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ID cards/passport integration plan progresses

The Passport Service (UKPS) is working with the Home Office on the processes required for integrating the issuing of passports with the planned national identity card scheme.

The government’s ID Cards bill includes plans to set up a new independent government agency to administrate the central identity register at the heart of the scheme and to issue the cards. UKPS will be taken over by the new organisation.

According to the UKPS business plan 2005-10, published last week, a key task is establishing the business processes needed to issue passports and ID cards.

For the period 2007-10 there will be continued development of the passport processes, but also (potentially) full integration with the Identity Cards Scheme, as we move to start issuing British citizens with a passport book/identity card package and to establish the National Identity Register.

1 comment to ID cards/passport integration plan progresses

  • Since there is no law as yet (it seems likely to be lost in the pre-election legislative rush, though no doubt it will be back) this is a waste of public funds which should be investigated by the Public Accounts Committee.