that moment they start to cry and they call mo’m America to save their peoples and themselves, of course…

  • Frankfurt banker

    Ve must remember dat ze stupid peons did not all vote No for ze same reasons. Dat means ze No vote is meaningless, ja?

    On ze oder hand, all ze Yes voters did dat for vun und only reason: zey love our Constitution, and zey wish to blitzkrieg vorwarts to ein ever closer Anschluss of all ze volks of Europa.

    So in der very real sense zis ist ein Sieg fur das Neues Ordnung, verstehen sie? Keine matter how der Anglo-Saxon press lords it gespinnen, ve are united behind Der Grosse Projekt. So much so dat in Chermany ve did not even need to ask der volk vot zey thought!

  • B's Freak

    Best quote I’ve seen:
    ” EC President Barroso made his familiar point again, about how nine countries have ratified the constitution already.

    André Rouvoet of the ChristenUnie just pointed out the fallacy in this argument: only three of those countries have put the constitution to a vote. And two of them rejected it.

    Two countries that are, by the way, founding members of the EU.”

    Thanks to Zach Ei

  • Julian Morrison

    The most important thing wasn’t really the majority,but the turn-out. At 63% turnout, it’s impossible for anyone to pretend that the “Nee” is a statistical fluke, and the technically non-binding referendum becomes de-facto binding.

  • As encouraging as are the French and Dutch votes, I wouldn’t get too chuffed (‘EU delenda est’, etc.): when I was reading EU politics for my Masters degree we were told that if the EU’s court of auditors refused to sign off the commission’s accounts then the EU would effectively cease to function. We were also told that if the EU parliament voted to sack the entire comission then it would bring the hold house of cards down, bringing about root and branch reform, etc. etc.

    That was in 1994 – 95. Since then, the court of auditors has, every single year, refused to ratify the commission’s accounts and in, I think, 1999, the parliament sacked the entire commission using its so-called ‘nuclear weapon’.

    Never once has the charabanc been derailed.

  • The Last Toryboy

    So far the only people doing the derailing have been other bureaucrats though, the court of auditors or the EP. They just ignore the court of auditors, and it turned out the EPs nuclear weapon could be dodged – they all resigned and thus managed to stay at their desks for months, and in the event a lot of them (see Kinnockio) just got renominated anyway. In the end, when it comes to the Eurocracy the lesser Eurocrats like auditors cant do much to stand in the way of the bosses.

    The People may have noticed all this, but the People havn’t had much of a say – until now. This is a different thing, its not one lesser eurocrat saying to a greater one that what he’s doing is not kosher. This is the common man making his voice heard, a different kettle of fish.

  • Well I hope you’re right, Toryboy, really I do, but I fear the Eurocrats lust for survival is greater than that of European peoples for freedom.

  • Bernie

    Good point Edward but right now I am optimistic about the “common man”. Were we to have a referendum about membership of the EU I think we’d be out in a shot. I suspect that a good many other countries would also be out. The running dog press tries to make “closer union” look inevitable but I think most people see they are barking up the wrong tree.

  • Verity

    Engrave Edward Lud’s words in stone.