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Letting off steam in Brussels

For those of you not able to drag your attention from our fascinating British national poll (okay, I’ll turn the snark button off now) there is always the European Union to keep us all amused. It emerges that the EU Commission has gotten a bit red-faced after it emerged that two saunas were installed in the new Brussels HQ out of consideration for its Scandanavian staff.

This seems a bit mean. It must be nice to unwind and loosen those muscle pains after a hard day churning out interminable directives and figuring out new ways to shaft Chinese textile exporters. In fact, I would like to make a modest proposal: perhaps all such officials could spend a lot more time in saunas, not to mention theatres, cinemas, restaurants, nightclubs, race courses and football grounds. In fact, anywhere but their own offices.

5 comments to Letting off steam in Brussels

  • Gary Gunnels

    They need to start spending more time there and less time legislating. 🙂

  • Pete_London

    … one for the exclusive use of the 25 Commissioners …

    The EU in one, simple statement.

    Right now I’m too busy kicking my dog’s arse to read in detail Steve Sutton’s warning of direct EU taxation, but if he’s onto something then I can’t wait for Brussels to hit me with tax bills. I’ll be smiling while I paper my cell walls with’em.

  • Cato

    Sounds like an excellent suggestion! Did not Jefferson say: That government is best that governs the least!

  • Julian Taylor

    If the nationals of the various EU member states are entitled to enjoy their national amenities while doing sweet fa working very hard in Brussels what should everyone be entitled to? Obviously the Scandinavians are getting free saunas but do the Spanish or Italian workers get siesta hours off in the afternoon and do the English get a guaranteed 4.00 pm tea break of 15 minutes? Presumably the Germans get time off in order to practice how long it takes to drive from one side of Belgium to the other in an armoured vehicle …

  • Andrew Kinsman

    Obviously they need two saunas. It means you don’t have to share one with Peter Mandelson.