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How dare you call me rich!

Instapundit has already just linked to it, and to other responses to the same story, and copied and pasted the first two paragraphs. It being a CNN report about how Forbes has included Fidel Castro in its list of the world’s richest people, and about how Fidel Castro is not amused. This story will soon be everywhere, but I do not care. Count me in, if only as one delighted heckler among millions.

Funny as those first two paragraphs are, I think this sentence is my particular favourite:

Castro, 78, and in power since a 1959 revolution, said he was considering suing.

I cannot believe he really said that, but in the event that he did… you go grandad.

This reminds me of Danny de Vito’s line in Mars Attacks, where he says (if memory serves), to the invading Martians, something like: “You want to take over the world. You’re gonna need lawyers, right?”

Not that Fidel is trying to take over the world any more. It is just the idea of a hitherto unreconstructed Marxist-Leninist trying to protect what’s left of his revolutionary reputation by calling in the lawyers.

It is, alas, far too much to hope that he will really do it.

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