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Possible slow blogging tonight

As tonight Samizdata.net HQ will be playing host to the Anglosphere Blogger Bash, featuring such A-list bloggers from across the Atlantic as Jane Galt and Stephen Green, blogging may be a bit erratic and/or ‘under the influance’.

4 comments to Possible slow blogging tonight

  • And what about us Z-list bloggers? You wouldn’t let us come, would you? – you black-balling bastards! Well I wouldn’t become an A-list blogger now if you got down on your lousy stinking knees and begged me!

  • J

    I find the term ‘A list blogger’ rather sad. The point of blogs is that the blogging is incidental.

    To be famous for blogging is no better than to be famous for being famous. Blogging is merely self publicising, after all.

    What’s next, the famous blog commenter? Someone who is known for comments in all the ‘A’ list blogs? That would be like someone who is famous for going to the parties of the famous. Dire.

  • I find the term ‘A list blogger’ rather sad.

    Having never been A-list anything in my life, I think A List Bloggers Must Be Hot!

    And the two you mentioned, from our ‘new bloggers on the block perspective’, are certainly inspirations, A-List aside. I hope your gathering is animated, rousing, stimulating and eminently congenial. Lucky you guys!

  • J, I regard them as ‘A-list’ because they are good at what they do and so I read them daily and have done for quite some time. Tens of thousands of other people apparently share my opinion and do the same, daily. Perhaps you have a different A-list of bloggers that you rate highly. If you find that ‘sad’ (whatever that means), well, I am unsure why you think I should care.