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The Millau viaduct is simply mindblowing. You may know in advance how big and how high it is in terms of numbers, but when you see it it really blows you away. I have seen a lot of great works of engineering, but I cannot remember the last time I saw one that was simply as awe inspiring as this one.

Michael Jennings on the French engineering miracle previously reported on and argued about here

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  • veryretired

    I would be interested in the reaction of those better suited to respond than I to an article listed in Real Clear Politics by a party named Locke. It’s called “Libertarianism: Marxism of the right”.

  • D Anghelone

    That be here, boss.

    “This is no surprise, as libertarianism is basically the Marxism of the Right. If Marxism is the delusion that one can run society purely on altruism and collectivism, then libertarianism is the mirror-image delusion that one can run it purely on selfishness and individualism. Society in fact requires both individualism and collectivism, both selfishness and altruism, to function. Like Marxism, libertarianism offers the fraudulent intellectual security of a complete a priori account of the political good without the effort of empirical investigation. Like Marxism, it aspires, overtly or covertly, to reduce social life to economics. And like Marxism, it has its historical myths and a genius for making its followers feel like an elect unbound by the moral rules of their society.”

    Don’t know how many libertarians are dancing on the head of that pin.

  • D Anghelone

    That is a hell of a bridge.

  • Gary Gunnels

    I saw it under construction. Note that it was privately financed.

    D. Anghelon,

    It reminds one of something out of an Arthur C. Clarke novel.

  • D Anghelone


    You know this is a Christo project, right? In two weeks it comes down.

    Brian indicates it will generate income from tolls and that the French are accustomed to paying for their fast drives. Nice idea.