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Can I buy you a drink?

The brilliant new blog, Nanny Knows Best, has an item on the latest piece of nannying insanity, namely, bans on adverts that mix images of sex and alcohol. God forbid that alcohol should be sold on the basis that it is to do with fun, ooooh noooo. We cannot have the poor deluded moppets otherwise known as the British population led down that dangerous path, can we?

It does of course mean that lots of one’s favourite films will have to be doctored lest the image of Sean Connery or Humphrey Bogart sipping a drink and chatting up a lady leads one to get the wrong idea about the sauce.

It is enough to drive one to the bottle.

14 comments to Can I buy you a drink?

  • Grant Gould

    Looks like you’ve got a broken link there — I see only the enigmatic “http:///”. So I’ve no way of clicking through and seeing if your greengrocer’s apostrophe is a [sic] or not.

  • Ian Grey

    Whilst I enjoy Nanny knows best there is often a lot more to some of the stories than what is presented in the items.

    (A bit like the Daily Mail & the rest of the comics really…)

  • Steve

    May I suggest that if the government wants to ban anything to do with drinking and alcohol, they should ban Wetherspoon’s? Because for all their pretences of public interest, really they are not only destroying the traditional British pub, but also a decent night out. Their faults are too many to speak of here, but there will soon be a comment at http://drfeelgoodsteve.blogspot.com

  • A pint of Newcastle Brown Ale, thanks Johnathan! Alas, my image is most unlikely to grace the silver screen, so no need to photobrush either…

  • James

    Who is this Nanny Know and what exactly is her Best?

  • MNK

    My Grandmother knew IPA very well.

    Steve, looking forward to reading a hatchet piece on JD Wetherspoon’s.

  • On one of these oft shown “The adverts they had to ban” type programmes they had a run down of the rules regarding alcohol ads.

    They’re not allowed to pretend booze makes drinkers more sexy, they’re not allowed to feature anyone under 25, they’re not allowed to show anyone drinking alone or at home, they’re not really allowed to show anyone enjoying themselves like the Hofmeister Bear.

    All this means that booze adverts have very little to do with booze. Think about Guinness’ surfers or Peter Kay’s butt crack as he climbs out of the pool post top bombing.


  • Thanks for the article.

    Please can you fix the broken link?

    It is http://www.nannyknowsbest.com(Link)


  • JP

    Ken, I will adjust the link when I get home. Cannot do it from here as I am in the office. thanks for outpointing.

  • It’s worth noting that the restrictions mentioned by Nanny Knows Best were suggested by the advertising and media industries (they cover TV advertising of alcohol), and are based on the code that the booze industry drew up itself for print and cinema campaigns.

    Not the government.

  • Ken Frost

    done out of fear of gov regulation.

    Nanny comes in mnay forms!

  • I like Wetherspoon’s. Good food, good prices, good hot chocolate, comfy sofas, and no bloody music. They’re only so successful because they’re so popular. They’re not destroying the great British pub — how could they, short of criminal activity? The great British pub’s customers are destroying the great British pub, by leaving.

  • I find it sad that Wetherspoon’s, a pub chain I frequent has cravenly bowed to PCism and banned smoking. It is a great shame I won’t be able to go to my local one and have a cigar with a drink. Their loss…

  • Julian Taylor

    No they haven’t, no Wetherspoon pub has ‘banned’ smoking at all – they all have non-smoking areas. And Wetherspoons (a company founded upon leverage from US pension funds) is currently selling off most of its pubs and bars. The new franchise it is replacing it with is the Lloyd’s Bar chain which, alas, does not share the same view as Wetherspoons in banning music and the endless showing of badly made blaxpoitation rap videos.